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[Effective] Can I Spy on An iPhone with Just the Number?

With the strict security protocols in iPhones, spying on iPhones seems like a nutshell to crack. No doubt, most people view spying on an iPhone as quite impossible. How would you feel if you can spy on your iPhone with just the phone number? Pretty interesting right?

On a closer look, there are lots of reasons to want to spy on an iPhone with just the number. Either you want to confirm your suspicions about your spouse, or you might want to track a lost iPhone. Also, spying on an iPhone with just the phone number helps you monitor child's phone and keep track of your child's iPhone and activities.

In this article, we provide a guide to help you spy on iPhone with just a phone number.

Is It Possible to Spy on an iPhone with Just the Phone Number?

Yes, it's very possible to spy on an iPhone with just the number. You only need the right tools and you are one click away from getting all the details you need in an iPhone. One of them is the GetMaps app.

GetMaps App

With the GetMaps app, you can easily spy on your child right from the comfort of your home. It allows tracking the location of your child, spouse, or friend.

However, GetMaps App is limited to only tracking the location of your target. If you intend to track the current location of an employer or probably track their productivity level, all you need is to install the GetMaps app.

track location

How to Spy on iPhones without Them Knowing?

If you are looking to spy on an iPhone without them knowing, this article is for you. Due to technological advancements, you can easily spy and have access to people's messages, contacts, and even photos. The best part is that you won't be caught in the act.

1.How to Spy on iPhone with a Number and iCloud Credentials

Contrary to popular opinion, it's possible to spy on an iPhone with just the iCloud credentials.

Now, we all know how strict the security protocols in iPhone are, so spying on an iPhone with the iCloud credentials requires the right app.

With the Fonewatcher for iCloud, spying on an iPhone is straightforward. You simply have to create an account and complete all login protocols.

FoneWatcher for iCloud - without installing software on iPhone

Fonewatcher for iCloud is the perfect iPhone monitoring app that solves all your spying needs. It allows you to clear knowledge of your child's activities. Since you are not always around them, it's only proper to take measures to ensure they are safe.

Furthermore, Fonewatcher for iCloud is the perfect tool to help you track a lost phone. This way, you wouldn't need to go through rigorous processes with your mobile providers, Fonewatcher does the job for you.

Interestingly, Fonewatcher for iCloud is 100% safe. This way you wouldn't risk being caught by your target. With Fonewatcher, there is no need to jailbreak the target iPhone.

Users love Fonewatcher for iCloud especially because it allows them to not just see current messages, but to see even the deleted ones. With Fonewatcher, you are already on your way to discovering every hidden information on your target iPhone device.

Best part? It's easy to set up an account on Fonewatcher, so you don't need to be tech-savvy to operate the app.

Simple Guide to Use Fonewatcher for iCloud

Step 1. Create an account

Tap on the sign-up button to create an account with Fonewatcher. This takes only a few minutes and your account is ready for use.

Step 2. Enter iCloud credentials

After creating an account, yhe next step is to enter the iCloud credentials of your target device.

enter icloud credentials

Step 3. Track location as well as gets and check all data on iPhone.

At this point, you have all the information about your target device at your fingertips. All you have to do is navigate through the dashboard to view all messages, emails, photos, and even documents.

monitor iphone on icloud dashboard

2. How to Spy on iPhone with no iCloud Credentials

In case you don't have access to the iCloud credentials of your target iPhone, there is another way out.

The FoneWatcher for iOS helps you to spy on iPhone with a number but without the iCloud credentials.

Let's see how it works.

Spy on iPhone in 3 minutes with FoneWatcher for iOS

Step 1.Sign-up

To sign-up for an account on Fonewatcher, simply click on the Sign up free option on your browser. After this, go ahead and enter a valid email address that enables access to incoming notifications.

Next, purchases a plan to enable you to activate the necessary features of FoneWatcher for iOS.

Step 2.Download the app on the target computer

The next stage is to download the Fonewatcher for iOS on target's computer. And follow the guide to finish installation.

download fonewatcher on target computer

Step 3.Monitor whole iPhone data on the dashboard

After downloading the Fonewatcher on your target device, you can now monitor iPhone remotely and also view important information.

monitor iphone data on dashboard

Why Choose FoneWatcher to Spy on and Monitor iPhone?

Amongst other spy apps littering the internet, Fonewatcher stands out to be the best in all ramifications.

Here are reasons why you should choose FoneWatcher for all your monitoring activities.

Advantages of Fonewatcher iPhone spying

1.Track location with date and time

Fonewatcher iPhone montoring allows you to track the location of your target at every point in time. Also, you get access to the exact date and time for each location viewed.

2.Hidden and undetectable

If you intend to spy away without them knowing, then Fonewatcher is the best option for you. By simply creating an account, you can spy on anyone without being detected.

3. No jailbreaking

With Fonewatcher for iOS and FoneWatcher for iCloud, you wouldn't worry about jailbreaking your target device.

4.Access to deleted messages

Fonewatcher works seamlessly to retrieve messages old and new for users. This way, you can easily see deleted messages, photos, and emails on your target device.

5.Monitor social media apps

Who knows, the information you need might just be on their social media. With Fonewatcher, you can view all the social media apps of your spouse or child and access the right information.

6.Track SMS and call Logs

Tracking your partner's calls just got easier with Fonewatcher. The best part is that you can track their calls and SMS without their knowledge.

FAQs about spying on iPhone

Q1. Can someone spy on my iPhone without touching it?

Yes, someone can spy on your iPhone without physically touching it. Most spy apps operate by installing software on the target device. In other words, there is a form of physical access.

However, there are other ways to spy on an iPhone without touching it. If you can convince the unsuspecting person to download the spy app on their device, the job is made easier.

This could be through corrupted messages, phishing emails, and even Trojan horse apps.

Q2. Can you monitor someone's iPhone without them knowing?

Yes, you can. Monitoring someone's iPhone remotely is pretty simple to do. With the Fonewatcher, you can remotely spy on your target device without anyone knowing.

Q3. Can you install spyware on an iPhone remotely?

No, you can't install spyware on an iPhone remotely. Due to Apple's strict security protocols, it's not easy to achieve.

However, if someone gains access to your iPhone, it's easier to install spyware and start monitoring your data without you knowing.

Q4. Can you mirror someone's iPhone?

It's not exactly easy to mirror someone's iPhone. However, there are two options to it. Firstly, you can mirror someone's iPhone if your iPhone shares the same Apple ID. This way, they can easily view any data that is synchronized to iCloud on either of the iPhones.

In addition, the Fonewatcher spy app allows you to mirror on another iPhone with ease. You simply have to sign up for an account and start spying.


You don't need to e tech-savvy to easily spy on an iPhone even with just the number. Apps like GetMap help you spy on your target iPhone device. However, this is restricted to only tracking the location.

With Fonewatcher, you get access to all important files, documents, and even messages on your spouse's iPhone. The best part is that Fonewatcher retrieves old and deleted messages and makes them available to you.

Moreso, Fonewatcher is 100% safe and undetected. This way, you wouldn't need to worry about anyone knowing.

Tomson Brown

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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