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(3 Methods) How to Get WhatsApp Number?

As one of the most widely used social media apps, WhatsApp can boost more than 2 billion users. Most of WhatsApp's users comprises of young adults and teenagers. Generally, users love WhatsApp because it is a great way of keeping in touch with family and chatting with friends.

Moreso, WhatsApp allows users to communicate conveniently, and exchange pictures, and videos without extra couriers charges. These features and more qualify WhatsApp as a standard means of storing files, memories, and confidential documents. Hence, it is prone to hacking.

Here, we have outlined 3 easy methods to successfully get a WhatsApp number.

Method 1. Access WhatsApp Number with FoneWatcher

This is by far, the most easiest and effective method of accessing any WhatsApp number.

fonewatcher whatsapp tracker

FoneWatcher WhatsApp Tracker provides you with unique features needed for a successful hacking process. Its user interface is next to none as it is both clear and simple. If you intend to track your kid's activities online such as their WhatsApp messages and texts, then you should use FoneWatcher.

In terms of WhatsApp monitoring, FoneWatcher allows you to not just view messages, but you can also get call history, pictures, and videos.

The best part is that you get to take screenshots of each of these pictures, messages, and videos. Screenshots have proved to be effective in confirming facts, or even in carrying out more investigations as the case may be.

What You Can Leverage from WhatsApp FoneWatcher Tracker

1. Track and read WhatsApp Messages

This is amongst the first features that FoneWatcher WhatsApp Tracker offers users. This feature gives you the chance to finally discover what your kid has been up to of late. Here, you get to track their WhatsApp messages, know who they constantly keep in touch with, and even the type of messages sent across from both parties.

2. Get WhatsApp call history and record WhatsApp calls

WhatsApp's call feature allows you to call any one of your choices, and you might love to know who your kid or partner calls. FoneWatcher showcases their call history, comprising of the names of people they call, their contacts, and how long each call session lasts. You can also use FoneWatcher to record WhatsApp calls, audio and video.

3. Multimedia tracking: Photos, videos, and documents

No doubt, WhatsApp could be a safe place to store memories in form of pictures and videos. More so, your partner could be exchanging photos, and videos with their new lover without your notice. FoneWatcher gives you access to your partner's photos, videos, and even documents with ease.

4. Monitor WhatsApp Activities

There is peace of mind associated with knowing exactly what your kid has been up to lately on WhatsApp. With FoneWatcher, you can effortlessly monitor all their WhatsApp activities, know when they update on their status, and view the kind of content they consume on WhatsApp.

5. Capture Whatapp Screenshot

Perhaps, you might want to screenshot your partner's recent chat, his status update, or even confidential documents you found on his WhatsApp. By hacking a WhatsApp number, you can easily take screenshots as much as you desire.

6. Export data to your phone

Unlike some other monitoring apps, FoneWatcher allows you to export data to your phone. Now, this could be as important as the hacking process itself. Moreso, it might come in handy when you need to present facts, and evidence of a discovery made on WhatsApp.

How to Track WhatsApp Simply and Effectively with FoneWatcher

Step 1. Sign up for a free FoneWatcher account

Signing up for an account on FoneWatcher is free. Simply click on the sign-up button to kickstart the process.

Step 2. Download FoneWatcher WhatsApp Tracker on target device

Next, go ahead to download FoneWatcher on your target device. Follow the setup guide to complete the configuration.

download fonewatcher whatsapp tracker

Step 3. Monitor WhatsApp data

Simply click on the WhatsApp data you intend to track and start monitoring.

get whatsapp number and data

Method 2. Get WhatsApp Number Via Verification Code

This method of hacking WhatsApp data is easy as it is tasking. It is quite different from installing monitoring software.

Here, you are hacking WhatsApp data by getting access to your target mobile device and the verification code sent. In order words, you have to be careful and vigilant to avoid being caught. Below are the steps to follow;

  1. Install WhatsApp. Firstly install WhatsApp on your Android or iphone if it is not already installed. Installing WhatsApp on your device gives you access to all the available features to get started.
  2. Click on the WhatsApp app, and an option for a phone mum comes into view. Input your target's phone number ie whoever you intend to hack their WhatsApp data.
  3. Next, an option for PIN comes up. To get this PIN, you will have to access your target's phone. The PIN is usually sent as an SMS. Enter the PIN and log in.
  4. You have successfully logged in. You can now have access to all the data, files, photos, and videos on the WhatsApp number.

whatsapp verification code

However, as simple as this method looks it comes with some disadvantages. While hacking a WhatsApp number via verification code, your target will surely get a notification of your login on his/her device.

Now, they are likely to find out what is going on through the notification and decide to log in again. This way, you might be logged out even before you kickstart your hacking process.

Method 3. Hack WhatsApp with POCWAPP

This is yet another method of hacking WhatsApp numbers and data. As an Acronym, it stands for PullOutCorrWhatsApp. It was developed by the Chinese and has been used to remotely hack WhatsApp data just by using a phone number.


You can get access to this hacking program if it is purchased off the DarkNet.

Here are the steps to follow when hacking with POCWAPP:

  1. Download POCWAPP. The first step requires a proper download of the POCWAPP app. This way, it sends all uploaded data to a known temporal server.
  2. Input the phone number of your target. Here, POCWAPP takes over by collecting WhatsApp users' data with their phone numbers. It searches for users' ID numbers, without assistance from an external device.

POCWAPP does not require access to your target's iCloud ID or storage. However, this method is likely to have been closed by WhatsApp developers. So, it probably not going to work out when you eventually discover a good copy of it.


Now, you have access to several options to easily hack a WhatsApp number. Hacking data on WhatsApp allows you to monitor what kind of lifestyle and content your kid or partner has online.

If you intend to remotely hack a WhatsApp number, and get access to data, photos, and videos, then you should get an efficient WhatsApp Tracker like FoneWatcher.

It has a simple user interface, so you don't need any prior tech knowledge before usage. You only have to sign up for a free account and download FoneWatcher on the target device to start hacking WhatsApp data.

Amy Hueber

Amy Hueber always believes that technology should make the difficulties simple, and help bulid a more comfortable life.

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