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Multiple Mobile Phone Monitoring Choices Protect Your Loved

FoneWatcher, a comprehensive and feature-rich mobile monitoring solution provider, assists you monitor Android and iOS devices effortlessly and know everything taking place on the monitored devices.

Get All Features
  • FoneWatcher Android Monitoring

    (Remotely monitor Android phone without knowing anytime, anywhere.)

  • FoneWatcher iOS Monitoring

    (Track almost all activities on iPhone/iPad without jailbreak.)

  • FoneWatcher iCloud Sync

    (Miss no important things on their phone without app installing.)

  • FoneWatcher WhatsApp Tracking

    (Best WhatsApp Tracker to get every detail on WhatsApp for Android.)

  • Text Messages

    Text Messages

    Read all text messages sent, received, and deleted on phone, including photos, video and files sent in the messages.

  • Call Logs

    Call Logs

    View all calls incoming, outgoing, and missed with contact info, duration and date. Support to filter by time and content.

  • GPS Location

    GPS Location

    Track current GPS location of target device. Clearly check location history in both list and map view.

  • Social Media Apps

    Social Media Apps

    Monitor over 10 soical media apps including Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Discord, etc.

  • Remote Control

    Remote Control

    Capture a screenshot, take a photo, and record phone screen, phone calls and phone surroundings.

  • Geo-Fencing


    Set up a geofence and immediately know when the person is in or out of the target zone.

  • Keywords Filter

    Keywords Filter

    Set up a sensitive name or content and get alerts everytime when the keywords are matched.

  • Photos & Videos

    Photos & Videos

    Know all phone files/activities including photos, video, contacts, browser history, apps usage, calendar, and more.

FoneWatcher Worthy of Your Trust

FoneWatcher is dedicated to provide best products and excellent services which is highly praised by users worldwide to improve your user experience.

  • Real-time Tracking

    Real-time Tracking

    Every few minutes, your control panel will refresh to make sure you have access to the most recent data.

  • Run in Stealth Mode

    Run in Stealth Mode

    You can track all data on the target device without knowing. FoneWatcher will keep you undetectable.

  • 100% Private & Secure

    100% Private & Secure

    No worry about your private data for which is securely protected with top-level encryption.

  • Affordable Price

    Affordable Price

    As low as $0.24/day, you can enjoy feature-rich FoneWatcher now!

  • 30-Day Money Back

    30-Day Money Back

    Money will be returned back within 30 days if you have any issues with our products.

  • 24/7 Customer Services

    24/7 Customer Services

    We promise a 24/7 customer support to reach a quick resolution when you need help.

  • Highly Compatible

    Highly Compatible

    Compatible with all Android and iOS devices. FoneWatcher provides free updates following new OS versions.

  • Easy Installation

    Easy Installation

    FoneWatcher requires no root or jailbreak. 5 mins to finish the installation.

FoneWatcher Provides A Best-in-Class Experience

From parental control, to phone monitoring and tracking, FoneWatcher never disappoints our users.

Outstanding Phone Tracker. Monitor Right Now.

Enveloping Those You Cherish in Gentle Shelter

Embrace FoneWatcher as your right-hand man to keep your loved ones safe and cozy. For those caring about their kids/lovers/students, FoneWatcher is always here.

Parental Control for Kid's Digital Life

Parental Control for Kid's Digital Life

FoneWatcher is like a friendly gatekeeper for your kids' online world, helping you guide and manage what they do on phones, keeping them safe from things they shouldn't see and making sure their digital adventures are fun and worry-free.

Build A Harmonious Romantic Relationship

Create a beautiful and loving connection with your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend via FoneWatcher. Cultivate a bond where understanding, trust, and care flourish, making your romantic journey joyful and harmonious.

Build A Harmonious Romantic Relationship
Give Students A Safe School Life

Give Students A Safe School Life

FoneWatcher helps ensure students enjoy a secure school life, free from worries. Implement measures that protect them from harm, fostering an environment where learning and growth can thrive without any safety concerns.

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