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How to Stop Sharing Location without Them Knowing?

With the release of iPhones into mainstream adoption, sharing your location with your loved ones has been made possible. There are lots of factors why you would want to share your location with your friends, and family.

It's a great way for them to keep a tab on your whereabouts. This is important as they can easily reach out to you in case of danger or emergency. More so, the location sharing feature helps you locate your iphone if it gets missing.

But do you know how to stop sharing location without them knowing? Don't worry, get details below.

how to stop shareing location without them knowing

Can You Stop Sharing Locations without Them Knowing?

Yes, you can stop sharing your location with your loved ones without them knowing about it. No doubt, turning on the location feature on your iphone has many upsides. One of them is that it helps your friends to easily locate you during a hangout as far as your location feature is on.

However, there are lots of reasons why you would want to stop sharing your location with your loved ones. If you are someone who loves privacy, then that is a valid reason for wanting to turn off your location feature. This way, you can easily hang out with friends, or even have a personal meeting without anyone knowing.

But, you would not want to hurt them by letting them know you have turned off your location sharing feature. There are several ways to stop sharing your location without letting anyone know. You can start by disabling the 'Find My Phone' or 'Share My Location feature. One advantage of this is that no one will be alerted about the change.

Way 1. Turn Off Share My Location Service (iPhone)

If you are using an iPhone, you could start by turning off your 'share my location' feature. This will automatically disable your location from being shared with anyone. This is one of the easy options, as they do not send a notification to anyone. However, the upside of this option is that you can't access it without an iOS device lesser than iOS 8.

  1. Go to your phone's settings
  2. Click on the privacy option and click on location services.
  3. Select 'share my location'.
  4. Go ahead to disable the 'Share My Location' option.

turn off share my lcoation service

Way 2. Stop "Find My" to Share Location (iPhone)

The Find My App is available on most iPhone devices, and it is used to share the location. You can start by turning off the share my location option, so it stops detecting and sharing your location with anyone.

  1. Go to your iphone, and click on Find My App.
  2. Click on the 'Me icon'.
  3. Click on the 'Share My Location' feature to turn it off.

turn off find my to stop sharing location

This app also offers you the flexibility of removing anyone you don't want from the list, so you stop sharing location with them. To do this;

  1. Go to your contact list
  2. Click on the person's contact
  3. Click on the available option to stop sharing the location with them.

Ensure you select the right contact. If you have reached this stage, you have successfully disabled the person from viewing and sharing contact with you.

turn of share my location

Way 3. Do not Allow GPS on Your Phone

Allowing your GPS is another easy way of sharing your location with friends, and loved ones. It keeps the location feature of your iphone on and shares your location with whoever is on your list. Simply turn off your GPS so no one gets access to your location.

  1. Go to your iphone settings.
  2. Navigate to the lower part of the screen, and click on the location feature.
  3. Click on the 'Use location' option to turn off your location.

Way 4. Turn On Airplane Mode to Stop Sharing Location

The airplane mode is an in-built feature found in most phones, and even on your iPhone. When you turn on your airplane mode, you stop people from finding out about your current location. Also, turning on your airplane mode automatically disables your cellular network, text messages, phone calls, and other types of notifications. However, this is a temporary method, as it disables the moment you turn it off.

turn on airplane mode to stop sharing location

Way 5. Close Location Sharing Permission on Apps

Certain apps require you to turn on your location before use. With such apps on your mobile device, it might be a bit tricky to turn off your location. However, you can still stop sharing your location with anyone by closing the location sharing permission on such apps.

close location sharing permissions on apps

How to Share&Track Someone's Location without Knowing?

If you intend to view or share someone's location without anyone knowing , there are lots of options available for you. With apps like Fonewatcher, Life360, and Spyize, you can remotely track someone's location as well as share the current location.

Method 1. Hidden Location Tracker - FoneWatcher

Amongst other apps, the Fonewatcher location tracker has proven to be the best monitoring software for all your needs. The hidden location tracker specializes in helping you track someone's current location in real-time.

With this app, it's easier to keep a tab on recent location history, GPS location, and specific street address. It allows you to track your spouse or kids' location from any location.

fonewatcher phone tracker
  • Access 30+ phone files: call logs, messages, contacts, browser history, photos, videos(thumbnail), app activities, keylogger, calendar, etc.
  • Location tracking: track real-time location, check location history, set up geofence and get alerts, find Wi-Fi logger to track indoor locations.
  • Monitor social apps: 20+ social apps monitoring including Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Discord, Skype, Telegram, YouTube, TikTok, and so on.
  • Remote control: remotely record target phone calls, phone screen, phone surroundings, take screenshots and take photos without knowing.
  • No root or jailbreak. Runs in stealth mode, hidden and undetectable.

Step-by-Step Guide to Track Location without Knowing

Step 1. Register an account

Go ahead and register for an account on Fonewatcher to get started. You can choose a plan accourding to your needs.

Step 2. Download the app on target devices

Fllow the installation guide to download FoneWatcher location tracker on target devices. FoneWatcher has a series of products, available for Android and iOS (Location Tracking features vary in Android and iOS solutions).

download fonewatcher on target devices

Step 3. Start to track someone's location without them knowing

After installation, log into your account on FoneWatcher website on any device. You can simply start tracking anyone's location on web control panel remotely and secretly.

track location on fonewatcher dashboard

Method 2. Life360

The Life360 app comes in the form of a parental spy monitor. It offers geofencing, and Live location features. With Life60, it's easy to keep a close tab on your kids to prevent any harmful movement, especially if you are not around. Its simple to use, and it allows SOS messages.


Method 3. Spyize

Spyize is a monitoring app that allows you to monitor your family and loved ones. Most especially, it's useful when monitoring your kid's location. It allows you to see; files, call history, browsing history, social media apps, and the location of who you want to monitor. It also tracks both incoming, and received text messages.


FAQs about Stop Sharing Location

Q1. Does no location found mean they stopped sharing?

Maybe, but not always. Most times, showing 'no location' when you search for your kid's location, maybe for several reasons.

Likely, their location cannot transmit to another or their network is unstable. Also, if their battery is displaced, then their location may not be available to be viewed by anyone.

Q2. Can someone know if I track their location or message?

No, it is not easy for someone to know you are tracking their location. This is because iOS or Android does not send them a notification about their phones being tracked it monitored. There are a few signs that might indicate that they are monitored. If they are attentive enough, they are likely to notice these signs:

  • Overheating of your mobile device
  • Foreign apps
  • Fast battery drainage

However, with the FoneWatcher Hidden location tracker, you can easily track someone's location without anyone knowing. It doesn't require any rooting, and it works in stealth mode, and secure.

Q3. How to know if someone stopped sharing location?

There are various ways to know if someone stopped sharing their location with you. One of them is by using the 'Find My' on your iOS device. This feature allows you to get a list of people that can share location, and even those who have stopped sharing.


Nowadays, it's pretty easy to stop sharing your location without knowing by people. Perhaps, you would not want anyone to raise eyebrows or enquire about your decision.

Also, if you can decide to track someone's location without anyone knowing, then FoneWatcher is the best option. With FoneWatcher location tracker, you can easily track anyone's location in real-time, and keep a tab on their location history without anyone knowing.

Tomson Brown

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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