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[Best Solution] How to Clone Someone's WhatsApp on Android?

WhatsApp is one of the best social media applications that has received significant use by many. People communicate and share critical information through this app. Is it possible to clone someone's WhatsApp account?

As a parent or caring lover, you may want to access your child's or partner's WhatsApp to know who they regularly talk to. To best achieve this, you need to clone their WhatsApp on Android. Getting started with WhatsApp cloning always seems challenging to many.

However, in this article, we'll show you whether it's possible to clone someone's WhatsApp on Android and the best way to do it.

Can WhatsApp Be Cloned?

Yes! It's possible to clone someone's WhatsApp. You only need to know how it's done and the best way to achieve it. Cloning someone's WhatsApp enables you to view their personal data. You may want to clone WhatsApp on another phone for several reasons.

You could be that caring parent, lover, or employer that wants to know what their child, partner, or employee does on WhatsApp. No matter the situation, to effectively clone someone's WhatsApp, you need to have a third-party spying app. You just need to have it installed on the target device to get started.

how to clone whatsapp

How to Clone Someone's WhatsApp on Android

One of the most effective ways to clone WhatsApp is using a spy app. With a good third-party spy app, you can access every WhatsApp information you need from someone's Android device.

This could range from things such as photos, chats, videos, GIFs, statuses, documents, and so on. To get started, you must install the third-party app on the target device. One of the best third-party apps that we've tested and proved its effectiveness is FoneWatcher for WhatsApp.

With this app, you can conveniently clone someone's WhatsApp on any Android device.

FoneWatcher for WhatsApp

FoneWatcher is your No.1 software when you want to monitor or track any device. You can use this app to clone WhatsApp anytime anywhere! On average, it only takes 3-5 minutes to install and get started with this software.

Since it runs on stealth mode, you won't need to root the target Android device. After installing the app on the target device, you'll monitor everything remotely through a web control panel.

Wondering how to clone WhatsApp on pc using FoneWatcher? You only need to access its customized web dashboard that will grant you access to the target WhatsApp account.

3 Steps to Clone WhatsApp on Android with FoneWatcher

Now that you're eager about using FoneWatcher to clone WhatsApp on Android, let's look at how you can get started.

Step 1. Register an account

To create a FoneWatcher account, you'll need a valid email ID and password for the sign-up process. After confirming your credentials, you can then purchase your preferred subscription to access the premium features of this software.

Step 2. Download and install the app on the target Android device

Next, navigate to the "My Products" page to confirm your subscription. After the confirmation, tap on "Setup Guide" to know how to download and install the app. You can now download and install the WhatsApp web clone apk on the target device and follow all the procedures for installation.

download and install fonewatcher for whatsapp

Step 3. Clone WhatsApp and check WhatsApp data

After the WhatsApp clone download, click on the "Verify Setup" button. You'll now have access to the web control panel that enables you to remotely clone and view WhatsApp information on the target Android device.

Just navigate to the left side of the web panel and click to check. You can now see every information that you needed from the cloned WhatsApp account.

clone whatsapp data

What Information Can Be Cloned on WhatsApp?

With FoneWatcher for WhatsApp, you can successfully clone the following information on someone's WhatsApp:

  • WhatsApp chats. You can clone someone's chat history and read WhatsApp messages including the current and the past people they've texted with. You also view the name of the people and the time they exchanged messages with each other.

  • WhatsApp calls. FoneWatcher enables you to view both incoming and outgoing WhatsApp calls. You view the call length and the exact time that each call took place.

  • WhatsApp call recording. When the target user is on a live call, FoneWatcher for WhatsApp has a feature that allows you to record WhatsApp call and store the call recording on your device.

  • WhatsApp status. You can view the images or videos someone posts on their status. You can also access and view the status posted by their contacts.

  • WhatsApp photos, videos, voice. You can also clone vital information including the photos and videos shared on WhatsApp. When the target user shares voice notes, you can also listen to the notes without them knowing.

  • WhatsApp documents. FoneWatcher for WhatsApp also enables you to clone documents including PDFs, PPTS, or Word documents. The app even allows you to download and read the documents shared.

Why Do People Prefer FoneWatcher WhatsApp Clone App?

When it comes to any form of Android cloning, the FoneWatcher clone app ticks all boxes. Most people love using this app and have recommended it because of the following reasons.

  • Remote online dashboard. FoneWatcher has a web dashboard that gives you access to the target Android device. You can then view any data by just navigating the left side of the panel. You can even download and save the data on your computer or mobile device.

  • Real-time data updates. FoneWatcher for WhatsApp enables you to track every activity on the target WhatsApp account. It gives you real-time updates to ensure you monitor every activity by the user. You achieve this through the app's unique screen recording feature.

  • Intuitive interface. The user interface provided by FoneWatcher's web dashboard is quite attractive and well-organized. You can access pretty everything without much strain or prior knowledge.

  • Stealth mode. Most people prefer using this software because it runs in the background. Upon its installation, the target device won't detect it hence safe monitoring of the target WhatsApp account.

  • Affordable. FoneWatcher has friendly purchase plans that suit almost everyone. These affordable purchase plans enable you to access the app's premium features without much disruption.

To conveniently get started with FoneWatcher for WhatsApp, you can just sign up here. To understand how the app works, you can view this free demo.


FoneWatcher for WhatsApp is the best third-party software to use if you want to successfully clone someone's WhatsApp on Android. You can access pretty any data that you need from the target WhatsApp account.

This could range from videos, messages, GIFs, statuses, to even documents. The app runs on stealth mode hence the target device won't detect it. The web dashboard provided by FoneWatcher enables you to easily track every activity on the target WhatsApp account.

Tomson Brown

Updated: Mar 28, 2022 09:29 am

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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