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[You Shall Know] 10 Best Free Couple Tracker Apps

Worried that your partner is cheating on you? No idea how to confirm your suspicions?

If you have ever been in a serious relationship, then you will surely value fidelity and trust. As a couple, trusting your partner could either make or mar your relationship. It is either you trust your partner, or they leverage that to cheat on you. Or you trust them, and they return your trust. But what happens if you suddenly don't seem to trust your partner?

Perhaps, they are recently keeping late nights, spending an unimaginable number of hours on phone, or even chatting with strangers? This is enough reason for you to want to keep a close look at them, and you can only achieve that with a spy app.

We have curated the 10 best free couple tracker apps to help you out of your dilemma.

1. FoneWatcher - Best Couple Mobile Tracker

So far, the FoneWatcher monitoring app gives users the best spying experience. It has over 30+ monitoring features that cover all of your tracking needs.

With these features, you can safely, monitor and track your spouse, and get a close look at what they have been up to of late. FoneWatcher does not need rooting or jailbreaking to function. What's more? It is 100% safe, and undetected. This assures you of maximum protection and security during the tracking process. Your partner would not have an idea of what is going on.

FoneWatcher is also compatible with both Android and iPhone devices, making it easily accessible to all users.


Features help couple tracking and phone monitoring

Tracks location in real-time

When it comes to spying, tracking one's location is a crucial part of the whole process. FoneWatcher allows you to track your spouse's location in real-time.

Monitor social media apps

Monitor your partner's social media apps, such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and WhatsApp. This way, you get a hang of who he constantly chats with.

Take screenshots

FoneWatcher features a "screenshot" option for you to screenshot files, photos, and videos.

Access phone files

Your partner's files can be easily accessed with FoneWatcher. Simply download FoneWatcher on your target device, and get access to all files, and documents.

Track call logs

With FoneWatcher, you get access to your partner's call log. It shows you a list of incoming, and outgoing calls, and even the phone numbers, and time of the call.

Monitor messages

If your spouse is exchanging secret text messages with a new lover, FoneWatcher is the best tool to discover them.

2.KidsGuard Pro

This is another free couple tracker app with excellent features. It could be used to monitor your partner's current location in due time. It comprises a couple of monitoring features that could be useful for tracking your partner.

With KidsGourd Pro, you can access text messages, and contacts on your mobile device. Also, you get to other files, and photos, which might be a pointer to whether they are cheating or not.

kidsguard pro


Check incoming and outgoing calls

Track real-time location

Track all received and sent messages

Monitor their social media activities with apps like; Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook.

Check out photos, videos, and even calendars stored on the device.


MoniMaster has a variety of features that qualifies it as a good couple tracking software. It allows you to track your partner with ease and convenience.

Also, it comes with GPS tracking in case you want to track your partner's location. With GPS tracking, you get to track anyone's location in real-time, as it gives you accurate results.

Luckily enough, MoniMaster operates on both Android and iOS devices, This way, it is easily accessible to anyone.



Monitor 3rd party messaging apps like WeChat, QQ, and Viber.

Easily take screenshots of your findings

Keep an eye on the call logs

View your target's messages and contact list.

Track location in real-time

4.Couple Tracker

Just like the name, Couple Tracker is solely designed to help you solve your relationship problems by tracking your partner. Most times, users leverage this app for preventive measures.

If you have suspicions your partner is cheating on you behind your back or intends to in the future, you can keep a check on them with Couple Tracker. If you are lucky enough, you might just be able to prevent your partner from cheating on you.

couple tracker


View your partner's call log, and history

Track anyone's location

Exchange your location with your partner, including calls and messages.


With mSpy 115, you can conveniently monitor your friend, family, and loved ones. It serves as a safe app that helps you check on your loved ones to ensure their safety. As a couple, you can leverage on mSpy's features to safeguard your relationship.

It features a location tracking tool that allows you to monitor, and track your spouse to know what they have been recently up to.



Monitor location history

Set alarm buttons in case of emergency

Track anyone's location with a GPS location tracker

View contact list

Set safety zones for your partner or kid


While tracking your partner, you might want to get a hang of all activities on their mobile phone, Fonemonitor allows you to do that. Here, you get to monitor your partner's phone and online activities without their notice.

It contains a variety of tracking features that are quite useful, and it is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.


Track all sent and received messages

Access anyone's live location

Has a keylogger feature

Monitor your partner's social media activities

Access all files, data, photos, and videos stored.


Hoverwatcher is another monitoring app for couples. With Hoverwatcher, you can easily keep track of your spouse's location in real-time. This way, you would not have a headache about their possible whereabouts.

Also, knowing your partner's location keeps you updated, and on alert in cases of emergency. Hoverwatcher is simple to navigate through, and you simply have to follow the right instructions.



Monitor calls on the target Android or iOS device

Remotely monitor your partner's location in real-time

Access to take screenshots

Track all social media activities.


This app was solely designed to help parents keep track of their kid's activities. If you want to know exactly what your kid does online, who he speaks with over the phone, and even the type of messages he/she receives, then you should get Spyize.

These features can also be applied when spying on a partner. If your partner is the secretive type, you can get access to their private life, without necessarily asking them questions.


Receive, and view text messages

Monitor the call history on your target device

Track all text messages including social media messages

9.mCouple App

mCouple is yet another great app for couples. If you are looking to prevent your partner from cheating on you or falling for another person, then mCouple might just be the answer you need.

With mCouple, you get free access to your partner's phone activity, contents, and data stored on their mobile device.


Track your partner's location with location tracker feature

View sent and received messages

Monitor both outgoing and incoming calls

10.PhoneSheriff App

The PhoneSherrif allows you to know what your spouse is up to, who they constantly keep in touch with, and even their plans. Perhaps, your partner is making plans with his/her new lover, PhoneSherrif lets you in on what is taking place.

It does this by giving you access to your partner's contact list, text messages, social media messages, and location.


Locate your partner's whereabout in real-time

See the call log of your target device

Track all messages

Monitor your partner's browsing history


If you start suspecting your spouse of infidelity, the best and most convenient option is to use a spy app. A good spy such as the FoneWatcher gives you access to all your partner's private life and online activities.

It becomes easier and less tasking to monitor their messages, view their call logs, and keep track of their social media activities.

In addition, FoneWatcher operates in stealth mode and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. If you are looking to monitor your spouse, and safeguard your relationship, then you need to get the FoneWatcher app.

Amy Hueber

Updated: Jul 12, 2022 02:56 pm

Amy Hueber always believes that technology should make the difficulties simple, and help bulid a more comfortable life.

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