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How to Monitor Someone's iPhone without Knowing for Free?


Can we monitor an iPhone without knowing for free?

monitor iphone without knowing for free

Monitoring an iPhone is a simple activity, and you can get the information on any iPhone within just 5 minutes. Actually, there are ways that one can use to monitor an iPhone, and here we have you two. One is to monitor iPhone with Apple ID for free, and the other is to use an hidden iPhone monitoring app.

Through these 2 ways, you can subtly and secretly follow various iPhone activities, including texts and calls, photos and videos, safari history and bookmarks, calendars and notes, and social apps etc. Then how on earth to monitor iPhone activity free? Just keep reading to find out!

Way 1. Use iPhone Monitoring Tool [without Jailbreak]

A fact needs to be stated, which is that there isn't any free iPhone monitoring app, since creating a third-party monitoring software is never an easier task. A lot of R&D resources need to be spent to develop a powerful monitoring app.

Undetectable FoneWatcher iPhone Tracker is definitely worth your cost. Unlike other monitoring apps for iPhone, FoneWatcher is 100% safe, reliable and risk-free, and it is the easiest app without jailbreaking the iPhone.

fonewatcher iphone monitoring

What Make FoneWatcher Outstanding on Monitoring iPhone

FoneWatcher iPhone Tracker can monitor 19 types of iPhone data, including phone call & text messages, social media, and even deleted data, etc.(30+ richer features for Android monitoring).

  • SMS/iMessages - You can see all text messages on target iPhone, including those sent and received, even the deleted.
  • Phone call history - All incoming and outgoing and deleted calls can be checked along with the details, such as contacts, phone number, date and time period.
  • iPhone Location tracking - All location history will shown in both list and map view. You can easily check where they were.
  • Multimedia files - Photos and videos both on phone or on apps can be seen and downloaded. You can also check Notes, Voice Memos, Reminders, Calendar, etc.
  • Social apps monitoring - Monitor activity and see chats on WhatsApp, Viber, Kik, LINE and so on.
  • Browser checking - Safari search history and bookmarks can be accessed.
  • Stealth mode - You can check all data without knowing. It is your decision to hide the app or not.
  • No jailbreak and easy installation - It does not require any technical skills to use FoneWatcher iPhone Monitoring, and you can continue with the monitoring without being interrupted or found by the iPhone user.

Besides its powerful features, FoneWatcher gives a good purchase experience with its customer services.

  1. It is more affordable compared with other monitoring apps, which is only charged for 0.3$ per day.
  2. FoneWatcher promises a 30-day money back guarantee.
  3. It is safe to use, all the data will not be leaked and we'll protect the data privacy.
  4. FoneWatcher is available 7/24. Convenitently to contact us for help.
  5. FoneWatcher upgrades for free to keep compatible with latest iOS version.

Easy Steps on How to Monitor an iPhone with FoneWatcher

Just in 5 minutes, you can monitor the target iPhone to find out all the curious and secret information you want to get with FoneWatcher. Let's go straight to how it works to monitor iPhone freely.

Step 1: Sign up for free and choose a license

Click the button to create an account with a valid email. When registered successfully, you need to select products for iOS, and buy a suitable license.

Step 2: Follow the setup guide to finish the configuration

FoneWatcher for iPhone monitoring is a PC-based software. Download it on the target computer and install it. Physical access to the target iPhone. Follow the steps to get ready with monitoring the iPhone.

click setup guide

Step 3: Start monitoring iPhone and check all files

Updated monitored iPhone backup data can be refreshed from time to time, which could guarantee the monitoring works smoothly. Thereafter, we can start monitoring the target iPhone on the Fonewatcher web app right away.

start iphone monitoring

Way 2. Use Apple ID to Monitor iPhone for Free

When utilizing Apple gadgets, Apple requires an "Apple ID" to make everything work perfectly. An Apple ID is fundamentally your Apple account that is utilized for everything from signing in to iCloud to making several online purchases.

An Apple ID confirms your user identity and is whenever you sign in to an Apple device to keep everything adjusted. Therefore, if you want to monitor an iPhone, Apple ID must be gained to allow you monitor someone's iPhone data. It's the primary condition to get started with this method.

Steps on How to Monitor an iPhone Free with Apple ID

Step 1: Get the Apple ID and Password of the iPhone User

The primary thing you have to do is to get the Apple ID and password of the iPhone user you want to monitor. It's the first key to open the door of monitoring an iPhone. For example, if you want to monitor those closed to you, like you spouse or kids, you can guess or even just ask their Apple ID and password.

monitor iphone with apple id

Step 2: Log in to and Get Verification Code

Before entering someone's Apple ID and password in this website, you need to know the fact that you're most likely to be asked to get the verification code from the target iPhone. Since if the Two-Factor Authentication is enabled on the monitored iPhone, you must get the iPhone to check this six-digit verification code pop-up.

Apart from the above situation, if your phone number is trusted by the monitored iPhone, you can avoid entering the verification code every time. But to do this, you are also required to get the target iPhone first, and then go to Settings > Your Name > Password & Security > Edit to add your phone number.

log into icloud

Step 3: Make Sure the Data of Apps Using iCloud Is Synced to iCloud

For this step, you also need to have physical access to the target iPhone, and then go to Settings > Your Name > iCloud > APPS USING ICLOUD to enable iCloud sync every app’s data if the monitored user turns off those data. Only in this way can you guarantee all the information is synced to iCloud, and you can check them without them knowing.

apps using icloud is synced to icloud

Pros and Cons of Using Apple ID to Monitor an iPhone


  • Apple ID helps you to get to an iPhone without jailbreaking it.
  • It's a totally free way since it's one of the convenient features of iOS devices.


  • It is necessary to know the target iPhone's Apple ID and password.
  • You need to have physical access the phone before can monitor it.
  • You need to get verification code and check whether their iPhone's iCloud syncing is opened.

What if we can't get someone's Apple ID? Is there still a way for us to monitor their iPhone? How to monitor iPhone activity freely? Using an iPhone monitoring app like FoneWatcher could really help.


Now you clearly know how to monitor someone's iPhone for free and without knowing. Monitoring iPhone for free with Apple ID is definitely the top 1 choice for those who want to monitor their closed ones, because it's easy for them to get Apple ID and password and verification code.

But if you can't get their Apple ID, a monitoring app is really your best choice. Here, FoneWatcher is the outstanding iPhone monitoring app for your need, and it is worth being highly recommended due to the fact that its powerful monitoring features and competitive cutting edges.

Tomson Brown

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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