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How to Read My Boyfriend's Text Messages in the Background

A fifth of adults in the United Kingdom have an affair. This is not just a guess, rather is the stats of YouGov. And while it may be untrue, but if you are doubtful about your boyfriend's behavior and think that he is cheating on you — then you come to the right place.

Modern tools like FoneWatcher messages viewer can help you check text messages of your boyfriend and see if he is really cheating on you or not. Yes, it may seem like an unhealthy thing to do — but it is the best way to rule out the possibility.

Scroll down to find how you can check boyfriend's text messages.

How Can I Check My Boyfriends Text Messages without Having His Phone?

read boyfriends messages with no phone

You can install the tracking applications like FoneWatcher to check if the man — whom you have given your all — is pursuing another relationship or not.

A straightforward and highly customizable application, FoneWatcher, is the best monitoring tool available for iOS as well as Android smartphones on the Internet. Incipiently designed for parents to monitor children, but sometimes, it is the grown-ups who do childish things like deceiving and abusing your sentiments.

Therefore, FoneWatcher is also employed by couples to check on each other, especially if there is a hint of doubt that bothers them. That said, here's how to do get one up on the technology and see if your boyfriend is cheating on you.

By utilizing the application, you could monitor everything — be it the text messages or the social media conversations — FoneWatcher covers just about everything.

1. Check text messages with FoneWatcher for iOS

FoneWatcher iOS monitoring is available for iPhone (iOS 9.0 to the latest model). Moreover, the application could be installed discreetly, so you do not have to worry about your spouse finding things out and putting a dent in the relationship.

Features of FoneWatcher iOS Monitoring

  • FoneWatcher for iOS does not require you to jailbreak the device like most other monitoring tools in the market. Plus, you could monitor your boyfriend's activities without him noticing.

  • As you will find out later, there is no complicated process to check your boyfriend's activity. All you have to do is register, download the app, subscribe to a plan that best suits your needs, and start tracking everything that you want.

  • Monitor all the text messages, call logs along with timestamps, hear their conversations, view their gallery, and more. Given that you could spy someone's text messages — along with the conversations — it will be easy to find out the truth.

  • Not only the in-phone messages, but you could also check out social media messages, including WhatsApp conversation, Facebook Conversation, Messenger Chats, Instagram Messages, and more.

How to see the messages without him knowing?

To see the messages without your boyfriend knowing, you will have to utilize stealth monitoring tools as FoneWatcher iOS monitoring mentioned here:

Step 1. Visit FoneWatcher for iOS official page to sign up an account and click on "Try it Now" toggle to subscribe to a plan. You could choose a plan that best suits your interest.

Step 2. After subscribing, download the app from and install the application on your boyfriend's computer.

download the app on the computer

Step 3. Connect the iPhone to the computer. You do not have to connect to the iPhone if your boyfriend's phone is connected via the same wireless network. However, if the computer and iOS device are not running on the same network — you will have to connect the device using a lighting cord.

scan the phone

Step 4. Once you complete the scanning part, you could monitor every activity of your boyfriend's mobile.

view the messages

2. View text messages with FoneWatcher for Android

FoneWatcher for Android carries pretty much the same features as its iOS counterpart. The application is compatible with all the Android models and there is no need to root the device.

Of course, you could track everything and anything on your boyfriend's Android phone. Similar to the iOS model, the application works discreetly and could reveal text conversations, call logs, social media messages, multimedia files, and a lot more. Plus, you could also capture a screenshot, listen to their surrounding, or see-through their camera at any instance remotely.

Why should you use FoneWatcher for Android?

Of course, FoneWatcher is not the only monitor tool in the market. But there is a good reason why we recommend FoneWatcher for monitoring the text messages on your boyfriend's phone:

  • Like its iOS counterpart, FoneWatcher Android monitoring does not require you to root or give any unofficial access to the device to use it.

  • You could discreetly monitor messages — as the application runs in Stealth Mode.

  • You could track text conversations, call logs, record calls, or capture a photo from their phone.

  • You could also view social media conversations of major social platforms such as to view secret conversation on Facebook.

How to see the messages in the background with the FoneWatcher SMS tracker?

Firstly, you will have to install the FoneWatcher application on your boyfriend's mobile phone. However, note that it will run on stealth mode — so do not worry about your boyfriend finding out.

Step 1. Visit the Official FoneWatcher for Android Page to sign up a valid account with email and choose a plan that best suits your needs.

create an account

Step 2. Download the app by visiting in the browser. And then complete the necessary settings on your boyfriend's phone.

download the app

Step 3. Log into your FoneWatcher account on your phone or through a browser after installing the app on your boyfriend's phone to monitor their activity.

check boyfriends messages

There you go! That is how you monitor your boyfriend's phone using FoneWatcher for Android.

What to Do Once You Find Your Boyfriend is Cheating

It's tough to digest. But you will remember that the relationship didn't end because of you. There is no mistake from your side. Here are some tips to cope up with the dire situation:

  1. Calm down and take care of yourself: self-care is the first thing that you should remember when going trouble a breakup or relationship break. Unless you are in good shape — both physically as well as mentally. So, just retain that it is not the end of the world — if the relationship is not anymore. There are miles to go — and there is a good chance that you will find someone faithful and honest.

  2. Accept the reality: One of the biggest mistakes that people make while coping with a breakup is missing him. Or make the mistake of going back to them or calling them. Do not do that. Simply, remember how did they do you wrong, and do not forget that.

  3. Have a talk with your friend or the one you trust: friends and family seems normal, but it is the greatest gift that you could get in your life. Talk to a friend and express yourself well.

  4. Have a talk with your boyfriend and decide how the relationship goes continuously: Do you prefer giving them a second chance? Did he cheat on your intentionally? Or do you want to cut all ties with them and move forward — ensure to talk it through and move forward accordingly?


With FoneWatcher monitoring app on iPhone and Android device, you can read your boyfriend's text messages. Once you find he is cheating on you, hope you do not forget to tune into Gloria Gaynor's — "I Will Survive" — and dance like all heaven broke loose. After all, you removed a bad person from your life. Take a trip. Go eat in that fancy restaurant that you always wanted — yes, alone. Do all the things. Meet new people. But do not be shattered just because someone else did wrong.

Amy Hueber

Amy Hueber always believes that technology should make the difficulties simple, and help bulid a more comfortable life.

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