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Can Someone See You Through Your Phone Camera?

As spying has continued to be amongst the most common ways to monitor anybody right from the comfort of your home, more methods are being devised to make it more convenient. One of such methods is spying through someone's phone camera.

No doubt, spying through someone's phone camera may look complicated, but it is a walk in the park. If you have been wondering about the possibilities of looking through someone's phone camera, then you should read till the end.

Can Someone See You through Your Phone Camera?

Yes, someone can see through your phone camera. Anyone can access your phone camera, photos, and videos alike simply by hacking through your phone camera.

The processes involved are easier with the right tools. There are a variety of hacking tools, and software out there in the digital industry. However, you can only effectively look through someone's phone camera with the right tools.

How to View Someone's Camera on Their Phone?

There are different methods to this hacking process, and the first on the list is using Fonewatcher for Android.

Way 1. FoneWatcher for Android - Best Phone Camera Viewer

This is the easiest and most effective way of looking through someone's phone camera. It allows you to remotely take, monitor, view, and access photos.

FoneWatcher features unique features which differentiate it from other spy apps. If you intend to see through your kid's phone camera to view the type of videos saved on his/her phone, or to have a look at the contents they feed their eyes on, then you should use FoneWatcher.

The upside to this app is that it monitors remotely. This way, you would not have to bother about being caught or raising anyone's attention.

More so, employers can leverage this app to monitor their employees. Perhaps, you would love to know how your employees spend their time online. Or maybe you want to ensure they are engaging in safe photos, videos, and content. They likely have them saved on their phone, and you can see all these with Fonewatcher.

fonewatcher for android

Step-by-Step Guide to Use FoneWatcher

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get started with FoneWatcher.

Step 1. Sign up for an account

First, you are required to sign up for a free account on FoneWatcher. Click on the sign-up button on your browser to get started.

Step 2. Download FoneWatcher on the target device

Next, you are to download the FoneWatcher app on the target Android device. Tap on the download button provided for immediate download.

download fonewatcher on android

Step 3. Start monitoring

If you have reached this stage, you are one step away from looking through someone's phone camera. Simply, click on the button provided to start spying. You can now access all the person's photos, videos, and likes.

see through someones phone camera

More Features

To get started, you simply have to download the app on your target device, after which you will log into your target's social media account, and start spying through their photos, videos, and other contents.

Way 2. Use IP Webcam to Access Phone Camera

Another way to look through someone's phone camera is by using IP Webcam. Most people use IP Webcam's camera to take nice pictures, but its usage does not end there. You can also use them to spy on someone.

ip webcam

The first step to using the IP Webcam is to install it on your target device. This way, it is easier to get access to all the hacking features.


Remote tracking of photos and videos.

It allows you to remotely track someone's photos, and videos without raising suspicions.

Strong security. IP webcam provides users with an encrypted interface while monitoring. As a result, all videos are usually encrypted for more secure transmission.

Comparison between Fonewatcher and IP Webcam

Features FoneWatcher IP Webcam

Remote hacking



Stealth Mode

Operates on stealth mode

Does not operate in stealth mode


All videos are mostly encrypted for a secure transmission

Provides a secure transmission of videos, and photos from your target device

Operation difficulty

Very easy

A bit complicated

Location tracker

Location tracker available


Social media

Social media tracker available


Call logs

Call logs available



Now, you know the possibilities of looking through someone's phone camera to access their photos and videos. We have also outlined the best possible ways to monitor, and see-through anyone's phone camera with ease.

Amongst the two options, Fonewatcher for Android is undoubtedly the most effective, and convenient method. It comprises all features, and tools necessary for a successful hacking process.

In addition, Fonewatcher's features make it impossible for users to look elsewhere for hacking software. With this app, you can remotely monitor photos, videos, and even documents. Also, you can decide to screenshot or download it to your mobile device. All these are performed in stealth mode.

The best part of Fonewatcher for Android is that it features a high level of security for users. This makes it convenient enough to have a secure transmission of photos, and videos from your target device.

Tomson Brown

Updated: Jul 12, 2022 11:30 am

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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