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Best Ways to See Incognito History on Android

The incognito mode is quite a famous browser feature. It is a function that browse the web without leaving any traces and searching histories.

how to see incognito history on android

Just because this unique feature, it is impossible to get search results on a phone which enabled the private browsing mode. This definitely troubled many people who want to spy on someone else's browser history on Android phone.

    Don't worry, we are the one who can provide the solutions on how to see incognito history on Android phones. Well, you can check the article below and find out the details.

Part 1. Basic Information of Incognito History on Android

Is it possible to see incognito history on someone's Android phone? Yes, just like what we said above, even though it's nearly possible to track someone's incognito history on Android, this can be realized by some spyware with advanced technology.

What Can Private Browsing Mode Do?

Well, as the name suggests, it is a privacy feature. When this mode is turned on, the browser creates a session that is temporarily isolated from the main session of the browser. When this mode is enabled, whatever you search stays hidden, doesn't get registered.

How to Enable Android Incognito Search?

It is very easy to enable incognito search on an Android device.

Step #1: Launch Google Chrome and tap on the '3 Dots' icon.

Step #2: A drop menu will be opened. Choose 'New Incognito Tab'.

how to check private browsing history on android

This will open a new tab with the incognito feature enabled.

The fact is that there is no effective way to track someone else's browser history in incognito mode without advanced technical support. The advanced way involves using professional-grade software. The details regarding such software are mentioned below.

Part 2. The Advanced Way to See Incognito History on Android Phone

As we have said earlier, there is no direct way to view browser history once it has gone incognito. But installing a technically advanced software specifically designed for this purpose on the target device will give you the chance to view the hidden browser history on someone's Android phone.

This is a complete remote operation. You will be able to navigate from your mobile once installation and configuration are finished. There are several programs with similar capabilities available on the market, but the best choice would be FoneWatcher for Android.

Unlike others, FoneWatcher for Android is available at a cheap price. It is easy to use and effective enough to be at the top.

2.1 How Does FoneWatcher for Android Work?

The working principle of FoneWatcher for Android is simple. The app needs to be installed on the target device. Only then it will be able to provide you with the desired information.

But after the installation, the app will be launched, and the app icon will immediately disappear from the Home Screen. This is the app's default function to work secretly. No icon means that the users won't notice the app's existence, and the app itself will work in the background.

2.2 How Can FoneWatcher for Android Help in Incognito History Tracking?

FoneWatcher for Android is the best spyware to see incognito history on Android. It is equipped with several advanced features that enable us to provide incognito browser history on Android. Let's check out the features.

  • It delivers up to date data after monitoring the target device.

  • Data is delivered remotely and you have no need to physically check the taregt Android phone.

  • It takes the advanced keylogger feature to record the browsing histories accurately.

  • It is easy to use with just 3 steps, and the installation can be finished within 5 minutes.

  • The root is not required, so technical knowledge is not required. 

  • 100% safe to use and delivers data in stealth mode.

There are several more advanced functions associated with FoneWatcher for Android. The amalgamation of these functions makes this app one of the best ways to track incognito history.

2.3 How to Use FoneWatcher for Android Incognito History Tracker

Lastly, the steps to use this app to track incognito browser history. It is simple, and they are listed below.

Here, how to see incognito history on Android with FoneWatcher for Android.

Step #1: Sign in and create your own account. Complete the purchase.

Step #2: After finishing the purchase, click on the Setup Guide, and you will be asked to perform the following steps.

  • Download and complete the app installed on the target device.

  • Then, follow the procedure and complete the configuration.

  • Complete the verification.

choose android system to monitor

Step #3: You have to click on "Verify Setup" to initiate the verification. Once verification is done, you will be redirected to the web control panel where you will be able to check the incognito browser history of the target device.

android web control panel to monitor incognito history

This is the most effective and easiest way to view browser history once it has gone incognito. Frankly speaking, there are no other ways without using advanced software like FoneWatcher for Android.


Hence, tracking the incognito browser history is impossible. Well, it is generally impossible, but with a program that uses an advanced algorithm, it can be done. FoneWatcher for Android is such an advanced program, and it is also our recommendation. It is easy to operate, comes with a cheaper price tag, and does the desired task effectively.

Tomson Brown

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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