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How to Get into WhatsApp Account with Phone Number?

Is it a fact that one can get into a WhatsApp account?

Yes, a WhatsApp account can indeed be accessed. And the best way to do this is using a phone number. Despite the great security measures implemented on this app, it's actually possible to hack it.

You can log into WhatsApp account using phone number in various ways. However, some of the best ways require skills. This entails the use of third-party WhatsApp Trackers. With such apps, you can figure how to get into someone's WhatsApp account. Are you eager to know more about this? Read on!

hack whatsapp account with phone number

Part 1. Hack WhatsApp Online with Only Phone Number

The basic requirement to access a WhatsApp account includes a phone number and the verification code to validate the number. How can you acquire these two items without the account user knowing?

Of course, you can easily know someone's number. The only challenge is how to get the verification code to hack WhatsApp phone number online. The first step is to physically access a person's phone when they are not near to it and read the verification code sent there.

If you find it hard to access the victim's phone, you can send them a phishing message. In this message, you can claim that you were the original user of that number and there's a verification code sent to them (which you need for your WhatsApp account).

If the target user falls into this trap, they can send you the verification code. With this, hack their WhatsApp account online now and see the data saved. However, this method isn't 100% effective.

Part 2. Hack WhatsApp Account Using Phone Number without Human Verification

Do you know how to hack WhatsApp number without verification code? The best solution here is using a spy app. With spy app, you can access the target device only for a while and install the app onto it.

After that, you can remotely access the device. Once this is done, try accessing the target WhatsApp account using your phone number.

To complete this action, you'll be told to enter the verification code sent to the WhatsApp number. Since you're now monitoring the target device, check the verification code sent there and copy it into your phone.

This now grants you access to the target WhatsApp account. Note that this process is quite secure if the spy app runs in the background hence the user won't detect anything. You can now read anything you want from the target WhatsApp account.

Part 3. How to Monitor WhatsApp without Mobile Number?

Make use of FoneWatcher WhatsApp Tracker. It must be your number one choice if you intend to track a WhatsApp account without a phone number. With this software, you can monitor everything in the target device without the user's knowledge.

fonewatcher whatsapp tracker

With FoneWatcher for WhatsApp, you can track WhatsApp messages remotely, record video calls and voice calls from the target device. To achieve this, you first need to install the app on the target device. After that, you can do everything remotely.

A great advantage is that it operates on stealth mode. Once installed on the target device, it runs in the background without the user noticing its icon. This enables you to monitor user activity secretly.

Guide to set up FoneWatcher for WhatsApp

Step 1: Create an account with an email address

Visit the FoneWatcher for WhatsApp website and sign up for an account. You first need to register with a valid email ID and password. Next, choose the membership plan that suits you.

Step 2: Download and install the app on the target Android phone

To do this, you need to access the target phone for a while to download the app. Install the app and allow all the permissions that enable you to monitor WhatsApp.

install fonewatcher for whatsapp on target android

Step 3: Start to hack WhatsApp account

After installing the app on the target phone, you can now track the WhatsApp account. Just access the FoneWatcher for WhatsApp website and log into your account. After that, enter the online control panel.

On the left side of the panel, select "WhatsApp". All the data within your target WhatsApp account will display on the web panel. You can now monitor what your child or spouse does on WhatsApp.

check whatsapp account

Why FoneWatcher for WhatsApp Is Powerful

Many experts have tested the effectiveness of the app to track any WhatsApp account. This software is considered powerful because of the following reasons.

1. Available for Android phones not rooted or rooted

FoneWatcher for WhatsApp can work on any phone whether rooted or not rooted. Actually, you can track WhatsApp without rooting phone in order to make this software work. This is unlike other spying apps that require you to alter the OS of the Android phone for them to work.

This presents a lot of risks because it takes time to root a device—the user might easily find you on their phone. Since FoneWatcher for WhatsApp works on a stealth mode, the target device won't detect any suspicious activity going on.

2. Monitor 10+ data like WhatsApp chats, status, calls, voice messages, photos, and so on

FoneWatcher for WhatsApp doesn't limit you on what data to access from the target device. This is unlike other spy apps. Once you gain access to the target phone, you can access anything you want.

With its screenshot feature, this app will send regular updates of the WhatsApp activities from the target phone. With the online dashboard on the website, you can track WhatsApp chats, call history, photos, calls, and any other shared media.

monitor whatsapp activity

3. Check WhatsApp with no ID and password

FoneWatcher for WhatsApp is also considered powerful since you won't have to waste time looking for a WhatsApp account or password. Once on the web platform, you will receive no log-in alerts.

The only requirement (which takes a very short time) is installing the software on the target device. After that, no one will know that you're tracking their account.

4. Run undetectably and sync real-time data remotely

Another thing that makes this software powerful is the stealth mode feature. Any normal app that runs on an android phone has its icon displayed on the screen. The user can therefore know whether an app is running or not.

However, with FoneWatcher WhatsApp Tracker, this is not the case. Once the app finishes installing, its icon becomes hidden. It then runs in the background. Also, when connected to the target device, you receive real-time data due to the screenshot feature in FoneWatcher for WhatsApp.

You only need to keep your account logged into the web panel that controls data synchronization from the target device.


Getting into a WhatsApp account by phone number is not difficult as most people used to believe. You only need to access the best spy software to get started. With this, you can monitor the activities of your child or spouse on WhatsApp.

Are you eager to track multimedia files, chats, and calls on your spouse's WhatsApp account? FoneWatcher for WhatsApp is the most effective tool to consider. This software is 100% efficient in hacking any WhatsApp account.

Tomson Brown

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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