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Track iPhone/iPad in An All-round Way (No Jailbreak)

FoneWatcher iOS monitoring app provides you with all of the features you expect to get, which can help you track all kinds of activities from a monitored iPhone or iPad.

  • whatsapp
  • kik
  • line
  • viber
  • wechat
  • qq
  • zoom
  • fonetool
  • safari
  • bookmaks
  • call
  • calendar
  • messages
  • videos
  • contacts
  • notes
  • voice
  • photos
  • reminders
Text Messages/iMessages Reading

Text Messages/iMessages Reading

Read all text messages/iMessages sent and received, including deleted ones. Know when they are messaging, who they are texting to and what they are chatting about.

Location & Calls Tracking

Location & Calls Tracking

Track iPhone location history in list and map views including detailed address and date. Check calls incoming, outgoing, cancelled and even deleted with contacts name, phone number, timestamp and duration.

WhatsApp Tracking

WhatsApp Tracking

Monitor all the conversations and content on WhatsApp, LINE, Viber and more, which allows you to keep tabs on everything that happens on these social media apps.

Safari History & Bookmarks Checking

Safari History & Bookmarks Checking

View the Safari history as well as saved bookmarks on the target iOS devices. Always be aware of what content the target person visits.

Text & Media Files Monitoring

Text & Media Files Monitoring

Check any kind of phone files that are stored on the monitored device, like photos, videos, notes, reminders, and calendar. You can also listen to all the recorded voice memos.

Note: FoneWatcher iOS monitoring solution is a PC-based method. All features are available for both Windows PC and Macs.

Monitoring An iPhone/iPad is Never This Easy

FoneWatcher iOS monitoring software is extremely easy to install and setup without jailbreaking the target iPhone/iPad. Follow the simple steps below and get the app up within a few minutes.

Monitoring An iPhone/iPad is Never This Easy
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  • Sign Up for An Account

    Register a valid account for FoneWatcher and subscribe a plan.

  • Complete Settings

    Download and install FoneWatcher on the target computer. Scan the local backup files or connect the target iPhone to back up the data.

  • Start iOS Monitoring

    Log into your account and start checking all the monitored data from FoneWatcher iOS app.

What Makes FoneWatcher iOS Monitoring Professional

  1. More Powerful

    More Powerful

    • Up to 20+ iOS tracking features.
    • Available for latest iOS version. Upgrade for free.
  2. Exclusive Features

    Exclusive Features

    • Can choose to hide the app or not.
    • Can access even the deleted files.
  3. Easy to Start

    Easy to Start

    • Jailbreaking is not required.
    • Clear guide and intuitive interface.
  4. Safe to Use

    Safe to Use

    • 100 percent virus-free.
    • All the user data is encrypted.
  5. Affordable Price

    Affordable Price

    • Cheaper than other competing apps.
    • Big discounts for new products.
  6. Excellent Customer Support

    Excellent Customer Support

    • 24/7 online customer support.
    • Multi-language dashboard is available.
Why Choose FoneWatcher iOS Monitoring

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How to install FoneWatcher for iOS on target iPhone?

    FoneWatcher for iOS is a PC-based software. You must install FoneWatcher desktop app on a Windows PC or Mac. Connect the iPhone you want to monitor using a USB cable. Let FoneWatcher work on the background and access private data on the target phone. After that, you can sync the iPhone under the same Wi-Fi connection.

  • 2. Should the target iPhone/iPad be jailbroken?

    No. With FoneWatcher for iOS, you have no need to jailbreak the target iPhone/iPad.

  • 3. Can I see their iMessages with FoneWatcher?

    Of course. You can see all received and sent SMS/MMS/iMessages on the target Apple device. You can see the deleted messages on iPhone if you use FoneWatcher to sync messages before the deletion.

  • 4. Does FoneWatcher for iOS work on iPad?

    Yes, FoneWatcher is compatible with iPad devices. FoneWatcher offers monitoring solutions for iOS devices, including iPads. If you intend to monitor an iPad, you can install the FoneWatcher on the target iPad. Once installed, you can remotely monitor the iPad's activities and access information through your FoneWatcher account.

  • 5. Can I monitor someone's iPhone with just the number?

    No. We obiviously want to take it as easy as possible to know someone's activity on iPhone. But monitoring someone's iPhone with just their phone number is generally not possible. To monitor an iPhone, you typically need access to the device itself.

  • 6. Can I monitor iPhone without Apple ID and password?

    Monitoring an iPhone without the Apple ID and password is extremely challenging but easier when you have FoneWatcher in hand. Just physically access the target device, unlock and connect it to the computer, you can monitor your child's iPhone simply,

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