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How to Hack Someone's Facebook Messenger in 2022

As time goes by, hackers keep developing new strategies and techniques to hack social media applications like Facebook Messenger. When Facebook updates its security features, these individuals also attempt to find loopholes to hack Facebook accounts.

Learning how to hack someone's Facebook Messenger app in 2022 is not a difficult thing. You can achieve this through various existing options. In this article, we will outline some of the possible techniques you can use to hack Facebook Messenger.

We will also talk about the best app you can use for this amazing activity. Are you eager to know how to hack Facebook Messenger? Read on!

Part 1: Information about Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a great tool that enables instant messaging among Facebook users. When one creates a Facebook account, they have an option to also download Facebook Messenger. Through this app, people can share private information about their work, life, and family.

The app allows limitless communication among various users that connect on Facebook. With the help of Facebook Messenger, Facebook users can exchange photos, videos, GIFs, texts, audio, and so on. One can encrypt this app with a password to prevent people close to them from reading through their messages when they gain access to their phones.

how to hack facebook messenger

Part 2: How to Hack Facebook Messenger

Although Facebook has applied various security strategies to make this app secure from attacks, you can still learn how to hack someone's Facebook Messenger and how to hack Facebook account. As a caring parent or spouse, you may want to know whom your child or spouse constantly chats with on Facebook Messenger.

You can hack someone's Facebook Messenger using the following techniques:

  • Using a third-party app

  • Using hardware keylogger

  • Using an online website

  • By hiring a hacker

Read on to learn how to hack a Facebook Messenger account using these techniques.

1. Hack Facebook Messenger with Third-Party App

Using a third-party app is one of the best ways to hack Facebook Messenger without someone detecting it. With a third-party app, all the security features are put into consideration.

Most third-party apps run on stealth mode hence the target user won't detect anything. Which is the best third-party app to use currently? FoneWatcher for Android should be your go-to app if you want to effectively hack Facebook Messenger.

Best Facebook Messenger Hacker - FoneWatcher for Android

FoneWatcher is the best app to hack messenger because it's simple to download and install. It only takes you an average of 3-5 minutes to install and start using FoneWatcher to monitor someone's Messenger.

The app also comes with affordable premium features. After you've purchased your most preferred subscription package, FoneWatcher gives you access to its customized online dashboard that allows you to view any information from the target device.

How to Hack Facebook Messenger via FoneWatcher

Take note of the following steps to successfully hack Facebook Messenger via FoneWatcher for Android:

Step 1. Create an account on the FoneWatcher website

To create an account, you'll need a valid email ID and password. Next, you'll need to purchase a license to access the app's premium features. You just need to determine the subscription that works best for you.

Step 2. Download Facebook Messenger hack apk

After you've purchased your favorite plan, proceed and download FoneWatcher for Android on the target device you wish to monitor. After the installation process, the app runs in stealth mode. The target user won't suspect anything.

download fonewtcher facebook messenger hack apk

Step 3. Hack Messenger and check data on the dashboard

To start monitoring someone's Facebook Messenger with FoneWatcher, you'll need to navigate to the web dashboard page. To the left of the control panel, scroll down and click on "Social Apps". Tap on "Messenger" to start monitoring the messages shared on the target mobile device.

check facebook messenger on fonewatcher dashboard

Features of FoneWatcher When Hacking Facebook Messenger

You will access the following features when using FoneWatcher for Android:

  • No account and password required.

    Since you're accessing someone's Facebook Messenger remotely through an online dashboard, you won't need an email ID or hack facebook password to access their account. You only need to have FoneWatcher installed on their device.

  • Messages sender and time.

    When you access someone's Facebook messenger through the online dashboard, you can read every message they've received. You can view the name of the person sending the message to them and also the exact time and date that the messages were sent.

  • Check messages sent, received, and deleted.

    FoneWatcher for android allows to access every information about messages shared through Facebook Messenger. Since you're minoring someone, the software allows you to access all the sent, received, and even deleted messages.

  • Capture screenshots secretly.

    FoneWatcher is also amazing since it enables you to take screenshots of activities in the target device without the user knowing. The screenshots will only be shared on your computer.

  • Messenger Lite also can be monitored.

    FoneWatcher monitoring is not limited only to Facebook Messenger. Since a user can decide to chat using Messenger Lite, the software also enables you to access messages shared here.

2. Hardware Keylogger to Hack Messenger

A keylogger is a device that records information that a user types on their keyboard. To hack Facebook Messenger using a hardware keylogger, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • The victim must access their Facebook account using a desktop or a laptop

  • You can access their desktop or laptop

  • Their desktop or laptop must have a wired keyboard connection.

Connect the hardware keylogger between the PC and the keyboard. Once the user leaves their PC, you can then grab your device and check the data collected. It's however tedious to read and decipher data using this method.

3. Hack Facebook Messenger with Online Website

To perform an online Facebook Messenger hack, you need access to an online hacking tool like "Facebook Hacker" which is free to use. To access its website, just open

Next, copy and paste the Facebook URL of the profile you wish to hack into the provided text field. Click on the "Hack Account" button to initiate the process of finding the password for the Facebook account.

Once finished, you can click on the "Download password" button to access the password. Although this method can also help, it may take a lot of time before giving out correct results.

hack facebook messenger with online website

4. Hire a Hacker to Finish Facebook Messenger Hacking

If you find it hard hacking Facebook Messenger on your own, you can seek the services of a professional hacker. These individuals have a greater understanding of how to use various hacking tools and software.

Although most of them can help, they may charge a lot of money for the services rendered. Another challenge with hiring hackers is that it's hard to find a trustworthy individual. Not everyone performs hacking with good intentions. Someone may claim to assist you but after you pay them they just vanish into thin air.

facebook messenger hacker

Part 3: FAQs about Hacking Facebook Messenger

Q1. Can someone hack you through Facebook Messenger?

Yes. Hackers would want to access your Messenger to establish those people you regularly talk to and the type of information that you share with them. Hacking happens in many ways including the use of a spy app or a hardware keylogger.

Q2. How to hack Facebook Messenger free without a target phone?

You'll need to access an online website like "Facebook Hacker" and provide a Facebook Messenger hack URL. Since this tool doesn't require you to download any software, you can hack Facebook Messenger without accessing the target phone. Just go to to access it.

Q3. What should I do when my Facebook Messenger is hacked?

The first thing to do when hacked on Facebook Messenger is to change your password. Second, you need to log out of your current Facebook sessions. This helps to limit any further activity on your Facebook account.


Hacking someone's Facebook Messenger gives you access to the messages and data shared with their Facebook contacts. You may want to hack Facebook Messenger because you need to know who your spouse or kid constantly talks to.

You should note, however, that it's illegal to hack someone's messenger without their permission. You should only do this when the need arises. Although there exist many ways to hack Messenger, the best one is using FoneWatcher for Android.

FoneWatcher is easy to use and compatible with almost all Android devices. Sign up here to start using FoneWatcher for Android today. Also, here’s a live hacking messenger demo from FoneWatcher.

Tomson Brown

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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