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How to Hack Someone's Viber Messages on Android and iPhone 2022?

Social messaging apps have taken the digital world by storm. These applications have enabled seamless communication among users, especially the young generation (famously called Gen Z).

Viber is one of these social apps. Different forms of information are shared across Viber from one user to another. People are concerned with whom your kid or spouse constantly talks to on Viber. Amid this constant communication through Viber, someone may want to know how to read Viber messages.

How to hack Viber messages? Let's read on!

Part 1. What is Viber?

Viber is a social app that allows you to send texts, share pictures and videos, and even make free calls to other Viber users. This app is free to download and works on PCs and mobile phones.

Viber had over 236 million monthly users worldwide. It has close similarities to WhatsApp since it also allows group messaging, picture sharing, and video sharing. It identifies people using their mobile phones.

viber hacking

Viber Features

  • Free calls to all Viber users

  • Free group chats (maximum 200 participants)

  • Free messaging

  • Free sharing of video and picture messages

  • Allows public chats

  • Free to download stickers

Part 2. Can Someone Hack My Viber Account?

Yes, hackers can easily hack information from your Viber account following the recent developments in information technology (IT). Attackers would always want to find a way of knowing your account credentials, including username and password, so that they can secretly access your account.

how to hack messages in viber

How can Viber be hacked? As an Android or iOS mobile phone user, hackers may use the remote access Trojan (RAT) to access your PC or mobile device remotely.

Someone can also physically access your phone and install a Viber hacker app without your knowledge. They'll then monitor all your Viber account activity.

Part 3. How to Hack Someone's Viber?

To effectively know how to hack Viber account, you'll need third-party software. The software should enable you to access someone's account without being noticed and track any information that you would wish to.

Good third-party software should be easy to install and work reliably. With third-party spy software, you can access every information in a Viber account, including shared photos and images, call logs, text messages, etc. One of the third-party software you can use to hack Viber account is FoneWatcher.

fonewatcher viber hack

FoneWatcher Viber Hacker is one of the best third-party applications that you can use to access someone's Viber account. This application works on both Android and iPhone. The app is 100% safe; hence you won't need to root or jailbreak the target device before hacking it.

Can someone have my Viber account hacked with FoneWatcher? Yes, they'll only need to access the target device once to install FoneWatcher. After that, they can monitor every activity on the target device, including social apps like Viber.

FoneWatcher allows you to hack Viber remotely and access every data through its customized web control panel. Since the app runs in the background, the target user will never notice anything strange.

3 Steps to Hack Viber Messages with FoneWatcher

Step 1. Have an account on FoneWatcher

You'll only need a valid email ID and password to sign up for a FoneWatcher account. Next, you'll have to pick your favorite subscription plan to access the app's premium features.

Step 2. Download app on target device

Next, navigate to the "My Products" page to view the purchased subscription. Click on "Setup Guide" to read the instructions for downloading FoneWatcher. You can then access the target device to download and install the app. You'll have to do this secretly without the user noticing.

download fonewathcer

Step 3. Start to hack information of Viber

Use your browser to access the FoneWatcher web dashboard. Navigate to the left of the panel and click on "Social Apps." Tap on "Viber" to access every information on the target Viber account. You can view messages exchanged with other users, photos and videos sent, etc.

hack messages in viber

What Can FoneWatcher Hack on Viber?

FoneWatcher enables you to view the following information on someone's Viber account.

  • Check group and individual chats even if hidden.

    You can access all the messages someone shared with their contacts and also in groups. Even though some users may hide their chats on Viber, FoneWatcher still enables them to view them without providing an access pin.

  • View communities.

    FoneWatcher enables you to view all the communities that the user is part of. You'll also know the community activities that the owner of the Viber account engages in.

  • Capture screenshots.

    Once installed on the target device, FoneWatcher can take screenshots on any iOS or Android device. This happens secretly without the user's knowledge. You'll then receive them on your web dashboard for monitoring and storage.

  • Video and photo messages.

    FoneWatcher also allows you to see the photos and videos of someone that the person exchanges with their contacts through Viber. You can click on the video or photo messages to view them.

  • Call logs.

    Since Viber allows users to make free calls across the platform, FoneWatcher also lets you view all incoming and outgoing Viber calls. You can even track the exact time for the calls and the callers' names.

  • Contact list.

    If you're eager to know someone's Viber contacts, FoneWatcher also lets you view them once you've hacked the target account. You can view the names of individuals saved and their phone numbers. You can also see profile pictures on Viber.

Part 4. FAQs about Viber

Q1. How can I hack hidden chat on Viber?

You can achieve this using FoneWatcher. Since it's a powerful third-party app, FoneWatcher enables you to access someone's chats, including those hidden. FoneWatcher allows you to monitor all the hidden chats remotely.

Q2. How to know if someone has hidden chat on Viber?

When someone hides a chat on Viber, they'll create a pin for accessing it. Therefore, when you try to open a given chat when on the contact list but it triggers you to input the pin, just know that the user has hidden it.

Q3. How do you find someone's number on Viber?

On the Viber app, go to "Contacts." At the bottom right, click on the human image with a plus sign. When the "Add Contacts" feature launches, you can key in the number you wish to find on Viber and press "Continue." You'll receive a positive result if the person is on Viber.

Q4. Is Viber dead?

No, Viber is still functioning well for all its users. The app still has cool features, including free calls and free messaging. The only difference is that Viber has recently received stiff competition from other market-leading social apps like WhatsApp.


Hack someone's Viber messages is possible. You only need to have good third-party software that will effectively help you achieve this function. FoneWatcher is one such application. With FoneWatcher, you can secretly hack a Viber account and access all shared messages.

You can also view call logs and data sharing, such as photos or videos. Getting started with FoneWatcher is not difficult. You only need to have it installed once on the target device. After that, you can access everything through the provided web dashboard.

Tomson Brown

Updated: Jul 22, 2022 02:25 pm

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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