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How to Restrict Someone on Facebook? Step-by-Step Guide

Amongst Facebook's most innovative features, is that it allows you to restrict someone on Facebook without unfriending or even blocking them. This way, you can afford to be friends with the restricted person on Facebook.

However, restricting someone on Facebook means the person won't see your Facebook posts. They can only view your posts on the condition that either you make the posts public or you tag them. This feature comes in handy when you don't intend to share your Facebook posts with a particular person. In some cases, it could be a colleague, a client, or even xx.

It is quite surprising that most people on Facebook are ignorant of this restricted feature. Facebook as the largest social media network is a platform where people share pictures, videos, and stories alike.

Therefore, if you intend to keep someone as friends on Facebook but don't want to share your posts with them, then it's easy. Simply add him/her to your Facebook restricted list, and the person will stop seeing your posts on Facebook.

What Does Restricted Mean On Facebook?

The word Restricted on Facebook is simply a way of restricting a person from viewing your Facebook posts. The restricted person has to be on your contact list.

It is worthy of note that this restricted mode is only functional as long as you don't tag the restricted person on your Facebook posts. Or even make your posts public as this would automatically bring your post to the restricted person's view.

Restricting someone on Facebook is the best way to wade off spies. By restricting them, you keep them off from every information revolving around you.

Facebook restricted list

In addition, the restricted feature on Facebook allows you to protect your interests professionally. If you intend to keep off your superiors, colleagues, or managers from your Facebook posts, you just have to add them to the Facebook restricted list.

No worries! This Facebook feature is not much of a nutshell. You simply have to follow step-by-step rules and you're done.

In this guide, we have outlined steps on how to easily add a person to your Facebook restricted list.

How To Restrict Someone On Facebook?

Restricting someone on Facebook could be similar to blocking them. However, there is a huge difference between the two. If you restrict someone on Facebook, you can still chat with him/her unlike using the block feature.

There are two major ways to restrict someone on Facebook.

1.On Facebook App

-To add someone to your restricted list on Facebook, ensure you're using an updated version of the Facebook mobile app.

-Open up your Facebook App and click on the profile of the person you intend to restrict.

-Next, click on the 'Friends' option within their profile.

restrict someone on Facebook

-Another option will appear below. Tap on 'Edit friend lists'.

-Click on the 'restricted' option and select done.

By this, you have successfully added the person to your restricted list. This prevents him/her from viewing your Facebook posts unless you authorize it by making them public.

2.On Browser

-To visit your Facebook page using a browser, simply enter

-This will grant you instant access to your Facebook account provided you have a strong internet connection. If you are not logged in, the login options will be displayed. You simply have to log in with the correct details.-Next, go to the profile of the person you want to restrict.-Select the friend's option.

-A second option will appear below which says ‘Edit Friend list, tap on it.

-Click on the 'Restricted' option and select done afterward.

facebook restricted

You have successfully added the person to your restricted list on Facebook.

edit friend list

How to View Someone's Facebook though on Facebook restricted list?

No, it is not possible to view someone's Facebook posts when you are on the restricted list. The restricted feature prevents you from viewing their Facebook posts.

This restricted feature on Facebook allows users to leverage the opportunity to choose their desired audience. The user gets to decide who sees what, when, and how.

However, in the case where the person who restricted you puts his/her post on 'public', that is when you can view it on their Facebook timeline. Also, if you are tagged in a post by someone who restricted you, you can equally see the post.

FoneWatcher For Android

Fonewatcher for Android is a monitoring solution provider that allows users to track, and monitor ongoing activities on a mobile device. This App provides a seamless solution to all tracking problems by proving the best platform to view someone's Facebook posts even though you have been restricted.

What's more? You wouldn't have to worry about being caught. FoneWatcher saves you that stress so you could monitor as much as you can without disruptions.

If you intend to view someone's profile even though you are on Facebook restricted list, you definitely would need the FoneWatcher App. For you to start viewing, you simply need to register an account and download the App on your mobile device.

3 minutes guide to view someone's Facebook

1.Register an account

Tap on the Signup option and input a valid email address. Then, you will be required to buy a license to unlock all necessary features in FoneWatcher.

2.Download on the target device

Next, download the FoneWatcher App on your target device.

download fonewatcher on target android

3.Monitor Facebook even restricted

You are a minute away from viewing someone's Facebook! Simply locate the person's Facebook profile and start viewing.

monitor facebook even restricted

Features of the FoneWatcher App

1.Monitor all social media

The FoneWatcher App offers you access to monitor someone on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat.

2.View sent and received messages

You can easily view messages sent to the person who restricted you on Facebook with the FoneWatcher App. Also, all incoming messages are made accessible to you.

3.View deleted messages

In cases where you are suspicious of the person who restricted you on Facebook, the FoneWatcher App makes it easier to know to track deleted messages. That's not all. You could also see the details of every deleted message just by using the FoneWatcher app.

4.Track location in real-time and remotely

The best way to track someone's location is by using FoneWatcher. It offers you a fast and remote location tracking solution. The upside to this app is that you wouldn't be caught.

5.Capture screenshots automatically and manually

Take screenshots of messages sent or received, and even posts of the person who restricted you on Facebook.

How to Check Facebook Restricted List?

Your Facebook restricted option is a feature that allows you to choose who gets to view your posts. The moment you add someone to your Facebook restricted list, the person automatically stops viewing your profile and posts.

Here's a simple guild to check your Facebook restricted list

  1. Login to your Facebook account with your Android device or Pc

  2. Tap on the Friends icon on your Newsfeed. If it can't be accessed, simply click on the drop-down option to see more.

  3. Next, press on the custom list

  4. A restricted option will appear, click on it.

  5. A full list of everyone you have restricted on Facebook will be showcased on the screen.

  6. To edit the restricted list on Facebook, simply tap on the drop-down icon close to their names.

How to Find out If You Have been Restricted on Facebook?

If you stop viewing someone's profile and posts on Facebook, chances are that you have been added to the Facebook restricted list. This means the person intends to keep your eyes off his/her private or social life.

No worries! Here are 3 ways to confirm your suspicions.

Step 1: Check out for empty spaces on top of their profile. A space at the top of your friend's profile shows a demarcation between the public and private posts. Once you have been restricted, you stop viewing all the private posts.

Step 2: Check to see if all posts are public. The public post sign shows up further down the space. Also, see if all your friend's posts are public. This is a big indication that you have been restricted.

This method may exactly be correct all the time. It could be your friend has decided to put up every Facebook post to the public.

Step 3: See if there is no content in the person's profile, then this is a big indication that you have been restricted on Facebook.

In most cases, if there are no write-ups, no pictures, it simply means you have been restricted.


Now, you are well aware of the innovative features of Facebook which include restricting someone from seeing your profile and posts.

With the Facebook restrict feature, you can prevent your colleagues, managers, or even clients from seeing your updates on Facebook. This doesn't just help avoid complications, it also saves you from lots of explanations.

If you you intend to view the profile of whoever restricted you, you can simply use the FoneWatcher for Android.

With the FoneWatcher App, you can have access to someone's Facebook profile, and view their sent and received messages, while on the restricted list. You could also maximize the options available by tracking the current location of the person who restricted you.

The best part is that it is quite easy to set up. You only need to sign up for an account with a valid email address, install the FoneWatcher App on the target device and start right away!

Tomson Brown

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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