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[100% Work] How to Put Parental Control on WhatsApp?

Just like other social media apps, WhatsApp has turned out to become an important part of our daily lives. It is easy to log into the platform, share pictures, and chat with our loved ones. However, there could be dangers to this constant dependence on WhatsApp as a social media platform especially for our young ones.

Perhaps, you feel your child is spending a reasonable amount of time chatting away on WhatsApp when they should be studying or thinking about their future. You are not alone on this, as other parents feel the same way.

The best way to restrict or have possible control over how much time your kid spends on WhatsApp, and activities they perform there is by putting parental control on WhatsApp.

Why Do You Need WhatsApp Parental Control?

There are several reasons for having a parental control over your child's WhatsApp.

  • 1. Addiction to WhatsApp

    If care is not taken, your child is likely to become addicted to WhatsApp. This is possible when they spend several on-screen hours on this platform.

  • 2. Exposure to illegal/immoral contents

    The social media is filled with all manner of contents, and your child might be on the receiving side. On WhatsApp status, you could find immoral videos and pictures, which you would not want your child to be exposed to.

  • 3. Cyberbullying

    Sadly, cyberbullying is not restricted to a particular social media. Cyberbullies could also be on social media platforms like WhatsApp, and you would not want your child to be on the receiving end.

  • 4. Bad friends and Peer pressure

    No doubt, it is impossible to follow them or even monitor who they interact with daily. However, there are ways to get close to that, and that is by putting parental control on their WhatsApp.

By simply putting parental control on their WhatsApp, you are helping to control their constant usage of the internet which could be addictive in the long run.

Also, you are safeguarding them from cuber bullies, and other immoral content that are roaming about on the internet.

how to put parental control on whatsapp

How to Set Up Parental Control on WhatsApp?

One of the most effective ways to monitoring your child's activities online is by using the FoneWatcher WhatsApp Parental Control. It is 100% safe, and efficient.

Best part? It requires no jailbreaking or rooting before installation. These features alone makes it stand out amongst other spying apps.

One of the amazing features on FoneWatcher is that it gives you access to all your child's WhatsApp data and on-screen activities. This way, you are easily notified when your child's is watching an inappropriate video or conversation.

Here are a few steps to get started with FoneWatcher for WhatsApp.

Step 1. Sign-up for an account

Here, you are required to provide a legit email address and password. A sign-up button will be displayed on the screen, simply click on it to sign-up for FoneWatcher.

Step 2. Download on the target device

Next, download the FoneWatcher WhatsApp Parental Contorl App on target device. In this case, the target device is your child's Android device.

Firstly, find your way to the My Products page and indicate to Set-up Guide. Here, you read every necessary instruction.

download app to set up whatsapp parental control

Proceed to download and install this app on the target device. Ensure you follow all the set-up instructions available.

Step 3. Start the parental control

It's time to get started! After installing the FoneWatcher on your child's device, navigate to the online dashboard.

Here, all the available controls and unique features of FoneWatcher will be displayed for you to start monitoring.

set parental control on fonewatcher

What You Can Do If Using WhatsApp Parental Control

Read WhatsApp Messages. Your kids WhatsApp messages does not have to be hidden anymore. With Fonewatcher, you can easily have access to them all.

Track WhatsApp calls. Fonewatcher allows you to keep a track on their WhatsApp calls. It's easily to listen to their WhatsApp calls without interruptions.

View WhatsApp status. To get further in your monitoring experience, you can view their WhatsApp status. This helps you know the kind of contents they put out, and who they post online.

Record WhatsApp calls. Apart from listening to your kid's WhatsApp calls, you can decide to record them. Recording their calls is useful and serves as evidence in case of an emergency.

View and save WhatsApp media type. Photos and videos help you gather a more detailed information when monitoring. With Fonewatcher, you can view and also save all WhatsApp media type.

Take WhatsApp Screenshot. Screenshots help you save documents, pictures, and data. Fonewatcher has an in-built feature that allows you do that.

Export all data on WhatsApp. You can conveniently export all data on WhatsApp by simply installing the FoneWatcher app on your target device.

FAQs about WhatsApp Parental Control

Q1. Can Parental Controls see WhatsApp messages?

Yes, with parental control you can see your child's WhatsApp messages and data. Simply sign-up for an account on FoneWatcher, download software on the target device and start monitoring. It's that easy to get started!

Q2. Should I let my child have WhatsApp?

No, you should not let your child on WhatsApp. Social media is filled with all sorts of contents and you would not know which type of content your child is consuming regularly. Depending on your child's age, it is safer to protect them from the numerous illegal/immoral contents roaming about the internet.

This way, you safeguard their future and help them focus on what's more important. However, if your child is exposed to a responsible conversation and safe content, then it is safe for them.

Q3. Is it OK for a 12-year-old to have WhatsApp?

It is safe, but you have to take some precautions. Since several contents are roaming about the social media apps, WhatsApp inclusive, the best option is to monitor their on-screen activities. Also, ensure your child is only exposed to educative, safe, and legal content.

Q4. Does WhatsApp have Parental Control feature?

Yes, WhatsApp has a parental control feature available on the app. To access this feature;

  • Click on the settings option found on the screen.
  • Navigate to the account
  • Click on the privacy option
  • Proceed to click on 'Last Seen' displayed in the options
  • Here, you get to change your last seen to either My Contacts, Everyone, or Nobody.

There are either control features you could access on WhatsApp. There are a few privacy options for sharing contents, blocking or unlocking content, and WhatsApp profiles.


It is clear that parental controls are possibly the best ways to regulate and monitor child's phone online or social media activities. There is no better way to do that than with FoneWatcher for WhatsApp.

It offers you the flexibility of monitoring their WhatsApp messages, profile and data. Also, you can easily access all their on-screen activities with FoneWatcher. This helps regulate their activities, and keeps you informed of what they are up to in a case of emergency or danger.

In addition, FoneWatcher for WhatsApp does not stop at monitoring your child's WhatsApp messages. By simply installing the FoneWatcher for WhatsApp on your target device, you have access to your child's aLL WhatsApp activities and put parental control on WhatsApp.

Tomson Brown

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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