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Meet All Your Apple Devices Monitoring Demandings

FoneWatcher iCloud Sync comes with a comprehensive variety of handy features to meet your iOS monitoring needs. You'll be able to observe what's going on on any target iPhone or iPad remotely and covertly with FoneWatcher iCloud Sync.

  • Contacts


    Check the address book of the monitored iPhone for any existing or new numbers.

  • Photos


    All images taken recently and saved in the iPhone/iPad's albums can be viewed or downloaded.

  • Videos


    All videos saved or deleted recently on the target iPhone/iPad devices can be viewed or downloaded.

  • Locations


    Track real-time GPS positions on a map and get detailed location history.

  • Calendars


    Display all calendar events, including their dates, times, and locations.

  • Reminders


    Check the items, events, and plans that have been added to Reminders in a private manner.

  • Notes


    View any text and download any attachments that have been recently deleted or saved in the target iPhone's Notes.

  • iCloud Drive

    iCloud Drive

    Display all calendar events, including their dates, times, and locations.

  • Data Export

    Data Export

    Support exporting all data based on your needs.

When Should You Choose FoneWatcher iCloud Sync

FoneWatcher iCloud Monitoring, a user-friendly iPhone monitoring solution, would be your best choice for syncing target iCloud data to your own devices.

  • To track someone'sreal-time location

    To track someone'sreal-time location

    FoneWatcher for iCloud is an excellent tool for keeping track of your children's current and previous locations. It can precisely locate your child's position. It also keeps track of the time, longitude, and latitude of the visited place.

  • To achieve online remote monitoring

    To achieve online remote monitoring

    With FoneWatcher for iCloud, you don't need to install apps or gain access to the target's iPhone/iPad devices. Simply sign in to your FoneWatcher for iCloud account and then begin monitoring.

  • To get to iCloud Drive files

    To get to iCloud Drive files

    FoneWatcher for iCloud can help you get all files uploaded to iCloud Drives, including photos, videos, records, and more. Moreover, you can also download these files according to your need.

Note: The target device's iCloud credentials required.

3 Easy Steps to Monitor An iPhone Remotely

FoneWatcher iCloud Sync requires no jailbreak on the target device. Only 3 easy steps you can monitor iPhone without app installaton on kid's phone.

  • 1. Create An Account

    1. Create An Account

    Sign up a FoneWatcher account with a valid email.

  • 2. Verify iCloud Credentials

    2. Verify iCloud Credentials

    Use the iCloud account and password of the target iOS device.

  • 3. Start Monitoring

    3. Start Monitoring

    Log into dashboard of FoneWatcher, then you can remotely monitor the target iOS devices.

Check How FoneWatcher iCloud Sync Works

FoneWatcher for iCloud collects data from the target devices in real-time and uploads it to the web-based management panel for you. This online control panel is easily accessible from phones and tablets using any browser.

FoneWatcher iCloud Sync: iOS Monitoring without Installing App

A Bit More About FoneWatcher for iCloud Monitoring

FoneWatcher iCloud Sync is the ideal app for parents to monitor their children's iPhones since it is a trustworthy and effective way of keeping track of any iPhone you want.

  1. Real-Time Data Syncing

    Real-Time Data Syncing

    Real-time synchronization of new data from the target iPhone/iPad.

  2. Never Be Found Out

    Never Be Found Out

    There's no need to install the app or have physical access to the target iPhone.

  3. Privacy & Data Protection

    Privacy & Data Protection

    100% virus-free, and all user information is secured.

  4. Competitive Price

    Competitive Price

    FoneWatcher for iCloud is cheaper than other competing apps.

  5. Multiple Languages Support

    Multiple Languages Support

    Support multiple languages to accommodate a wide range of users.

  6. Timely Customer Support

    Timely Customer Support

    Customer team supports 24/7 service to users.

Why Choose FoneWatcher iCloud Monitoring

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How to monitor my child's iPhone without installing any software?

    FoneWatcher iCloud Sync will be a good assistant to help you monitor your kid's iPhone no any apps installation. You can directly check iPhone data on FoneWatcher's web control panel without installing software.

  • 2. How does FoneWatcher iCloud Sync work?

    FoneWatcher intercepts iPhone data (locations, contacts, photo, videos and others ) stored on iCloud and iCloud Drive and sync it right to your dashboard. To access the data, open any browser and go to FoneWatcher website to log in to your account.

  • 3. What Apple devices can be monitored through FoneWatcher iCloud Sync solution?

    FoneWatcher iCloud Sync works on all iPhone/iPad where iCloud service is enabled.

  • 4. What do I need to monitor my kid's iPhone through iCloud?

    You need to know the target device's iCloud account and password. You also need to physicallly access the target's iPhone for confirmation code. Enter it on the iCloud Sync page when asked. Keep in mind that the owner of the iCloud account will receive an email letting them know that a new device is being synced.

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Secretly Monitor iPhone/iPad Online!

FoneWatcher iCloud Sync requires no jailbreak and no app installation on target phones. Enjoy FoneWatcher to track real-time iPhone location and check data on iCloud remotely without knowing.