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[2023] Best 5 Free Hidden Listening App for Android

You kids or your spouse spend too much time on calling. Wonder know what they are talking inorder to give yourself a peace of mind? Listening apps can easily help. For accessing the coversations successfully, it is better that these apps are hidden.

In this article, we have curated best 5 secret listening apps for Android devices. Besides, these apps come to more monitoring features. Let's move on!

spy listening apps for android

5 Best Hidden Listening App for Android

FoneWatcher Hoverwatch XNSPY uMobix eyeZy

Secret Listening App 1.FoneWatcher

Score: 9/10

Price: $8.32/month for annual plan

FoneWatcher is amongst the most efficient apps used for all monitoring activities. It is the app that gives users access to a target's live surrounding calls, call history, text messages, social apps, location and photos in gallery. Unlike most softwares, FoneWatcher does not require rooting of any such, and it operates on a stealth mode.

It allows you to remotely monitor your kids, spouse or employee and gather information on all their online/offline activities. All you need to do is install FoneWatcher on your target Android device, follow through the installation processes, and start monitoring. It's that simple!

fonewatcher hidden listening app


  • Listen to someone's phone calls. If you have always imagined listening in on your spouse's phone calls without anyone knowing, then it's time to get started with FoneWatcher. Listening to someone's phone calls from your own Android device is one of the unique features that FoneWatcher offers all users.
  • Show details of calls, contacts name, phone number, and date. Depending on the nature of your research, you might need to get information on details of calls, phone number, contacts, and date. FoneWatcher provides you these unique features in order to easily narrow down your monitoring experience.
  • Record surrounding live and time operational: 2/5/10/15min. Recording surrounding love has never been better. With FoneWatcher, you can easily navigate through the process of recording all love calls at a given time.
  • Support download audio to your own phone. Perhaps, you found a mystery audio or call recording on your spouse's Android device, and you would love to have a copy of it. FoneWatcher has a feature that allows you to download all audio files and recording to your own phone.
  • Run incognito mode. Once you have downloaded the FoneWatcher App on the target Android device, you can easily monitor on an incognito mode. This hides all your activities on the target device, reducing suspicions to the barest minimum.

Secret Listening App 2.Hoverwatch

Score: 8.5/10

Price: $24.95/Month for personal plan; $49.95/Month for professional plan; $149.95/Month for business plan.

Hoverwatch is a mobile phone tracker that allows you to remotely record one's call history, audio files, and SMS. It has in-built features for monitoring social media apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook.



  • Calls and SMS. This Android spy app gives you access to record both incoming and outgoing calls on your target device. Also, you can easily view text messages available on the Android device. This includes both received and sent SMS.
  • Invisible. Another feature of Hoverwatch is that you get to remain invisible throughout the time of operation. This invisibility feature makes it impossible to be detected from the user.
  • Location Tracker. With Hoverwatch, it's easy to track your kid's location from your Android device. It monitors the target's location using GPS, cell towers, and Wifi signal.

Secret Listening App 3.XNSPY

Score: 8.5/10

Price: $74.99/Month

XNSPY is a parental and employee monitoring app that keeps you updated on events happening around you. It allows parents and employees alike to keep a track on calls, SMS, location, and online activities.



  • SMS. Monitor what your kid's have been up to with XNSPY simply by reading through their messages. You can easily spy on messages from WhatsApp, Viber, and Skype.
  • Emails. Who know? Your spouse could be receiving secret emails, and you don't know about it. Monitor their emails, browser history, and get a look at what they engage in when online.
  • Record phone surrounding. XNSPY allows you to remotely track and record anyone's phone calls, and surrounding. It's easier to know who they regularly speak to, and what next they plan to do just by recording their phone calls.

Secret Listening App 4.uMobix

Score: 8/10

Price: $49.99/Month

uMobix is a modern mobile phone tracker device that allows you keep track of your kid's activities in real-time.

With it's features, you can easily monitor over 30 social media platforms, and apps. It consists of parental control features that enables you to protect you kids by secretly spying on their online activities.



  • Phone calls. Secretly monitor your kids phone calls with uMobix. This need arises when you start getting suspicions of their movements, or you just need to be sure they are mingling with the right people. Monitoring their phone calls helps you achieve that.
  • Messages. Since most kids spend an unimaginable amount of time on social media, then you could start by monitoring their online activities. Here, you get to check what kinds of messages they receive, who they send it to, and the kind of photos they share.
  • Location. With the parental feature available on uMobix, you can now easily locate your kid, without necessarily asking them their whereabouts. This could be as a result of worry or anxiety on your part about their safety.

Secret Listening App 5.eyeZy

Score: 8/10

Price: $47.99/Month

eyeZy is a powerful monitoring app built specially for parents to gives you the opportunity to safeguard your family. It was designed to match the ever changing technological industry where kids are always with their gadgets.



  • Monitor text messages. It's easier to start with monitoring their text messages, and eyeZy serves as your go to app. Here, you get to see who they constantly chat with, and what they are up about.
  • Social media. Your kids are probably on social media, and you would love to view their online activities, eyeZy allows you to do that. See who's photos they comment on, and the type of contents they view.
  • Calls. With eyeZy, you can easily listen in on your kid's calls at any point in time. Once the app is successfully installed on your target device, you get to listen without interruptions.

FAQs about Hidden Listening App

Q1.Is there an app to hear conversations?

Yes, there is. FoneWatcher is a powerful monitoring app that gives you access to hear anyone's conversations at any point in time. The best part of FoneWatcher is that you can relatively hear anyone's conversations without raising suspicions. It is 100% hidden, safe, and undetected.

Q2.Can someone put a listening app on your phone?

Yes, it is possible for someone to install a listening app on your phone, and even without your knowledge, through software engineering, unknown links or iCloud or a goggle account.

Q3.Can you listen to someone else's cell phone conversations?

Yes, it is possible to listen in on someone else's phone ca conversation. Modern technology has helped to simplify most complex operations, and this is not an exclusive.

A monitoring app like the FoneWatcher allows you to remotely listen to anyone's phone call conversations. It is considered the most effective because it operates on Stealth mode, record calls and audio files, and stays hidden for as long as you intend to monitor.

Q4.How can I listen to my girlfriend's calls?

You can easily listen to your girlfriend's calls by installing a spy app. FoneWatcher gives you access to all your girlfriend's phone calls. It also allows you to read text messages, social media texts, and even record calls for future use.

Q5.Can someone listen to my phone calls without me knowing?

Yes, it is possible for someone to listen to your phone calls without your knowledge. They can achieve this by remotely installing an app like FoneWatcher on your device.

Q6.How can I spy on another cell phone for free?

By installing a spyware on the target device. Once it is installed, you get to spy on device, and even track their location in real-time. A monitoring app like FoneWatcher makes it easier to effectively spy on another device for free.

Q7.Is there a spy app that doesn't require access to target phone?

Yes, there is. FoneWatcher allows you to remotely monitor and track your target device without having access to it.


Spying experience has seen a new era since the invention of modern apps like FoneWatcher. It relatively tracks your kid's social media activities, text messages, and even records their phone call conversations.

This is an effective way of gathering information on their recent activities, and plans. The best part is that you can do all that remotely, because it is safe, and undetected.

Tomson Brown

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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