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What We Offer

FoneWatcher stands out from other mobile tracking apps by offering more powerful features to monitor both Android and iOS devices. With the help of this phone monitoring tool, you can check up to 30+ types of data, including SMS, Call Logs, Locations, WhatsApp and many more.

We are dedicated to providing computer software services and consulting, as well as various downloadable computer software applications and data processing services.

Meet Our Team

Our professional individuals are dedicated to delivering the most advanced phone monitoring solutions and satisfying all your needs. We are also constantly working on the newest technology to bring you new updates and more features.


Our Key Service Principles

This parental control software is to empower parents with the tools and information needed to create a safe and secure online environment for their children.

Monitoring and Reporting: Providing tools for parents to monitor their child's online activities, including websites visited, apps used, and social media interactions, with regular reports.

Location Tracking: Enabling parents to track the physical location of their child's device for safety and security reasons.

App Usage Control: Managing and controlling the types of applications children can download and use, ensuring age-appropriate selections.

Privacy Protection: Ensuring the privacy and security of children's data by adhering to strict data protection policies.

Our Vision

FoneWatcher strictly adheres to global data protection policies and is committed to ease and security.

Compatible with iOS and Android, the company aims to provide an all-in-one monitoring solution for parents, emphasizing innovation and safety in guiding children.

Our Core Values

  • Quality

    Create softwares of the highest quality

  • Simplicity

    Make technology easy for users

  • Innovation

    Deliver innovative monitoring solutions

  • Integrity

    Keep our promise and act in good faith