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[3 Methods] How to Know If Someone Blocked You on Instagram?


How to know if someone blocked you on Instagram?

Getting blocked might be one of the most hurting things but being confused whether you are blocked or not can be really frustrating. There are instances when you have an argument with your friend, partner or lover and you think whether you might end up blocked or not. So in situations like that how to distinguish; are you blocked or not.

Don't worry anymore! This article is all about how to know if someone blocked you on Instagram to how to monitor someone on Instagram who has blocked you. So let's get started!

How Do You Know If Someone Blocked You on Instagram?

So, are you suspicious that someone has blocked you on Instagram and wanted to get clear about it? There is nothing hard to find out for sure. Here are the simple ways to know, no matter which version of Instagram you're using.

how to know if someone blocked you on instagram

Method 1. Try sending a message

If the target user is your close friend and you have a chat with him. Start with sending a message to the user. If you can succeed in sending the message to the user it means you're not blocked but if your message is not delivered to the user you're likely to be blocked by the user.

Method 2. Check the profile

If you're still confused after sending a message, another way to know whether you're blocked or not is by checking the target user profile. If the profile is public and you can see the profile picture, posts, stories and videos, this means you're not blocked at all. If you can't see the profile picture, photos and video, instead see a message "This Account is Private". It also shows you're not blocked but the account is private so that you cannot view private Instagram profile.

However, if you can't see the username in search or friend list there are chances you're blocked. To get confirmed open the web browser, suffix the Instagram URL with username and search the URL with and without logging in to your account. The URL should look like this:

If you can see the user account without logging in to your Instagram account but not with your account you're likely to be blocked by the user.

Method 3. Use another Instagram account

Another authentic method to confirm whether you're blocked or not is by using another Instagram account. Create another Instagram account or ask a mutual friend of yours to send a message or check the target user profile. If he can send the message and see the profile but you can't, it is confirmed that you're blocked.

How to Spy on Instagram even been Blocked?

Now you're clear that you have been blocked on Instagram by your friend or beloved one, you should have been worried about how to update what is going on in their lives. Perhaps one of the easiest ways to monitor someone's Instagram account is by getting their password.

It is one of the easiest ways to approach someone anonymously but getting the password is a pretty challenging process. However, I have an excellent solution to monitor the blocked instagram account without sparing any effort.

Best Instagram Monitoring App - FoneWatcher for Android

FoneWatcher for Android is one of the most reliable and trustworthy apps for tracking the target user's Instagram account even if you're blocked. This amazing app comes with ultra modern technology and advanced features that don't require any kind of physical touch with the device to monitor the activities. It remotely tracks the target user account and provides complete updates from real-time location to posts, stories, video, photos, and messages shared through the target user account.

Need to know how it works? Here is the complete breakdown!

Guide to Monitor Instagram Even Been Blocked

Step 1. Register an account

The first step to monitor someone's Instagram account is to create an official account of FoneWatcher. Use a valid email address and username to sign up and buy a premium plan to unlock the features according to your needs.

Step 2. Download the FoneWatcher on target Android

After signing up the next step is to download and install the app on the target user mobile phone. It does not take more than a few minutes to install and configure the app. For this follow the setup guide from My Product and Management page on FoneWather site.

download fonewatcher on target android

Step 3. Monitor the Instagram account

Once you successfully install and configure the app on the target mobile phone, it's time to watch the target user activities. Head over to FoneWatcher official dashboard and view all of your target user Instagram activities without being detected.

monitor instagram

How does FoneWatcher for Android Stand out on Spying Instagram?

Apart from being one of the most trustworthy apps among the user there are several other features that make the app stand out on all other spying apps.

Stealth mode. It is 100% undetectable. Even during the installation process the app goes to hidden mode and no one can detect it. Even the app icon is not visible. It works completely in incognito mode and protects you from being caught.

Real-time Tracking. One of the greatest advantages of FoneWatcher is its real-time tracking service. Unlike other apps that provide history updates about the target user, FoneWatcher gives real time information about each and every move of your target user. You can track location without knowing as well as all messages on target phone.

No Instagram username and password. Unlike many other apps that require instagram username or password to access the target user activities, FoneWatcher monitors the target user without using the username or password. It remotely monitors the target account and provides real-time updates.

Budget Friendly. FoneWatcher is one of the most affordable spying apps. While other apps cost many dollars, it charges only a few bucks with numerous advanced features, making it extremely affordable.

No Root or Jailbreak. Super easy and safe to use, it does not require any kind of rooting or jailbreaking to access or install the app on the target device. With setup guide, it is effortless to install and configure the app and with remote data online dashboard it is pretty easy to view the data.

Part 3. How to Block Someone on Instagram?

Blocking someone's Instagram is pretty easy. Once you've made up your mind to cut your ties with someone on Instagram you can simply block him and you no longer will see any update from that person. Here are simple steps to follow:

  • Tap on your profile picture and click on the three lines at the top right corner of the screen.

  • Open Settings and go to Privacy.

  • Next click on the Block Accounts.

  • Tap + to add the person you wanted to block. Search the person by entering his/her username in the search bar and tap Block to block the person.

how to block someone on instagram

Part 4. How to See Who Blocked You on Instagram?

There are various ways to find out who has blocked you on Instagram. If you are suspicious about someone that he/she has blocked you on Instagram simply search for their profile, if you can't find their profile any more in your friend list or anywhere else, this means you're blocked.

You can also check by sending a message or seeing their public comments or posts, if you can send them a message or see their comments then you're not blocked but only unfriend. However, you can also ask that person through other communication media if you no longer connect them on Instagram.


Instagram has been one of the most popular means of communication for sharing your life updates with others. However, sometimes people may feel flustered and don't want to connect with someone in particular. In that case blocking is one of the easiest ways to get rid of that person. The best way to find out if someone has blocked you on Instagram is to check their profile on another account.

Once you are confirmed that you're blocked on instagram it is impossible to connect that person on instagram. But with applications like FoneWatcher for Android, you can easily access the target user Instagram account even if they have blocked you.

Tomson Brown

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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