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How to Listen to Phone Surrounding Live Remotely and Secrelty?

No doubt, listening to someone's phone surroundings has always looked complex. A lot of people feel you need to be tech-savvy before you can seamlessly listen to someone's phone conversation.

The good news is that it is pretty simple and easy to do. With the right tools, you can easily monitor your kid's conversation with his friends to know what he is up to. Otherwise, listening to your spouses' phone surrounding live could come in handy when you need to clear your suspicions. Either way, you simply need to know the right steps and you are good to go.

In this article, we will discuss in detail, how to remotely listen to someone's phone surroundings without them knowing.

Why does Someone Want to Listen to Phone Surrounding Live?

The need to know what your kids are up to cannot be overemphasized. There are several reasons why you might have to listen to someone's phone surrounding live.

listen to phone surrounding live free

For Parents:

As a parent, you are expected to keep an eye on your kids - their movements and phone conversations inclusive. When they are within your reach, it's relatively easy to keep up with their conversations.

However, when they are not within your reach, how do you monitor child's phone calls? Perhaps your kid has begun to keep bad friends who are sure to influence him/her negatively in a long run. If proper care isn't taken, your kid might end up in the wrong hands, and you wouldn't want that.

The Internet is filled with all sorts of factors that could endanger your kid. From cyberbullies to drugs, and even sexual immorality. This is where monitoring your kid's phone surrounding remotely comes in. Who knows? They could be communicating with the wrong people on phone.

By monitoring your kid's phone conversation, you get to know the type of friends they keep, and what they are up to.

For Employment:

For employers, it could be a bit tasking to keep up with what your employees are up to as regards the company's policies and ethics. No doubt, working according to specified company's rules and regulations guarantees a safe working relationship.

Perhaps, your employee is beginning to act dubious. Or you need to make sure your company is in safe hands. Listening to their phone surrounding life is the best option.

With a good phone tracker, you can remotely monitor your employee's phone conversations, who they talk to, and the rules they are breaking.

For Spouses:

Although trust is an essential part of every relationship, it can be tampered with. Perhaps, you are beginning to suspect your spouse's fidelity. To be on the safe side, simply monitor their phone conversations remotely.

Also, a monitoring app could be the best fit when your spouse is in danger. It allows you to track all their phone conversations. This way, you are easily alerted when they are in danger.

why listen to phone surrounding live

How to Listen to Phone Surrounding without Knowing?

Nowadays, there are lots of apps and monitoring software available online for tracking and monitoring phone conversations. However, a lot of them are not legit and might end up defrauding you if proper care is not taken.

Notwithstanding, there is a sure way to remotely listen in on someone's phone surroundings without them knowing.

Ambient Recorder - FoneWatcher for Android

While listening to your spouse's phone surroundings, it is important to always play safe. After all, you wouldn't want to add more problems or even let your spouse know you are monitoring them.

This is where Ambient recorder- Fonewatcher for Android comes in.

With Ambient recorder for Android, it's easy to listen to your spouse or kids' phone surrounding without anyone knowing. It's 100% safe and secure. More so, there is no rooting needed. The ambient recorder allows you to get as much information as you need as it allows up to 3-15 mins record time.

Best part? It is quite affordable and pretty easy to use. With its 24/7 support, you are just one click away from monitoring.

Why does Fonewatcher for Android Rank First?

So far, Fonewatcher for Android is relatively the best phone monitoring software to listen to phone surrounding live to know your spouse or kids' conversation.

Runs in stealth mode, hidden and undetectable.

The monitoring feature of this app works hidden. Whoever you are monitoring will find it difficult to detect whether they are being monitored or recorded. This way, you get to record as much as you want without anyone knowing.

100% safe, no need to root

A lot of monitoring software out there on the Internet does not guarantee safe usage. However, with Fonewatcher for Android, listening to conversations is 100% safe. Moreover, it does not require rooting of any such.

One-click to record phone surrounding live remotely

With Fonewatcher, you are one click away from monitoring your kids' surrounding live. Simply install the app on your target device, and start monitoring. It does not require any complex process as it has a user-friendly surface for all users.

Time options to record for 3/5/10/15 mins

If you intend to monitor your kid, then you must get as much information as possible. You can only achieve that by having enough recording time. Fonewatcher for Android offers you a minimum of 3 minutes and a maximum of 15 minutes to record all phone surrounding live and remotely.

Online play the audio recordings or download on your device

Fonewatcher is one app that offers you lots of unique monitoring options. You can decide to play the audio recordings gotten from your target device. Better still, you could opt-in to download the audio recording on your device. This affords you the flexibility of choosing when and where you listen to it.

24/7 Customer service support

Unlike most monitoring softwares, Fonewatcher for android offers you 24/7 customer service support, waiting to solve your any doubts about listening to phone surrounding live and this amazing software.


As amazing as the features are, Fonewatcher for Android is relatively affordable. This way, you don't have to break the bank to monitor anyone's phone surroundings.

How to Start to Listen live to a Phone Surroundings?

Listening live to phone surroundings is easy. Simply download the Fonewatcher for Android, and complete the installation process to start monitoring.

Step 1. Create an account

On your phone's browser, select the sign-up button, and input a valid email address. Next, go ahead to choose a purchased license to unlock the unique features of Fonewatcher for Android.

Step 2. Download on the target device

After creating an account, the next step is to download the Fonewatcher for Android on your target device.

Simply follow all the setup instructions provided, and complete the installation settings.

download fonewatcher on target android

Step 3. Click on "Record surround" and start to record

If you have reached this stage, you are one click away from monitoring your target device. To start listening, simply click on "record surround".

listen to phone surrounding live by click on record surround

Can I Listen to Phone Surrounding Live Free?

Yes, you can. It's possible to listen to phone surrounding live with voice recorder apps. You simply have to download them on your target device. After the installation process, you can turn on the microphone of your target device, and start listening.

However, there are limitations to these voice recorder apps. It is not 100% safe, and secure, and you are likely to be discovered. Also, it may not support online recording or transporting recorded files to your device.

Is It Possible to Listen to Phone Surrounding Live Free on an iPhone?

Yes, you can. With Fonewatcher monitoring software, you can remotely listen to phones surrounding live free on your iPhone. Simply download the Fonewatcher monitoring app on your iOS device, and complete all setup procedures to start listening.


There are several reasons you would want to listen to someone's phone surrounding live. With modern technology, you can now listen to someone's conversation over the phone and even their surroundings.

Fonewatcher monitoring software is the right tool for all your monitoring needs. It allows you to remotely monitor, record, and even export the recordings to your desired mobile device. Also, it's relatively affordable and does not require any rooting.

Tomson Brown

Updated: Jun 07, 2022 04:29 pm

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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