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5 Best iPhone Parental Monitoring Apps

Research shows that about 50% of kids have been bullied online or have even become cyberbullies themselves. This goes a long way to show how much the internet and social media at large can affect your kids.

With the world going digital more than ever, our kids are always glued to their phones. It's either they are surfing the net, playing video games, or even messaging their friends.

This brings us back to the big question, how can I monitor my child's text messages on my iPhone? If you are wondering how to monitor your kid's iPhone, then you should read it till the end!

How to Monitor Kid's iPhone?

Parental Monitoring apps will do you a big favor on monitoring your kid's iPhone. Here we list 5 best iPhone parental monitoring apps for you.

1. Qustodio

Score: 4.0

Qustodio allows you to monitor your kid's online activities. Truth be told, there is no way you can know every website or social media your kid click. It's almost impossible to know everything they have been up to online.


Instead of worrying too much about what they are up to, Qustodia does the job for you. With Qustodia, you can easily block unnecessary games, websites, and even apps from your kid's iPhone. This way, your kids get to view decent websites and avoid indecent or harmful applications.

Also, as a parent, you will receive a notification whenever your kid wants to access blocked content.

Features of Qustodio

  • Set time limits for your kids
  • Track SMS and phone calls in real-time
  • Receive automatic alerts and reports
  • Monitor the online activity of your kids
  • Locate your kids

2. Fonewatcher for iOS

Score: 4.5

FoneWatcher iPhone monitoring is computer-based software that helps you monitor your kid's activities including their online activity. Here, there are over 20 features available for monitoring iOS devices.

With FoneWatcher, you can easily track your kid's calls and SMS. Who knows? He might be texting the worn people, or better still receiving threats from someone.

Also, you wouldn't have to worry much about who your kids are chatting with on Facebook or any social media. Fonewatcher lets you monitor their content and conversations with friends.

Furthermore, it's easier to listen to voice recordings, watch videos, and even pictures with Foneewatcher. You can also check out hidden files and documents saved on your kid's iPhone.

The best part of FoneWatcher is that it's 100% safe and you wouldn't have to jailbreak your kid's iPhone.

fonewatcher iphone parental monitoring

How can I Monitor my child's iPhone with Fonewatcher?

With over 20 exciting features, monitoring your kid's messages or social media activity is pretty easy. All you have to do is, sign up for an account with FoneWatcher and complete all login details.

Not sure how to get started? Here's how;

Step 1. Sign up for an account

Sign up for an account on FoneWatcher to get the best out of all the numerous features. After this, go ahead to purchase a license, and install the app. This unlocks the entire feature found at Fonewatcher.

Step 2. Scan the backup data

After the installation processes, you are required to scan the files. Or better still; connect your kid's iPhone to back up data.

download and install fonewatcher iphone parental monitoring app

Step 3. Start Monitoring

Creating an account and backing up data is straightforward. It would only take you a few minutes to finish. After this, you are free to start monitoring from your Fonewatcher for iOS App.

iphone parental control

3. Bark

Score: 4.2

No doubt, most kids can spend all day on their iPhones if care is not taken. Bark helps you set the limit for your kid's phone usage.

With over 30+ apps under their monitor, Bark is sure to serve as a protective guide for your kids to prevent them from entering into the wrong hands.

Bark's web filtering tools are reliable and they help you to monitor your kid's emails, calls, and text messages. Also, you get to see the videos and photos alike stored on your kid's iPhone.


Social media is not left out as you get access to their Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram accounts as well as monitor their content.

Additionally, Bark also serves as a watchdog. You get automatic alerts whenever Bark detects any suspicious or harmful content on your kid's iPhone. This way, you get up-to-date data on their activities.

Features of Bark

  • Provides an accurate Social media monitoring
  • Effective Screen Time & Web filtering on their iPhone
  • Remotely monitors all texts and SMS, Text monitoring
  • Detects any harmful content and sends an automatic alert
  • Offers a 24 hours detection for your kid's browsing time

4. Net Nanny

Score: 4.0

Net Nanny offers a superb web-filtering tool that is next to none. As a parent, if you worry about the screen time of your kids, then you might have to consider installing Net Nanny.

This software controls how long your kids are on their iPhones, thereby creating more room for offline activities and general productivity.

net nanny

Also, you get to block some apps from operating from your kid's iPhone. This is especially useful as it prevents your kid from harmful or even violent content.

Net Nanny provides about two different apps on iPhone.

You can use the first app to install monitoring profiles on your kid's iPhone. However, the second app is solely for the parent. Here, you get to monitor all your kid's on-screen activity with ease and even adjust the restricted apps and sites.

Features of Net Nanny

  • Remotely Monitor apps and content on your kid's iPhone
  • Easily Protect and keep your kid's and family's website browsing safe
  • Limit and even manage the screen time of your kids to enable more productivity offline.

5. FamiSafe

Score: 4.6

This powerful software helps you keep track of your kid's whereabouts. It's almost impossible to follow them around and keep up with their daily activities. This is where Famsafe comes in.

With Famsafe, it's easier for your kids to keep away from online dangers like cyberbullying and sexual predators. This is not only harmful; it could lead to emotional and moral effects in a long run.


FamiSafe works well to filter inappropriate content from your kid's screen. To further ensure a quality browsing time for your kid, FamiSafe sends alerts and notifications if any harmful content is detected on your kid's iPhone.

Features of FamiSafe

  • FamSafe offers you an accurate location history
  • Filters inappropriate pictures from view
  • Filters the web to provide quality and appropriate web content for your kids
  • Works to detect harmful websites and content from the dashboard


So far, there are numerous parental monitoring apps designed to help you monitor and control your kid's on-screen time. This way, you wouldn't have to worry about what they are up to behind closed doors.

The best of them all is the FoneWatcher which offers users more than 20 features to effectively monitor their kid's activities.

With Fonewatcher, you can track your kid's current location when away from home.

Also, keeping a check on their social media usage is easier with Fonewatcher. You can monitor their conversation and text messages on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Interestingly, Fonewatcher helps you retrieve old and deleted messages and pictures right from your kid's iPhone. This feature alone places it at the top of other spy apps.

Tomson Brown

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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