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[2022 Latest] How to Get Call History of Any Number on iPhone


Have you ever looked for a phone number you dialed but didn't save?

YES! Every one of us has been there before. This experience can be really annoying, especially if your iPhone decides to hide your call history. Checking call history on iPhone has become even more important these days because you can know who is being called and when. It turns out to be very helpful about monitoring your family members and friends who are using iPhone should it be necessary.

Tracking iPhone call history has many benefits, but it is not so simple. There are limitations, and, indeed, most people do not know how to get the call history of any number on iPhone.

In this post, I will be showing you how to get the call history on iPhone by following any of the methods mentioned here.

How to Check Call History on iPhone?

Mentioned below are the steps to follow to check call history on iPhone:

Step 1: Turn on your iPhone, then click the phone icon displayed on the iPhone screen to launch the app.

Step 2: After opening the Phone icon, click the "Recent" tab to take you to your recent call history.

Step 3: Scroll through your phone calls, and then tap the lowercase "i" button to the right of each call to see more details.

view call history

Is It Possible to Get Call History of Any Number On iPhone?

Yes, it is quite possible to get call history of any mobile phone number on iPhone. There are many options available for that purpose, such as using the official service provided by your contact mobile network operator.

But if you want to monitor someone else's call history on iPhone, you may need to use some third-party call history tracker applications. Each method will have its pros and cons, and here are a few things you should know before trying these methods.

two man calling

Way1: Using third-party app to get call history

This first method requires prior and physical access to the target device in order to install the application. In terms of complexity, this method is easier than contacting a mobile network operator to get call history.


  • This method helps you get call details of any number secretly.

  • It has a real-time uploaded call log.

  • It comes with additional cell phone monitoring features.


  • The third-party app needs to be installed in advance on the target cell phone.

  • Most of these third-party apps come with their own price plan.

Way 2: Check call history via contact mobile network operator

This second method requires being conversant with the account and password that is required to log into the network provider's website. In terms of complexity, this second method is much more complicated than using a third-party application to get call history.


  • Mobile network operator is 100% secure and official.

  • Most of the mobile network operators are free to check the call list of any mobile phone number.


  • This method is not as convenient as the third-party app.

  • Some of the mobile network providers do not provide call history tracking services.

  • This method only applies to someone close to you.

Get Call History of Any Number with FoneWatcher for iOS

The previous methods mentioned before that can be used to get call history on iPhone have some deficiencies, as you have seen. If you are wondering how to check someone's call history on iPhone or track deleted calls on iPhone for the purpose of keeping an eye on their activities, then you should choose the FoneWatcher call log tracker. This call history tracking app is always outstanding because of its unique features.

Think of any cell phone tracking functionality; FoneWatcher offers 20+ remarkable files. If we select just call history, it includes all the features associated with call records, such as outgoing, incoming, and deleted calls. In addition, it gives you complete information, including the phone number, contact name, type and call duration, date. Doesn't that look amazing?

The Strengths of FoneWatcher iPhone Viewer

The functionality of the FoneWatcher app is not restricted to getting call history on iPhone only. Rather, it covers a lot in one package. Listed below are other strengths of FoneWatcher iPhone viewer.

  • Media files: FoneWatcher app helps you check and download all the videos, photos, and other items stored on the targeted iPhone device.

  • Messages: This application tracks each SMS sent, received and deleted and iMessage with contact name and timestamp.

  • Social networking apps: In addition to text messaging, it can view instant conversations on social networking apps, including LINE, Kik, Viber, WhatsApp, WeChat, QQ, etc.

  • Safari History: FoneWatcher app allows you to monitor search history on iPhone.

  • Phone files: FoneWatcher app helps you view full details of contacts, notes, voice memos, calendars, reminders and other items.

  • Tracking of incoming and outgoing calls: FoneWatcher is able to track all incoming and outgoing calls and display detailed caller information.

  • Synchronization of call history in real-time: You get unrestricted access to data, inasmuch as your account is active.

Simple Steps to Check All Call History On iPhone

The setup involved in using FoneWatcher app to check all call history on iPhone is easy to complete. Mentioned below are the three simple steps involved:

Step 1: Create/Register for a FoneWatcher account using a valid email and obtain an iOS license.

Step 2: On the target computer/laptop, download and install the FoneWatcher app. Then, using the original USB cable, connect the iPhone to the same computer/laptop. Once the device is detected, go to the next step.

download the app on target computer

Step 3: It will start analyzing and scanning the backup data, after which, you may select "Call Records" on the left panel to display a list of call history records, including those that have been deleted from the target device. You may also choose the "Export" option to save them to your computer/laptop for future viewing.

call logs

You may discover that not only does it work well to keep track of your call logs, but it is also good for checking someone's call history on iPhone. Because it is the best way to keep tabs on those close to you, such as who the other person is contacting and how often for security reasons.

How to Get Call History from Mobile Network Operator

Supposing you want to go through the call history of a different cell phone number and do it online with the service provider's website, you will find the process fairly simple.

First of all, you must identify the target device's service provider. In most instances, the service provider's name appears in the upper left corner of the smartphone screen. You can then go to their official website, enter your correct ID and password, and you will get the call history associated with that number.


Gaining access to a call is straightforward, and we have discussed two different ways on how to get call history of a phone number. The mobile network provider method is effective but more difficult to use than the third-party app. Its complexity is tied to the fact that you will have to obtain the ID and password of that account, which is, in most cases, impossible.

Therefore, you should use FoneWatcher services. Setting up FoneWatcher account is pretty simple, and you won't need to get any passwords or IDs. Try it now!

Tomson Brown

Updated: Mar 28, 2022 09:41 am

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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