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How to Know If Someone Blocked You on iPhone? - 5 Signals

Nothing is more painful and annoying than being blocked on someone's mobile, specifically on your loved ones. But this happened. Often we get involved in fights and block each other on our mobile in anger. So what to do if your partner has blocked you on their iPhone? Don't worry we have the solution.

So in this article we will tell you how to know if someone blocked you on an iPhone or iMessages, what to do when you find out that someone has blocked you, and how to monitor someone's iPhone even when you're blocked.

So let's get started!

How to Tell If Someone Has Blocked You on Their iPhone?

Do you have a serious fight with your partner or someone else and now doubt that he/she has blocked you on his/her iPhone but not confirm about it? Although there is no accurate way to know if you're blocked until you check on that person's mobile. Still, there are some tricks that can give you an idea if you're blocked or not.

how to know if someone blocked you on iphone

1. Never get answer on your calls

One of the first signs that someone has blocked you on their iPhone is that you never get answers on your calls. But there can be some other reasons that the person doesn't answer your calls. For example, your call rings several times but the other person just doesn't pick up your call because he doesn't want to talk to you, or he has enabled the don't disturb mode or it could be their carrier problem (call ring on your end but not on the other party end).

2. iMessages not delivered

Another way to check if you're blocked on someone's phone is by sending iMessages. As we know when we send an iMessage to someone on an iPhone the delivery notification tells about the status of the message. If it shows "Delivered text", it means message has been delivered and if the person has reached the message it will change into "Readed". So to know if someone has blocked you, send an iMessage to the target user and wait for a few seconds. If you don't see the delivered text below it indicates that the person has blocked you.

3. SMS not delivered

If your iMessages stay undelivered, there are likely chances that the mobile is not connected to the internet. So in this case another way to check is by sending a text message. Try sending a SMS instead and wait for the response. If the person doesn't reply even after hours or days, there are greater chances that the person has blocked or deliberately ignored you.

4. Phone rings once then goes to voicemail

The best sign that someone has blocked you is that whenever you call the blocked number either you will hear one or no ring at all. Plus, when you try to send the voicemail it will end up in a blocked messages queue.

5. Automated responses

As we know, the Don't disturb mode in iPhone allows the user to set automated responses to reply to their contacts. So, if you hear an automated reply every time you call, there are chances that the person is ignoring you and putting you on the don't disturb list.

What Can You Do When You Find that You are Blocked?

Now when you know if someone has blocked you on their mobile phone, what to do next. Though, it is not ethical to contact the person who has blocked you, but still to cross-reference your results or further satisfaction there are some ways to contact the person.

  • 1. Call from another phone number

    This is the most cheap and sneaky trick, but it works really well. If the person is not responding to you on your caller ID, try using another phone number. There are greater chances that the person will receive the call from another number and you can communicate with him.

  • 2. Contact with social apps

    Another way to reach the person who has blocked you on the mobile is by using Social Media apps. Thankfully you don't get blocked on social media apps even if you're on an iPhone. So, you can text the target through any social media app such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Viber or any other app and get to know why they have blocked you.

  • 3. Send emails to connect with the person

    We know email is another major means of communication. So, if someone has blocked you on the iPhone, send them the email. There are chances he will read your email and respond to you but if not, don't stalk further.

  • 4. Try video chat

    Apps like zoom, skype and Imo are excellent options for video chat and you can easily contact the person even if you're blocked on your iPhone. One of the greatest advantages of using these services is that you can easily get to know when they are online.So, you can effectively communicate with them over there and get to know why you're blocked.

Bonus. Monitor Someone's iPhone even when blocked

So if you have been blocked on your partner's iPhone as a result of a fight, there are chances you want to monitor his/her iPhone activities. So, for iPhone monitoring there is no app better than FoneWatcher for iOS.

This excellent parental monitoring app allows you to monitor all the activities of your target user even when you're blocked. You can monitor their social media accounts, all incoming and outgoing calls & messages, browser history, photos, videos, documents and location history. Moreover, you can also take screenshots of their mobile screen and save them as records.

One of the greatest reasons why we strongly recommend this app is that it works in 100% stealth mode and the user never gets to know about it. Also, you don't need jailbreaking or rooting in order to access the target mobile. It is effortlessly easy and straightforward to use.

How to Hack and Monitor Someone's iPhone with FoneWatcher

Hack and monitor someone's iPhone with FoneWatcher is quiet simple and easy. Just follow the next steps:

Step 1. Create an account

Create a valid email account on FoneWatcher official site and buy a premium plan to unlock the features. Now you'll be redirected to MY Product page. Here you will get the guide to download the app on target computer.

Step 2. Download and install the app on target computer

Download the apk file on your target computer and install the app. After installation make the necessary changes and configure the app following the setup guide. Once the configuration is completed, leave the mobile phone.

download and install fonewatcher for ios on computer

Step 3. Monitor the iPhone

Now head over to your FoneWatcher dashboard and start monitoring your kid, spouse or partner iPhone even when you're blocked.

monitor all activities on iphone

FAQs about Blocking an iPhone

Q1. How to block a number on an iPhone?

To block a number on iPhone follow these steps:

  • Open your phone app and tap on contacts, favorites, recent or voicemail.

  • Now tap on the "i" icon next to the number you want to block and scroll down and tap "Block this Caller".

Q2. How to block, see blocked numbers on iPhone?

To hide the blocked number on iPhone follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Phone app and open the menu.

  2. Now tap on Settings > Call settings > additional settings > Caller ID.

  3. Now choose "hide number" and simply hide the blocked number on your iPhone.

Q3. How to block websites on the iPhone?

Here is the step-by step process for this:

  • Open "Settings" and go to "Screen Time".

  • Now select "Content & Privacy Restrictions".

  • Set a passcode and enable content & privacy restriction and then tap on "Content Restriction".

  • Select Web Content and Tap on "Limit Adult Website".

  • Now exit the settings to save the Screen Time Settings.

Q4. Can you see blocked messages on iPhone?

Unfortunately No. When you block someone on your iPhone you can't read their messages. If you want to read the message from the block you have to unblock that person in order to read his/her messages.


Here you go. Now you have all the basic knowledge on how to check if someone has blocked on iPhone and also knows the tricks to contact that person. Also, we have shared the bonus tip to monitor your kid, spouse or partner's iPhone without them knowing.

So, if you're thinking of monitoring your partner's activities when you're angry, FoneWatcher is an excellent option for you. But it's important to note that you should care about the privacy of others. Don't become a stalker if someone doesn't want you to be around him. Simply respect their feeling and move on.

Tomson Brown

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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