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[5 Ways] How to Remove Family Link?

If you're under eighteen, chances are your parents might be monitoring your mobile phone to keep an eye on you. One of the most popular apps that parents use for this app is Family Link. But as a grown up child you may not feel easy to be kept under observation and want to get rid of it. So, how can you remove Family Link from your smartphone without compromising your mobile security?

This article is all about it. Today we will discuss how to remove Family Link from your mobile phone in a safe way. We will also share a bonus alternative parental controlling app for parents that is 100% undetectable and children can not easily remove it from their mobile.

Part 1. Why Remove Family Link?

Family Link provides an accurate parental controlling solution to monitor kids activities without disrupting them. You can monitor their social media accounts and protect them from scammers and dangerous people.

But when your child turns 18, there is no need for further monitoring as they are mature enough to control their activities. Thus, you need to remove the Family Link form your child phone without damaging their mobile phone.

People also use Family Link to spy on their friends and loved one's mobile phone. So, if you're reluctant to share your activities and personal information with your friend or partner you need to remove Family Link from your mobile phone.

family link

Part 2. How to Remove Family Link?

Removing Family Link is a little risky task as there are chances that your mobile might get blocked. However, by using the proper method you can easily remove the Family Link without damaging your mobile phone. Here are some of the most efficient ways to remove Family Link.

1. Remove Family Link from Kids Device

If you want to remove the Family Link from kids mobile phones follow these instructions.

Step 1. Open the Family Link app on your mobile phone.

Step 2. Locate the Menu icon and tap on it.

Step 3. Now click on Remove Account to remove the app.

Step 4. Next select the Google account linked to the app and enter the credentials to confirm the process.

2. Remove Family Link from Parent Device

After following the above mentioned steps now you need to remove the Family Link from the parent device. Follow these simple steps to disable the monitoring on the parent device.

Step 1. Open the Family Link app on the parent device.

Step 2. Now open "Manage settings" and click on "Account info".

Step 3. Tap on "delete account" to stop the monitoring.

Step 4. Now follow the prompt display on the screen to complete the process.

3. Remove Family Link from Phone Settings

Like other third party apps, you can't delete Family Link by simply clicking the app on the home screen. You need to delete the app from the child mobile setting by following these steps.

Step 1. Open settings on the child mobile phone where the app is installed.

Step 2. Scroll to find "Personal" and click on it.

Step 3. Click on "Accounts" and select a Google account that is connected to the Family Link app.

Step 4. Next select the profile trough which wants to remove the app either parent or child.

Step 5. Now return to the account and tap Synchronization. It will display the option "delete account" click on it to remove the account.

Step 6. Confirm it to successfully remove the Family Link from your mobile.

4. Remove Family Link from the App

You can also remove the app directly by following these steps.

Step 1. Open the app and go to the settings.

Step 2. Select Configuration Manager and click on "Delete Account".

Step 3. Follow the instruction display on the screen to complete the process.

5. Remove Family Link from Browser

Family Link can also be supervised by using the browser such as Google Chrome, Torch, and Mozilla Firefox so you can remove the app directly from the browser.

Step 1. Open the Google account attached to the Family Link app and click google account profile.

Step 2. Select the Child account through which you want to remove the app.

Step 3. Select "Parental setting" > "More" > "Menu" and tap on the "Delete Account and Data" to successfully remove the app from the child device.

Part 3. Best alternative: FoneWatcher for Parental Controls

If you're determined to monitor your loved one's mobile phone in a more secure and secret way, then FoneWatcher is the app worthy of your time and money. Unlike other spying apps, FoneWatcher remains undetectable and your child will never be able to detect and remove it.

With FoneWatcher you get easiest access to your target mobile activities in a more safe and accurate way. It provides a complete solution for real-time parental control and gives no room for risk.

What's more it does not require jailbreaking or rooting to access the target mobile phone, making it more reliable and trustworthy. Also, setting the app is easy and takes only a few minutes to install and get started.

Why Choose FoneWatcher for Android to Setup Parental Controls?

  • 100% Hidden and undetectable - This app is impossible to detect on the target user mobile phone. After installation it automatically goes into incognito mode and remains hidden.

  • Check app usage and frequency - You can also check app usage time and frequency on the target mobile phone. This will help to know how much time your child is spending using the app.

  • Monitor whole Android device - Whether it is messages, calls, or multimedia files, you can monitor all the features on the target mobile phone. Even, it allows you to take screenshots and export data to your mobile for future use.

  • See browser history - FoneWatcher also allows you to monitor the browsing history of the target device. Which means the parents can see what type of content the child is searching on the internet.

  • Track real-time location - With this feature users can track the real time location of their loved one. FoneWatcher also provides the history location of the target device.

  • Set geofencing - Users can also set the geofence on the target device, and consequently get alert when the user enters or leaves the target area.

How to Setup FoneWatcher on an Android Phone?

Step 1. First create an official account on FoneWatcher site by using a valid email address and username. After signing up, buy the premium plan according to your needs.

Step 2. After purchase you will be redirected to the My Product page. Here you will get the link to download the app. Download and install the app using the setup guide and complete the necessary settings.

download fonewatcher

Step 3. Now leave the target mobile and navigate to FoneWatcher dashboard on your mobile browser and view all the information of your target mobile phone.

monitor on fonewatcher dashboard

Part 4. FAQs about Removing Family Link?

Q1. How to remove family links without deleting accounts?

On your android phone or tablet, open Family Link app and go to Menu then Family group and remove your device from the family link by following the prompt displaying on the screen.

Q2. How do I remove an old device from a family link?

Login to your child account and click on the managed account. Tap security and scroll down to find the device you want to remove from the family link. Choose the device, click on the three dots and remove the device.

Q3. How do I unlink a device from Google?

To unlink a device from Google, open settings > Google > Manage your google account. Next click on security and go to the device. Choose the device you want to remove and click on to revoke it.


Parental controlling apps like Family Link have been considered as one of the best solutions to keep an eye on kids' mobile phone activities. However, when your child becomes mature you no longer need to keep spying on them.

Still, you have to carefully remove the Family Link from the mobile phone to prevent the mobile phone from blocking. Here we have listed the five most convenient ways to remove the Family Link from parent and child devices.

In addition, if you want to get a more reliable and convenient solution for monitoring your loved one's mobile phone activities, FoneWatcher is a trustworthy one. Try out this fantastic app, and we are sure you will never regret it.

Tomson Brown

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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