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How to Tell If Someone Blocked You on Facebook? - Signals and Methods

Undoubtedly, blocking has become one of the most effective weapons on social media specifically on Facebook. If you don't want to talk to someone or someone is trying to harass you, the simple solution is to block them. But no one wanted to get blocked by itself. So how to get sure if your friend, partner, ex, an old classmate or former colleague has blocked you on Facebook?

In the following article, we will provide a complete breakdown on how to find out someone blocked you on Facebook, the difference between being blocked and unfriend and of course also the solution to see someone's profile even when you're blocked.

So let's get started.

1. Differences between Blocked You and Unfriended You

Confused whether someone blocked you or unfriended you on Facebook? Don't worry here we penned the major difference that will help you find out whether you're blocked or just unfriended on Facebook.

If someone has blocked you on Facebook you won't be able to view their profile, posts, comment and any other activity they do on Facebook. On the contrary if someone has unfriended you, you can easily view all their photos, posts and stories they have shared with public as well as with mutual friends.

how to tell if someone blocked you on facebook

2. Ways to Find out Someone Blocked You on Facebook

So worried that your ex or someone else has blocked you on Facebook? Here are some signs that can greatly help you to find out whether your blocked or not.

  • Facebook profile is unavailable.

    One of the first signs that someone has blocked you on Facebook is that you can't see their profile. So, if you've doubt that someone has blocked you, simply search his name in the search bar. If the person's profile shows in the search you're still on good terms but if it says the message "Profile is unavailable" the person has blocked you.

  • No longer see posts or comments.

    Well, there are greater chances that someone has simply unfriended you or set his profile picture to private mode, so that's why you're not able to see his profile picture. Another way to find out is by seeing their posts and comments. If you're only unfriended you can still see their posts or comments on your wall. But if they have blocked you are no longer able to see their posts and comments.

  • Cannot tag the person in post.

    Try tagging the person in your post. Generally whenever you try to tag a person or friend on Facebook, you start typing the person's name and the Facebook automatically pops out the profile of that person. But if that doesn't happen - congratulations you're blocked by that person.

  • Cannot send messages to the person.

    The main purpose of blocking someone is to stop them from sending messages, hiding stories, posts and photos are the second priority. So, if someone has really blocked you, then try sending them a message. If you have an error message saying "the user is unavailable". User is not actually unavailable on Facebook, he has blocked you.

3. How Can I See Someone's Facebook Profile Even Me Blocked on Facebook?

Since, now you're confirmed that someone has blocked you on Facebook, so what to do next? How to contact that person and see their profile? Here are some safe and easy methods that can enable you to view someone's Facebook account without any effort.

Method 1. FoneWatche for Android

One of the most reliable and efficient ways to see someone's Facebook profile even if you're blocked is by using a third party app like FoneWatcher.

This is an amazing app with dozens of quality features that allows you to effortlessly monitor all the social media accounts such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Viber, Ins, and much more on your target mobile phone.

It also allows you to listen and record all the incoming and outgoing calls as well as track the location history of your target person. What's more, you can also check the browsing history of the target person and get to know about all of his internet activities.

Most importantly, FoneWatcher Facebook Monitoring doesn't require any jailbreaking or rooting in order to access the target mobile phone. It works in hidden mode and the target person can never detect it making it one of the most popular monitoring apps.

Here is the step-by-step guide to view Facebook profile on FoneWatcher.

Step 1. Sign up on FoneWatcher official site and buy a premium plan according to your needs.

Step 2. Now get the APK link from My Product page and download and install the app on your target mobile. Once the installation is finished, complete necessary configurations and leave the mobile phone.

download and install fonewatcher on target mobile

Step 3. On your desktop or mobile phone open FoneWatcher dashboard and start monitoring your target Facebook account in real-time.

monitor facebook on fonewatcher dashboard

Method 2. Use another new account

Another effective way to see the profile of the person who has blocked you is by creating a new account. Create a new account with a brand new email with another name and credentials. Now search that person on facebook, send them a friend request.

Now you can easily see all the posts, stories and photos of that person with the new profile. It is important to note that don't push the receiver to answer you or unblock you because it can frustrate the person and leave a false impact on that person.

Method 3. Ask mutual friends for help

You can also use your friend to help you see the profile of that person. Look for a mutual friend on Facebook and politely explain to them the reason why you have arguments, get blocked and now you want to see that person's profile.

4. Tips: How to Block Someone on Facebook?

Are you annoyed that someone is tagging you on his ridiculous posts or some unknown person is following you on Facebook messenger and you just wanted to block? them but don't know how? Here are the simple steps to block a persons on Facebook:

  • Open your Facebook account and tap on the top right side of the Facebook.

  • Now scroll down and tap on Settings.

  • Scroll down to Privacy and click on Blocking.

  • Click "Add to Block list".

  • Now in the search bar type the name of the person you wanted to block, click on his profile and tap block.

  • Now confirm your decision by tapping the block again.

how to block someone on facebook

FAQs about Blocking on Facebook

Q1. Can I block back the person who blocked me on Facebook?

Unfortunately No. Facebook doesn't allow you to block a person who has already blocked you on facebook. Because when you're on the blocked list you won't be able to see that person's profile in the search result and block him.

Q2. How can I message someone who blocked me on Facebook?

If someone has blocked you on Facebook you can't view his/her profile and send messages to him on Facebook. The only way to contact that person on Facebook messenger is by using a mutual friend's account or by creating a new account with a new name and ID.

Q3. Can I see someone who blocked me on Facebook?

Although, there is no way to view the profile of the person who has blocked you on Facebook, there are some other ways to view that person's profile. Third party apps like FoneWatcher are an effective way to view that person's profile. Moreover, you can also create a new account and get help from mutual friends to see that person's profile on Facebook.


Sometimes we have arguments with someone and think that the person may have blocked us out of anger. But we are actually not sure whether that's the case or not. In the above article we have mentioned all the popular ways to confirm whether someone blocked you on Facebook or not.

So, if you're confirmed that someone has blocked your Facebook but wanted to view the profile of that person we have a third party app like FoneWatcher. It is a fantastic app that provides a wide array of features to completely monitor your target mobile activities. So what're you waiting for?

Tomson Brown

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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