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Multiple Mobile Phone Monitoring Choices

FoneWatcher, a comprehensive mobile monitoring solution provider, assists you monitor Android and iOS devices effortlessly and know everything taking place on the monitored devices.


FoneWatcher Android Monitoring

  • Track real-time locations
  • View phone files (messages, photos, video, etc.)
  • Manage apps activities
  • Monitor 10+ social apps like Snapchat, Ins, etc.
  • Keylogger to record keystroke
  • Take photos and screenshots remotely

FoneWatcher iOS Monitoring

  • Monitor WhatsApp, LINE, Viber, etc.
  • Read messages sent and received
  • Track call logs incoming or outgoing
  • View all multimedia and text files
  • Check Safari history & bookmarks
  • Track and export locations

whatsapp-min FoneWatcher WhatsApp Monitoring

  • Track WhatsApp Chats
  • Monitor WhatsApp Photos, Videos, Voices, etc.
  • View WhatsApp Status
  • Capture WhatsApp Screenshots
  • Record WhatsApp Calls
  • Export WhatsApp Data

icloud-min FoneWatcher iCloud Monitoring

  • Check reminders and notes
  • Access even files deleted
  • Track and sync locations
  • View photo and video files
  • Get files in iCloud Drive
  • Export data like contacts and locations

FoneWatcher Monitoring Solutions Worthy of Your Trust

FoneWatcher is dedicated to provide best products and excellent services which is highly praised by usersworldwide to improve your user experience.

  • 0

    Delay in Data Syncing

    Our mobile tracking software will update all monitored data in real-time.

  • 100%

    Data & Privacy Security

    No worry about your private data for which is securely protected with top-level encryption.

  • 30-Day

    Money Back

    Money will be returned back within 30 days if you have any issues with our products.

  • 24/7

    Customer Service

    We promise a 24/7 customer support to reach a quick resolution when you need help.

Highly Trusted by Media and Users

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Product Updates

  • Mar 24 2021
    FoneWatcher 4.0.7 was Launched.
  • Apr 14 2020
    FoneWatcher 3.6.0 was launched.
  • Jan 14 2020
    FoneWatcher 3.4.0 was launched.
  • Nov 11 2019
    FoneWatcher 3.2.0 was launched.
  • May 14 2021
    FoneWatcher 3.0.0 was Launched.
  • Jul 02 2020
    FoneWatcher 2.3.0 was launched.
  • Jun 03 2020
    FoneWatcher (Mac Version) was launched.
  • Apr 28 2020
    FoneWatcher 2.0.0 was launched