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[3 Ways] How to Record WhatsApp Call on Android

While it is easy to record regular calls, you can also record a WhatsApp call conveniently. However, WhatsApp does not allow the traditional call recording. In fact, the "Record" feature is not available on WhatsApp.

Recording calls is now a very important requirement today because it can be useful for various future reasons like recording lessons you may want to return to later and transcribing interviews. These days, most people have opted for calling and messaging on WhatsApp because it is more convenient that way.

Although you can easily record regular calls with your phone recorder but you will have to do some few workaround to be able to do the same with WhatsApp.

How Can I Record My WhatsApp Call?

1. Using the Default Recorder Feature on Android

The first thing you need to find out is if there is a call recorder feature on your Android phone, because that is the most important tool in ensuring that this works. Well, most Android phones have the call recorder feature or app. You can use this feature to your video and voice calls, since your phone allows multitasking.

Now, as soon as your call has started, you only have to switch to the voice recorder of your phone and tap the "Record" button. Ensure that you put the audio on speaker to allow the recorder receive the voices of both the caller and receiver.

2. Record WhatsApp Call by Third-party App

If there is no call recorder on your phone (perhaps you or someone else has deleted the app), you don't have to worry about that. All you have to do is head to Google Play Store and download Cube Call Recorder – it is a free app.

cube call recorder

Cube Call Recorder is even a lot better than the original phone recording app because it automatically records calls in several apps, and its download is completely free – except, of course, the 10 megabytes of data you will spend in downloading it. In its description in Play Store, Cube Call Recorder is capable of recording phone calls, Messenger 6, Telegram 6, Slack, LINE, KAKAO, WeChat, IMO, Facebook, Hangouts, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype Lite, Skype 7, and Signal.

3.Use Another Device to Record Your WhatsApp Call

You can also use another device such as Android phone or iPhone or other devices supporting recorder feature to record your WhatsApp call. However, this way is a little user-unfriendly because you have to always remember to take a record device.

How to Record Someone Else's WhatsApp Call

To be able to do this, you will need to subscribe to best WhatsApp Call Recorder - FoneWatcher for WhatsApp. Well, if you have not heard of it before.

FoneWatcher is one of the world's best multiple monitoring software available for both Android and iOS. With this software, you can track someone's location on the map. Besides that, you can also secretly use it to target an Android device remotely by either taking photos or monitoring calls. This is why the FoneWatcher software is the best tool to use in recording someone else's WhatsApp call.

FoneWatcher functions almost exactly like the Cube Call Recorder already mentioned, only that FoneWatcher is a lot more effective, because, whereas Cube Call Recorder only allows you to record the WhatsApp calls you receive, FoneWatcher gives you the opportunity to record the WhatsApp calls someone you are tracking or monitoring receives.

That's so cool, isn't it?

how to record whatsapp calls

What WhatsApp Call can FoneWatcher Record?

1. Fonewatcher can record both video and audio calls.

2. It can also record both incoming and outgoing WhatsApp calls.

Another advantage of using FoneWatcher is that you will be able to view the caller's name, and you can either download the WhatsApp call FoneWatcher has recorder or simply play it online.

How to Record WhatsApp Call via FoneWatcher

In order to use FoneWatcher to record someone else's WhatsApp call, you will have to pass through some process. Since its 100% hidden feature, FoneWatcher is not really as simple as just downloading the app from Play Store. Follow the following steps:

Step 1: Register a FoneWatcher Account

To use FoneWatcher, you will have to create an account by signing up. In signing up, you should provide valid email address and buy a license that you consider perfect for what you need; for example, WhatsApp or WhatsApp calls.

Step 2: Download and Install WhatsApp Call Recorder on Target's Android Device

You will need to install this app on the Android phone of the person you want to monitor. This process should not take you more than 5 minutes. After downloading and installing FoneWatcher on the phone of your target, follow the setup procedures you will see and make sure that you complete all necessary settings. Try as much as possible to avoid any error, as that may affect your monitoring.

download and install fonewatcher whatsapp call recorder

Step 3: Access WhatsApp Call Recordings on Your Dashboard

After you have successfully completed the settings, the next step is to click on the "Verify Setup" icon to determine if you have correctly set up everything. Correct any error you notice. However, if there is no error, you will proceed to the dashboard page of the web where you can check, monitor and record the WhatsApp calls on the target's Android device.

record whatsapp call and check it on fonewatcher dashboard

If you are logging into the panel for the first time, then it may take some time before you can sync all the data you have collected from the Android device you are monitoring.With FoneWatcher, you will be able to monitor both incoming and outgoing WhatsApp calls, and it will give you the opportunity to listen to the voices of both the caller and the receiver.While you are collecting all this data, your target will not be aware that they are being monitored.

More Recommended App - FoneWatcher for Android

Except FoneWatcher for WhatsApp to record WhatsApp call, we still have the app, FoneWatcher for Android, to monitor whole Android phone activities. As long as the FoneWatcher for Android is on the target's Android device and your subscription is active, you can not only monitor the target's WhatsApp calls but also messages and calls from any other social app – Facebook, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, LINE, Tinder, Viber, Telegram, Kik, WeChat, QQ, and others.

You can view all phone files like videos, photos, call logs, and SMS on FoneWatcher. In addition, your target's browser history and the activities of their installed apps will be visible to you on your FoneWatcher dashboard.

FAQs about WhatsApp Call Recording

Q1. Can you record a WhatsApp video call?

Yes, of course. FoneWatcher WhatsApp call recorder does not only record WhatsApp voice calls but also WhatsApp video calls. Therefore, when you subscribe to FoneWatcher, you can monitor your target's audio and video calls on your target's WhatsApp.

Q2. How to record a WhatsApp video call?

Technically, you can use the screen recorder app to record a WhatsApp video call, but there are some issues you may encounter in doing this. Sometimes, the audio may refuse to work, and other times the video may not be clear enough.

But with FoneWatcher, you will be able to record WhatsApp video calls perfectly without any issue. After recording, you can either play the video online or download it to watch later.

Q3. How to record WhatsApp calls on iPhone?

There are three ways you can do this on iPhone:

  • I.With In-built screen recorder

    Go to Settings on your iPhone and select "Control Center". Tap on the "Plus" button to include the "Screen Recording" feature. Then enable the recording icon by swiping from the top of your screen. You can finally record the calls. When you are done, tap the Recording button the second time to end the recording.

  • II.With the necessary app

    You can use a third-party feature like "Record WhatsApp Calls" to automatically record every WhatsApp call you make or receive. Just install the app by locating it on App Store, give the app the necessary permissions, and then enable the "Accessibility" settings.

  • III.Without jailbreak on Mac

    Activate the audio recording of your Mac and place it beside your phone. Enable the speakerphone of your iPhone when you make or receive the WhatsApp call, ensure that the Mac's microphone picks the words clearly. Finally, save your recording on the Mac after the call has ended.


With FoneWatcher, it is easy to record WhatsApp calls; and you can monitor your target's WhatsApp calls without being detected. All you need to do is follow all the instructions provided in this post, and do not forget to subscribe and create an account on FoneWatcher for the best phone-monitoring experience.

Tomson Brown

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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