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How to Track Someone's Location through WhatsApp? - 5 Ways

WhatsApp is one of the main social apps that enjoy constant usage daily. This messaging app has gained massive dominance due to the unique features it offers. Do you know that you can track someone's location through WhatsApp?

This may seem a new idea, but yeah it's possible to learn how to use WhatsApp to track location. Since WhatsApp has an inbuilt location feature, there's a possibility to track someone's real-time location.

To achieve this objective, you may apply some tracking techniques. In this article, we'll elaborate on some of the common techniques on how to track phone location using WhatsApp. Read on with us!

1. Track Someone on WhatsApp with Share Location

If you want to track someone's WhatsApp without much hassle, you can just ask them to share their location with you. WhatsApp has an inbuilt feature that allows you to track someone's real-time location.

track someone on whatsapp with share location

Therefore, you can easily monitor the location of your friend or child. You can achieve WhatsApp location tracking through the following steps.

Step 1. Open a group or private chat on WhatsApp. Next, tap on the symbol for "attach file".

Step 2. In the options presented, click on "Location." Choose "Share Live Location."

Step 3. Pick the duration you would wish to share location and go to "Send." The WhatsApp location feature gives you an allowance to share location for between 15 minutes to 8 hours.

You can now view the location of the target user through your phone's Google Maps feature. The other person needs to agree to your request before they can share their live location on WhatsApp.

2. Use WhatsApp Location Tracker without Knowing

To effectively know how to track friend location on WhatsApp without them knowing, you can use a monitoring/tracker app. With a good WhatsApp location tracker, you can determine the exact location of someone without asking them to share location details.

You'll only need to access their phone once and install the tracker app. Most tracker apps run on stealth mode hence the target device won't detect them. One of the most recommended tracker apps to use when you want to track location through WhatsApp is FoneWatcher for Android.

FoneWatcher for Android

FoneWatcher for Android is one of the best tracking software currently in the market. It only takes on average 3-5 minutes to get started with FoneWatcher. Since it runs in stealth mode, FoneWatcher doesn't require you to root the target device before its installation.

The app offers an online control dashboard that you can use to monitor the location information for the target device without someone knowing. It also offers affordable premium features customized based on your preferred pricing plan.

How to Use FoneWatcher Location Tracker to Track WhatsApp Location

To get started with FoneWatcher Location Tracker, you can make use of the following steps.

Step 1. Register an account

Use a valid email ID and password to sign up for FoneWatcher here. Pick your preferred payment plan to access the premium features.

Step 2. Download app on target Android device

Go to the "My Products" page and find the payment plan you chose. To access the setup procedure, click on "Setup Guide." You can then download and install the app on the target device by following the outlined procedures.

download fonewatcher for android

Step 3. Track location on WhatsApp

To begin tracking WhatsApp location, you'll first have to "Verify Setup" to confirm every setting made. Navigate to the web dashboard to start tracking location. To the left of the dashboard, click on "Location Tracking." Tap on "Locations" to access a Google Map showing the location of the target device.

track location on whatsapp

Features of FoneWatcher for Android on Location Tracking

FoneWatcher for Android is the perfect location tracker app because it gives you access to the following unique features.

  • Address. FoneWatcher gives access to address information of the user's current location. You can check the city and street for the target device. It gives accurate address information hence no room for misinformation.

  • Location Time. In addition to providing the exact address, FoneWatcher also indicates the exact time for a given location. It, therefore, gives you timely updates regarding the user's changing location.

  • Longitude and latitude. To give you a clear perspective of the user's location, the location feature on FoneWatcher for Android also provides longitude and latitude information. This enables you to track the distance of the target device from your current location.

  • Map view. The map shows the user's current location through a geographical view. You can also "Zoom In" and "Zoom Out" to see finer details.

  • Geofence. The geofence feature allows you to set restrictions on the user's current location and receive notifications whenever they exit or enter the geofenced region.

3. Command Prompt

To get started with this feature, you'll need to access "Command Prompt" on your computer. How can WhatsApp track location through Command Prompt? You'll need to access "WhatsApp Web."

Step 1. Open WhatsApp web. Initiate a chat with someone you intend to track. This enables you to view their IP address.

Step 2. To prevent any form of interference, close all applications running in the background. Only leave out the browser you're using.

Step 3. To open Command Prompt on your computer, press Win +R. You'll then access the "Run" function. Type "cmd" and press "Enter."

Step 4. In the window that appears, type "netstat-an" and press "Enter." Note down the displayed IP address.

Step 5. Go to and enter the IP address you copied to determine the approximate location.


This method only works for WhatsApp Web on a computer.

4. Tracking Links

You can also determine someone's location by sending them a tracking link on WhatsApp. This link helps you to unearth critical information about someone's location.

Step 1. First, you'll have to create a free web hosting account using platforms like Hostgator, My3gb, or 000webhost. After creating the free account, you can log in and click on "File Manager." Next, download the "Tracking ZIP File."

Step 2. Unzip the downloaded zip file to extract its contents. You should extract a total of 3 files. Upload these files in the "public_html" root folder of your web hosting account.

Step 3. Check out the link named "" Copy and send this link to the target device to start tracking it. To find the key location information of the device you're tracking, locate the "log.txt" file within the root folder.


This method needs a tech-savvy individual.

5. InspectLet

Which is the best way how to track a location on WhatsApp using InspectLet? InspectLet allows you to track the location of someone you're chatting with using their IP address. This method is worth a try even if it's not used regularly.

Step 1. First, you'll have to register for an Inspect Let account at Next, log into your account with the details you provided during registration.

Step 2. The system will then send you a tracking code that you can use to track someone. Just copy this code and send it to someone you wish to track (ensure you send the code through WhatsApp).

Step 3. Once the target user opens the link with the code, Inspect Let sends you real-time data about their current location.


This software has an expensive subscription plan that makes it less affordable for a common user.


Checking location through WhatsApp is among the best ways to track someone. WhatsApp has an inbuilt location feature that makes it easier to track someone. Some of the methods to track someone through WhatsApp include using FoneWatcher for Android, Command Prompt, Tracking Links, or InspectLet.

Among these methods, we highly recommend FoneWatcher for Android. Since FoneWatcher runs in the background, it's hard for the target user to detect it. The app also offers an online dashboard for easy tracking.

To get started with FoneWatcher for Android, you can just sign up here. You can also view this live demo to understand how it works.

Tomson Brown

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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