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[2022 Updated] How to See Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile

We have noticed that many users are curious about their Facebook profiles now and who viewed my Facebook profile?

Facebook doesn't allow you to know who viewed your Facebook profile officially and there's no official feature or official Facebook profile viewer. Facebook keeps confidential to let the user know if someone visits their profile that's why it's not available. But if you think it's over here, then you are wrong.

In this article, we are going to talk about ways that can help a user on how to check who viewed your Facebook profile. What's more, we are going to to give you a method to see someone's activity on Facebook.

1. Can You See Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile

We have already made it clear that Facebook doesn't have any official feature or tool that lets users know about their Facebook viewers. But recently Facebook has integrated a new feature in iOS app that can help a user to know about the viewers of their Facebook profile. Let's know how we can see who checked my Facebook profile.

Step 1. Open the Facebook app on your iOS device and login with your credentials.

Step 2. Tap on main menu (three parallel lines) and scroll down till you see "Privacy Shortcuts".

Step 3. Here you will see the "Who viewed my profile?" feature below the "Privacy Checkup" feature.

see who viewed your facebook profile on ios device


Currently this feature is only available in iOS device, but we are not sure whether Facebook is testing or planning it to implement for other platforms as well. You cannot enjoy this feature on Android or web.

2. How to Check Who Viewed Facebook Profile on Android

In this part, we will make use of third-party apps that are capable to show who viewed the Facebook profile on Android of a particular user. We have figured out three apps that can help users regarding this matter. Let's explore them one by one.

Profile Tracker

Profile Tracker can easily be found on Google Play Store and it's one of the most amazing apps that help users to know who followed their profile on Facebook. This app is available for both iOS and Android users as well. This third-party Facebook viewer app keeps you updated with the list of the latest users who started following you on Facebook.

profile tracker to check who viewed facebook profile on android

Who Viewed My Profile

This app is a simple solution that helps to view your profile visitors, profile visited by you, and all your contacts. All this kind of information is provided to the user in the form of a list. You can also see their time of visiting your profile and also the list of profiles that you visited.

see visitor on facebook with who viewed my profile

The Profiler

It's an excellent app that will show you a list of all the people who follow you on Facebook and Instagram. You can tap on any user from the list to know more details about them. Even you can view the profile of the Facebook visitor as well. It's easy to use and simple app that can help anyone.

check who viewed facebook profile with the profiler app

3. How to View Someone's Facebook Profile without Them Knowing

We have shown you some methods in the above part that some thinks are reliable whereas others consider them scams. But it's your choice and when it comes to seeing who viewed my Facebook profile this is the method that will help you.

We will show you an app that will help you how to check who visited your Facebook profile. The best Facebook profile viewer app is FoneWatcher Facebook Profile checker. It's a powerful phone monitoring and tracking app that can show you everything on the target device including their Facebook activities as well.

What FoneWatcher for Android checks on Facebook?

Besides other tracking activities, FoneWatcher can perform the following activities as well:

  • Monitor Facebook Messages Sent and Received

    This app will help you to see all the sent and received messages using Facebook on the target device including all the media such as photos, videos, voice notes, and files shared as well.

  • View Full Facebook Profile Picture

    If the target user has implemented privacy on his/her picture, you can still see Facebook private profile picture in full size using this app.

  • Capture Facebook Screenshots

    Curious to know what the target user is doing on Facebook at the movement? You can take screenshots to see what's happening in real-time on the target device.

  • Check Facebook Contacts

    You would be able to see the friends list, follower list, and all sent friend requests as well from the target user's Facebook profile.

check facebook contacts

Easy Steps to See Facebook Profile Via FoneWatcher for Android

Step 1. Create a FoneWatcher Account

The very first step is to create an account and you can create it by clicking on the button of Sign Up. Fill in the necessary information and after that buy a plan according to your needs.

Step 2. Download the App

Download the app on the target Android device and install it according to the instructions provided. The app will hide and will start working anonymously on the target device.

download fonewatcher on target android

Step 3. Start to Monitor Facebook

Once the app has started working properly on the target device, you can now Log in to the dashboard of FoneWatcher by using the username and password that you got during the purchasing process. There you would be able to see all the activities of the target Facebook user and would be able to monitor their device as well.

monitor facebook on dashboard

FAQs About Seeing Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile

Q1. What is a Facebook Profile?

A Facebook profile is the identity of a user on Facebook, where the user can post his/her views, thinking, can share moments of her life, and many other things that come in social networking.

Q2. Does Facebook show who views my profile?

No, there's nothing like an official app or feature that can help users to see who views their Facebook profile.

Q3. How to view what my Facebook profile looks like to others?

It's really easy, you can go to your Facebook profile and below the edit profile, three dots will appear. Click on them and choose "View as" this will show how your Facebook profile looks like to others.


Officially Facebook doesn't provide any tool or service that can help the users to know who viewed their Facebook profile. But by using some third-party applications can help how to see who viewed your Facebook profile. FoneWatcher for Android is one of the best applications that can work as a Facebook profile viewer.

Amy Hueber

Amy Hueber always believes that technology should make the difficulties simple, and help bulid a more comfortable life.

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