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[2022 Latest] How to See Snapchat Conversation History without Them Knowing?

As we know with Snapchat the message disappeared right after 10 seconds of viewing. But there are many times when you want to view the history conversation on our Snapchat account to recall memories. Maybe you want to keep a watch on your kid (Snapcaht parental monitoring) or your partner in case of infidelity. No matter whatever the reason, it becomes tricky to watch the history as the messages have already gone.

So, how to see Snapchat conversation history without them knowing? Worry no more, this article is all about various tips and tricks to anonymously view someone's Snapchat history. So, let's get started.

How to See Snapchat Conversation History?

Before going on to the more detailed and tricky ways to secretly view the Snapchat history on someone's account, let's unveil some of the common ways to view the Snapchat history without using any other tool.

how to see snapchat conversation history without knowing

Way 1. Scroll through the save messages

Thankfully Snapchat has already implemented the feature that allows the user to save their chats on the server and it won't be erased even after a long time. Thus, you can easily view the Snapchat history through the save messages.

Here are the simple steps to scroll through the saved messages:

Step 1. Open the Snapchat account and swipe to the chat page to view the recent chats.

Step 2. Open the conversation with the person with whom you want to view the chat history.

Step 3. Now scroll up, you will see the saved messages, highlighted in gray.

see snapchat conversation history

Way 2. Download Snapchat data

Step 1. Open the Snapchat account on your mobile device.

Step 2. Open your profile by clicking on Bitemoji on the top left corner of the camera screen.

Step 3. Now click on "settings" > "My Data".

Step 4. Log in to the account you want to view the history by entering the username and password.

Step 5. Next click on the button "Submit Request" to request the backup.

Step 6. Once your data is ready the Snapchat team will send the email to download the data.

Step 7. Click on the link and download the zip file data. Open the folder and click on the html folder.

Step 8. Now look for the chat_history.html file and run it to view the Snapchat conversation history.

download data to see snapchat conversation history

How to See Someone's Snapchat Conversation History without Knowing?

Above were the most common methods to view the Snapchat conversation history on your friend, kid or partner Snapchat account. Though they are pretty effective, still they may not be able to provide you the desired results you want.

For a more efficient and full-proof operation we recommend a third party application software: FoneWatcher for Android. Not only is it a highly safe and reliable tool for viewing Snapchat history but also a desired result that you can't get with other ways. That's also the reason it is considered as one of the best monitoring apps among users.

With FoneWatcher you can precisely monitor your target device's Snapchat account at any place and get real-time updates. Most importantly, it not only monitors Snapchat but also tracks all other social media apps present on your target device. Not only this, it also provides a complete track of your target device location so you become aware of your kid or partner whereabouts.

Guide to View Snapchat Conversation History without Knowing

Step 1. Create Account

First register an account on FoneWatcher official site by using an official email account and username. Now purchase a premium plan to use the advanced FoneWatcher's features.

Step 2. Install FoneWacther

Now get the target user's mobile phone, open the browser and sign in to your FoneWatcher account. Go to My Product and Management page and download the apk file to install the app on the target mobile phone. Install and configure the app, log out from the account and leave the target mobile.

install fonewatcher to see snapchat conversation history

Step 3. Anonymously view Snapchat history

Now open the FoneWatcher account on your mobile phone and go to the dashboard. Here you can monitor real-time as well as history conversation of your target user Snapchat account.

see snapchat conversation history with fonewatcher

Why is FoneWatcher for Android Recommended?

No need to root. One of the main reasons why we highly recommend FoneWatcher for Android is its 100% safe and secure functioning. You don't need to jailbreak or root the target device in order to monitor the data.

Hidden and undetectable. It works in 100% stealth mode. Once installed the app automatically goes to incognito mode and the target device never detects the presence of the app. In this way, you can monitor the target user without the fear of being caught.

Set keyword alarm. With this exciting feature you can set the keyword alarm for 15 words on your target mobile phone. The app will then check all the messages against these words and alerts you when detected any word.

Listen to phone surrounding. This is another new sensational feature added to the monitoring app. With this feature you can remotely observe the surroundings of your target device.

Track Snapchat messages in real-time and remotely. Apart from conversation history, you can also remotely track the real-time conversation of your target user Snapchat account. Thus you don't need to live near the target for all time in order to monitor him. Whether you are working at your office, shopping or traveling around you can easily track your kids, friends or partners' Snapchat conversation easily.

Record phone screen. Beside taking stills of the target mobile screen you can also record the screen in video format up to 15, 30 and 60 seconds.

See Snapchat conversation detailed information: name, time and date. FoneWatcher provides detailed information about the person with whom your target is chatting. You can see the user name, time as well as date of the chatting.

Take Snapchat screenshot without notification. This is another big advantage of using FoneWatcher for tracking your target mobile phone. You can remotely take the real-time screenshot of your target mobile screen and save it to your mobile device. In this way you can collect evidence of your partner's infidelity and use them to confront him.

Easy installation with concise interface. Unlike other apps it does not require any complex process (rooting or jailbreaking ) to access the target mobile phone. It took only five minutes to install and setup the app on your target mobile phone using the setup guide. What's more, the simple and concise user interface doesn't require any technical background or understanding to monitor the target device.

Tips: How to Delete Snapchat Conversation History?

Are you afraid that someone may hack your account and retrieve your Snapchat history? We can understand you. Privacy has always been one of the important preferences for everyone, especially on social media. We share a lot of secrets, personal information as well as confidential data with our friends on social media.

By retrieving your Snapchat history one can easily put their hands on your secret data and even worse can threaten or harm you. To avoid being caught in such a situation you must delete your Snapchat history so no one can access your private information.

Thankfully Snapchat conversation history can be successfully deleted on your Android phone by following these simple steps:

Step 1. Open the Snapchat app and go to settings.

Step 2. Under "Account Action", click on "Clear Conversation".

Step 3. You can successfully delete the Snapchat conversation by clicking on the chats.

Step 4. However, if you want to delete the history in one go click on "Clear All" and all the chats will be removed permanently.

delete snapchat conversation


All in all, it is pretty simple and straightforward to view your as well as other Snapchat conversation history if you use an accurate method. Above we have listed all the possible solutions to view Snapchat conversation history in a safe and secure way. So which method you opt out depends on your needs and preferences.

However, for more effective monitoring we strongly recommend FoneWatcher for Android. It is highly productive and successfully monitors the target device without them knowing. So if you don't want to emressed yourself by being caught, FoneWatcher is the ideal option.

Tomson Brown

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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