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6 Best WhatsApp Last Seen Checker Apps 2023

If you constantly check people's last seen on WhatsApp, you need to know some of the best apps to make things convenient for you. Do you want to easily know when your kid or spouse is online or was last seen online? You should make use of a great last seen checker app to get the most accurate information.

how to check someone last seen on whatsapp

This article outlines some of the 6 best WhatsApp last seen checker apps currently in use. We'll also give a score rating for each app. Additionally, this article outlines the most recommended app to view someone's entire WhatsApp activity including calls, chats, voice notes, and so on.

WhatsApp Last Seen Checker #1. WhatStat

Rating score: 4.6

When checking last on WhatsApp, WhatStat enables you to monitor up to three users at once. When tracking a user's last seen on WhatsApp not showing, the app sends you notifications whenever a user opens or closes their WhatsApp.

The app also enables you to view reports and comprehensive statistics for someone's online activity. After viewing this report, you can export it as a file via email. Are you worried about paid subscriptions?

WhatStat offers a period of free trial for every new user. This means that you can use the app for the first 24 hours for free.


WhatsApp Last Seen Checker #2. WaStat

Score Rating: 4.6

This WhatsApp last seen checker app works well for you if you want to receive notifications and brief reports about someone's last seen. Its notification feature gives you timely updates for every WhatsApp session of a given person.

The app also grants you access to reports about a user's online session history. It gives the online session reports in a detailed manner hence a higher level of accuracy. What do you think distinguishes WaStat last seen checker from the rest?

This app is unique because it allows you to track up to ten users in one session. This feature, therefore, makes it among our best checker apps.


WhatsApp Last Seen Checker #3. Whats Tracker

Score rating: 4.4

This last-seen checker app also has a higher rating since it's simple and convenient to use. The app has a good user interface and almost everyone can access it. You only need to install this app on your portable device and it's ready for use.

In addition to helping you check someone's last seen, the tracker app helps you to check those people frequently visiting your WhatsApp profile. The app also comes with a location tracker which enables you to check and know your contact's whereabouts. It's 100% secure for use since it has no viruses.

whats tracker

WhatsApp Last Seen Checker #4. WhatLogin

Score rating: 4.3

WhatLogin is one of the fully-featured WhatsApp last seen apps since it works online and offline. Once you start using this app, you'll receive daily, weekly, and monthly information through notifications about the user you're tracking.

WhatLogin offers you a free trial package to enjoy its unique features. This, therefore, makes the app a good alternative to other top-rated but costly last seen apps like WaRadar.

Any user can access WhatLogin APK since it's free to download. In terms of security, the app has been detected on VirusTotal and found to have no viruses.


WhatsApp Last Seen Checker #5. WhatsSeen

Score rating: 4.0

WhatsSeen is an online tracker for Android. People can use it to know how much time the person they care spend online on WhatsApp. Besides checking last seen to know when and how long they are on WhatsApp, this app can also track the using time on other messaging apps. It can report the person's online activity, send instant notifications, prevent unauthorized access with passcode lock.


WhatsApp Last Seen Checker #6. Wiretap

Score rating: 3.9

Wiretap is another WhatsApp last seen tracker you should pay attention to. It is rich-feature. It keeps tracking continuously, and you can monitor last seen status in a timeline. You can add contacts as much as you like, unlimitely. Notification is lightning-fast, which means you can know their online/offline status instantly.


Monitor Whole WhatsApp Activity with FoneWatcher

FoneWatcher WhatsApp Checker is the most recommended app if you want to view someone's WhatsApp activity entirely including messages, calls, shared media, and so on. It's the most reliable and advanced WhatsApp checker app. What more? FoneWatcher doesn't require you to have a WhatsApp account or password to monitor someone's WhatsApp activity. You only need to download and install the app to get started.

fonewatcher whatsapp checker

Below you'll look at the key features of FoneWatcher that make it the most recommended WhatsApp monitoring app.

WhatsApp chats received, sent, and even deleted

With its unique features, FoneWatcher allows you to view all chats made by a user. Once you've installed the app on your device, you can track the messages that someone has received from their contacts.

You can also access the messages the user has sent to their contacts by just monitoring their chat activity. FoneWatcher has a unique feature that enables you to recover and view chats deleted by a given WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp calls incoming and outgoing and missed

Do you want to track calls from the target WhatsApp account? FoneWatcher helps you achieve viewing someone's WhatsApp call history. With this app, you can know who the account user frequently talks to.

The app even shows you the exact time for any call made. For the case of a voice or video call, you'll also view the duration for the entire call. What if someone missed a call? FoneWatcher also allows you to see any missed calls.

WhatsApp photos, videos, voices

Through its online dashboard, FoneWatcher enables you to access photos exchanged during WhatsApp chats. You can remotely track this entire activity. You can also view someone's shared videos without them knowing.

To prevent additional data charges, FoneWatcher only shows the thumbnails for a video. Are you a fan of tracking WhatsApp voices? FoneWatcher also allows you to do that. You can monitor all incoming and outgoing WhatsApp voice notes.

WhatsApp status

With FoneWatcher for WhatsApp, you can track what someone has posted on their status. You achieve this without the target user suspecting anything. The app enables you to view everything posted on the WhatsApp status including videos, quotes, or photos.

It shows you the exact time that the user posted these items on their status. What of expired or deleted status? FoneWatcher for WhatsApp also helps you to view an expired or deleted status.

WhatsApp screenshots

To make your tracking much more convenient, this monitoring app takes screenshots regularly from the target phone. It then sends these screenshots to your online dashboard so that you can monitor every WhatsApp activity on the target device. The user cannot detect anything since this happens in the background. Your device will then save these screenshots.

monitor whatsapp with fonewatcher

FAQs about WhatsApp Last Seen

Q1. How to turn off last seen on WhatsApp?

Go to your WhatsApp settings and tap on the privacy tab at the top. Tap on the last seen tab to open a list of options. Tap on the "nobody" option. This action, therefore, makes your WhatsApp last seen hide.

Q2. How to make last seen on WhatsApp unchanged?

First, ensure that you uninstall the current version of WhatsApp from your device. Next, download and install FM WhatsApp on your device. This app enables you to hide your last seen and create a fake one. You also need to back up your chats by going to settings > chat settings > back up conversation.

Q3. How can I fake my last seen on WhatsApp?

Go to WhatsApp settings > account > privacy. On the privacy section, change who can see my last seen to "only my contacts." Now delete the contact of the person whom you want to hide your last seen from. If you did at say 8:30 pm, the deleted contact will always see your last seen as 8:30 pm every time.


The number of WhatsApp users has grown significantly in recent years. Alongside that, many people have become more curious to know what their friends or family do online. If you want to conveniently check someone's last seen, the 6 best apps to use include WhatLogin, WhatStat, Whats Tracker, and WaStat.

Also, if you want to see someone's entire WhatsApp activity, the app to go for is FoneWatcher. You'll find it easy to install, sign up, and make use of FoneWatcher. Just visit the site's website here to sign up and log in. You can also view a demo here on how the app works.

Tomson Brown

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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