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How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously


Recently, at the end of 2021 and the start of 2022, there was a flood of people complaining; they can't see who views their Instagram stories. Hundreds of Instagram head to twitter and report that their stories count is not showing. People view their stories as before, they also get replies on stories but Instagram shows zero view.

No doubt Instagram Stories are one of the most captivating features in the history of social media. This amazing feature allows you to share all of the moments of your day that you don't want to keep on your profile. Amazing thing, Instagram stories disappear automatically after 24 hours. That's why it is not untrue to say that if you want to know about someone, watch their Instagram stories regularly.

1. Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Story?

We know Instagram stories are popular, and people carved to post stories and get as many as possible views on their stories. Unlike Instagram videos, which show only the number of total views, Instagram stories allows you to see the number of views as well as the profile of the person who views your story.

And guess what's more, You can easily change their watch setting once they viewed your story. Following are the steps to see the views of Instagram story:

  • For this, go to your story and swipe up.

  • Here you will get the option to view the analytic and viewers list.

  • Simply, tap on the eye icon and here will be the list of all of the viewers.

how to see instagram story views

2. How to View Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing?

There are many times in our life that we get intrigued by someone and crave to know more about them, their life, and daily activities without letting them know. The best way to know about someone's daily pursuit is by seeing Instagram activities. But the problem is that the user can get to know you're viewing their stories.

how to view instagram story anonymously

Now what?

Don't worry there are numerous other ways that enable you to see Instagram stories without letting the user know about you. Although the best way to monitor someone's Instagram stories In this article, I will share the three of the most effective and secure ways to view someone's Instagram stories without them knowing.

Method 1. Third Party App to See Instagram Stories Without account

The best method to view someone's Instagram stories anonymously is by using a third-party app. There is a wide range of apps that allows you to secretly monitor someone's Instagram stories. What is more, you don't even need to have an Instagram account.

FoneWatcher Instagram story viewer is one of the best mobile app to view Instagram stories anonymously. It comes with an extensive array of advanced features that allows you to anonymously view someone's Instagram stories without the need of creating an account.

Unlike other so called spying apps it doesn't require jailbreaking or any other handful of technical skills. It is pretty straightforward and effortless to use. What's more, it's compatible for both Android and iPhone. You can easily view anyone's Instagram story anonymously on FoneWatcher dashboard without creating any Instagram account.

Not only this, FoneWatcher also enables you to monitor all other activities on your target account including Instagram feed, notifications, chats, and much more. Moreover, you can also take real-time screenshots of your target mobile screen.

Simple Guide to View Instagram Stories Anonymously via FoneWatcher

Step 1. Create a valid account on FoneWatcher official site and unlock the features by purchasing a premium plan.

Step 2. Once signed in you will be redirected to My Product page. Here get the link to download the app and install it on your target user mobile. After installation the app will automatically go into the hidden mode.

download fonewatcher

Step 3. Now, Open your FoneWatcher for Instagram dashboard and anonymously see all the stories, feeds, and notification of your target user.

see instagram story on fonewatcher dashboard

What Else Can FoneWatcher Monitor?

  • See Contacts, Call Logs and Messages:

    FoneWatcher allows you to see the contacts saved on your target mobile as well as monitor all the incoming and outgoing calls and messages.

  • Check Browser History:

    Another amazing feature of FoneWatcher, allowing you to check the browser history of your target mobile. This can help you to know about the interest of your target user.

  • Track Location:

    FoneWatcher comes with a built-in GPS that allows you to track real-time location of your target user. Even more, you can set geofence and get alert when your target enters or leaves a particular area.

  • Other Social Media apps: WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, LINE, etc.

    Besides Instagram, you can also monitor other social media apps on your target account and see chats, status, Snapchat stories and much more.

Method 2. View Instagram Stories on Websites

If the above method doesn't work for you, here is another way to anonymously view Instagram stories. There are numerous websites that allow you to view someone's Instagram stories with just one click. Although these sites are often flooded with ads, it works effectively.

All you need is to enter the target username in the website search bar and it will display all the Instagram stories of your target user in an instant.

However, if the account has not posted any story on his account it will show the profile with a blank stories tab. Plus, you can only view the stories from a public account and can't view the stories that are shared with only friends.

view instagram story on website

Method 3. Click Next Instagram Story and Swipe Back

This is another effective trick to view someone's Instagram without letting them know. In this method you don't need to install any third party app or use a website to view the stories. You can easily view the stories from your Instagram account. All you need is to be more proactive. Here are simple steps for this method.

First, find the account whose stories you want to view and click on the profile right before it.

Now pause the story by tapping on it and slowly swipe in the direction of the story you want to see. You can see the story in the 3D box.

But be careful to not swipe all the way, if you do so the poster will get to know you viewed the story.

Another big drawback of this method is, you can view only the first story of the user. Plus, you can not watch videos as well as take screenshots of the stories.


So, that was all. Here are the top three methods to view someone's stories without letting them know. These methods are easy to use and economical. Plus, you don't need to have any first hand experience of spying.

Above all, FoneWatcher is one of the best apps as it provides a hell lot of advanced features that allows you to fully monitor your target mobile and get to know each and every activity with only a few simple clicks.

So, now when you know all the ways to peak an eye on someone's Instagram stories without leaving any foot prints you can effectively use it to know about someone.

Tomson Brown

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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