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(Solved) How to Monitor My Child's Text Messages on iPhone without Them Knowing?


How can I monitor my child's text messages on iPhone?

Kids and teens use their iPhones or Android phones to text friends or stranges. In order to protect children who have access to mobile phones from watching sexual and inappropriate content online, parent controls is necessary.

Seeing child's text messages is a good approach to it. If you're looking for ways to monitor your child's text messages then you're at the right place. We will share the methods to monitor your child's text message on iPhone.

how to monitor childs text messages on iphone

Way 1. Monitor Child's Text Messages with Text Viewer

One of the best ways to monitor your son's or daughter's text messages on iPhone is by using a parental monitoring app. Someone of parental control apps work in the background which allows you to effortlessly see your child's text messages on mobile phone without them knowing as well as monitoring all data on the phone.

FoneWatcher Parental Control comes to you as a secret text viewer to monitor text messages on your child's iPhone or Android phone without them knowing. Besides text messages monitoring, FoneWatcher enables you to track all other activities on your kids' on iPhone.

fonewatcher iphone parental control

  • Check all type of messsages(SMS/MMS/iMessages) - With FoneWatcher, you can easily view all the SMS, MMS as well as iMessages on your kid's mobile phone. You can read all the sent, received and deleted messages on your kid's mobile after monitoring with FoneWatcher.
  • Show text messages conversation - FoneWatcher not only allows you to get content on text messages, but also enables you to see the detailed conversations with contacts, date and time.
  • Monitor messages on messaging apps - With FoneWatcher you can not only read SMS, MMS, and iMessages but also monitor all other social media chats such as WhatsApp, Viber, Kik, LINE and many more.

You can also easily monitor their browser activity on Safari, incoming and outgoing calls, messages, iPhone location, social media accounts, photos, videos, and also listen to their voice messages.

Simple Guide to Monitor Kids' Text Messages via FoneWatcher

One of the greatest advantages of FoneWatcher is effortlessly easy and convenient to use. You don't need to have any technical background or skills to operate the app. Plus, it does not require jailbreaking or rooting in order to access the target mobile.

Step 1. Create a FoneWatcher account for free

To get started you need to register an account on official website with a valid email address. After creating the account you need to choose a premium plan to use the advanced features.

Step 2. Download and install the app on target computer

Once signed up, you will find the link to download the FoneWatcher apk file. Download it on your child's device and install the app. After installation, configure the app and it will go to hidden mode.

download fonewatcher

Step 3. Start to monitor your child's text messages

Now it's time to monitor your child's activities. Head over to your FoneWatcher dashboard and view all their messages and other activities on web panel.

monitor your childs text messages on fonewatcher dashboard


FoneWatcher iPhone Parental Control is a PC-based software. If you want to see your son or daughter's text messages on Android, try FoneWatcher Android Parental Control with richer features.

Way 2. Monitor Child's Text Messages on iPhone through iCloud

Another effective way to view the messages on your child's iPhone is by syncing the data with iCloud. So, if you're using iOS 12 or more latest version this is the perfect choice for you.

Because latest versions have iCloud syncing feature that allows you to sync all the data from your kid's mobile phone and view it on your mobile phone. But for this method you need to have access to the login credential of your kid's iCloud account. Here are the simple steps to follow:

  1. Open your child's mobile phone and go to settings > Apple ID > iCloud.
  2. In iCloud look for messages and move the slider to the right to enable syncing.
  3. Now sign in to the same iCloud on your apple device and read all the sent and received messages of your kid's mobile phone.

It is important to note that after syncing the account your messages will also appear on your kid's mobile phone and he can easily read your chats too. Since, your messages will appear on his mobile so, he will get to know that you're monitoring his messages.

Way 3. Forward Kid's Text Messages on iPhone to Yours

If you're concerned about the above method here is another method to monitor your kid's text messages without them knowing. By using Forward Text Messages feature on your kid's mobile you can easily put your hands on your kids chats.

One of the important advantages of this method is that unlike iCloud it does not sync your own data with your kid's mobile. Here are the simple guide on how to forward text message to your own device:

  1. Open your child's mobile phone and go to settings > messages > Send and Receive and sign in the apple id you will use for monitoring.
  2. Again go back to messages, tap text forwarding and enable it by choosing an account to receive the messages.
  3. Now enter the code and you will receive all the messages on your mobile phone.

forward text messages from iphone


There are chances that your kid finds this option enabled and turns it off. In order to prevent your child from turning it off you have to set a restriction passcode. To do so go to Settings > General > Restrictions > Enable Restrictions > enter a passcode that only you know > select Don't Allow Changes.

One More: How to See Child's Text Messages on Android?

If you want to secretly monitor text messages on your kid's Android phone from your own device, FoneWatcher Parental Control is also your best asistant. FoneWatcher is available for both Android and iOS. Parents can directly download the APK on your kids' Android phone, successfully configure the settings and start to view all types of messages and see everything on child's phone without them knowing.

fonewatcher android parental control

  • You can see sent, received, and deleted text messages on your child's phone. You can access all contacts info.
  • Call logs incoming, outgoing and even deleted on your kid's phone can be checked.
  • Internet activity including browsing history and app usage can be seen so that you can have a clear idea about child's performance on phone.
  • Know whereabouts they are. You can remotely track you kid's location in real time. Your son or daughter's location history will be easily shown in map and list view. Geo-fencing and Wi-Fi location tracking are more beneficial features.
  • Monitor 20+ social media apps including Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Discord, Telegram, YouTube, TikTok and so on. You can take in control what children do on them.
  • FoneWatcher is also a keylogger and recorder. Parents can record every keystroke on Android. Surrounding live recording, calls recording, and screen recording can help you miss nothing about your child's activity.
  • For privacy and security, FoneWatcher requires no root and runs in stealth mode, which keeps it safe, hidden and undetectable.
  • Monitored data from kids can be seen on web control panel or exported to parents' devices.

monitor your childs text messages on fonewatcher dashboard

Why Do Parents Need to Monitor Their Child's Text Messages?

With the advancement of technology, people have more exposure to the outside world than ever before. The world is just a click away. As there are huge benefits of advanced technology, there are many increasing threats to your childs. There are numerous cases of sexting, druging, and addiction to pornographic content that is badly effecting your child's psychological health.

Protecting Children from Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying has become a significant concern in today's digital landscape. By monitoring text messages, parents can detect signs of cyberbullying early on and take immediate action. They can identify hurtful messages, offensive content, or instances of harassment, allowing them to provide support and guidance to their child, as well as intervene when necessary.

Preventing Exposure to Inappropriate Content

The internet offers a vast array of information, both beneficial and harmful. Parents can monitor text messages to ensure their children are not exposed to inappropriate content, such as explicit images, violence, or adult material. By promptly addressing such situations, parents can protect their child's emotional well-being and foster a safe online environment.

Monitoring Online Predators

Unfortunately, online predators are a real threat in today's digital world. By monitoring text messages, parents can be vigilant for any signs of inappropriate conversations or suspicious contacts. This enables them to intervene and protect their child from potential grooming or exploitation by online predators.

Promoting Responsible Digital Behavior

Monitoring text messages can serve as a tool to instill responsible digital behavior in children. By discussing the content of their conversations and guiding them on appropriate online conduct, parents can help their children develop healthy habits, understand the consequences of their actions, and become responsible digital citizens.

As a parent this is our first priority to protect our child from those people that are playing with their minds. That's why it's important to monitor your child's text messages so you can immediately get alert if they interact with bad people.

FAQs about Monitoring Child's Text Messages

Q1. How can I monitor my Child's text messages on Android?

By using FoneWatcher for Android you can easily monitor your kid's text messages as well as all other social activities, location history, incoming & outgoing calls and browsing history with just a few clicks. Moreover, there are also some online tools that helps you to read the text messages on your kid's mobile phone.

Q2. Can I have my child's text messages forwarded to me?

Yes, by using the feature "Forward Text Messages" on your kid's iPhone you can easily forward all the messages to your mobile phone. But it is important to note that this feature doesn't work for iOS 12 & 13.

Q3. Can I monitor my son's Snapchat messages?

With the help of FoneWatcher parental control app, you can effortlessly read all the Snapchat messages on your son's mobile phone. What's more you can also have access to other social media apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Viber, Tinder and many more.


Here we go. As you see it is really straightforward to monitor your child's text messages on iPhone without them knowing. Also, there are a number of apps and tools available for this purpose. Which one you choose totally depends on your choice and needs.

If you're looking for a more advanced level of control on your child's mobile, FoneWatcher is one of the best and reliable apps for this purpose. It comes with an extensive array of advanced features that provide complete control over your kid's mobile phone with only a few clicks. So, next time when you ask yourself how to monitor your kid's text messages, just try FoneWatcher.

Tomson Brown

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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