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(100% Work) How to Track WhatsApp Messages without Target Phone?

WhatsApp is one of the most used apps because of its functionality. Although the app is effective and works on end-to-end encryption, a lot of people want to track it for so many reasons. The end-to-end encryption feature makes it very difficult for their party to gain access to messages unauthorized.

Are you looking for ways to track WhatsApp? If yes, worry no more because thiss article will discuss the effective ways to track WhatsApp messages without the target phone.

spy on whatsapp messages

Part 1. Why Do People Wonder Track WhatsApp Messages?

This is a very difficult question that needs a good answer. Several reasons could make people want to track WhatsApp messages and below are the common reasons:

Parental Control for Kids

WhatsApp is an instant messaging app with over 1 billion users making it easy for kids to register and use. There is no doubt that kids are always facing cyberbullying. As a parent, you must protect your kids from chatting with strangers.

Tracking WhatsApp messages is a good way to prevent cyberbullying. It also encourages WhatsApp parental control. Tracking WhatsApp messages without the target phone can be a little bit difficult and require good software or a WhatsApp tracker app.


Employers' Concern about Employees' Work Efficiency

One of the few ways to check the work efficiency of employees is by tracking their WhatsApp messages. This may sound weird but if you are left with no other options than to track their WhatsApp messages then tracking just to check work efficiency is advised.

Other Reasons

as mentioned earlier, several reasons could trigger WhatsApp tracking apart from parental control and employers' concern about employees' work efficiency. Other reasons include theft: in case you lost your phone, you can track your phone using a Whatsapp tracker and if done effectively, it can lead to gaining your phone back in no time. Personal reasons: a lot of people want to track Whatsapp messages for personal reasons, such as checking who is chatting with whom on WhatsApp.

Part 2. Can WhatsApp be Tracked?

One may be wondering if Whatsapp can be tracked because of the end-to-end encryption feature. Several applications claim to track WhatsApp messages but they always require target phones to function and because of this, a lot of people always ask the question: Can WhatsApp be tracked?

Well with the right application WhatsApp messages can be tracked. Finding a suitable application that can track Whatsapp without the target phone can be very difficult if one is not familiar with some of the best spy apps out there. With over hundreds of spy apps, FoneWatcher for WhatsApp remains one of the best.

fonewatcher whatsapp tracker

FoneWatcher for WhatsApp - Best WhatsApp Tracker for Android

FoneWatcher is one of the most effective spy apps that can track WhatsApp without the target phone. It can be used to spy on WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business without the target phones. FoneWatcher is capable of tracking any social media app on any Android device. It is a good app to monitor kids especially if you are worried about your kids being exposed to cyberbullying and mingling with strangers. Some of the features of this WhatsApp phone tracker include;

  • Check WhatsApp chats:

    FoneWatcher makes it possible to view unauthorized WhatsApp messages incoming, outgoing, and even deleted without being detected. This is one of the numerous features of FoneWatcher that makes it one of the most-used apps.

  • View WhatsApp status:

    FoneWatcher allows to view the WhatsApp online status. You can view WhatsApp status even the deleted and expired ones anonymously. It is a very useful WhatsApp online status tracker.

  • Record WhatsApp calls:

    How nice is it to be able to record phone conversations? Well, this is a great feature that encourages parental control. With this feature, parents can record and listen to conversations from any device without the target phone so that to prevent your kids from cyberbullying. This is also good for employers that want to monitor their employees.

  • Access WhatsApp multimedia files:

    Any WhatsApp voice messages, photos, videos and documents will not be missed out with FoneWatcher.

Part 3. How to Track Mobile WhatsApp Messages?

It is one thing to get a good WhatsApp tracker app that can track WhatsApp messages and it is another thing to be able to install and operate the app effectively. Tracking mobile WhatsApp either to read messages or to track WhatsApp locations requires a good understanding of any spy app. Below are the major steps needed to track mobile WhatsApp messages with a WhatsApp tracker.

Step 1: Register an account

This is the first step and most important because, without this step, it is impossible to move to other steps. Click on the button to create an account achieved by using your email address. Thereafter, select a plan in order to use the advanced monitoring.

Step 2: Download WhatsApp tracker app and install it on the target Android device

In this step, you are advised to download the WhatsApp tracker APK from the browser on the Android device. Go through the setup procedures and finish necessary configuration.

download fonewatcher whatsapp tracker

Step 3: Start to track WhatsApp messages on dashboard

After successfully completing installation and configuration on the target device, leave the target phone and go to the FoneWatcher dashboard. By following the right procedures,tracking WhatsApp messages with FoneWatcher WhatsApp tracker without the target phone is easy.

start to track whatsapp messages


Tracking WhatsApp messages is important especially when it involves the protection and safety of young ones but finding a good spy app to carry out parental control can be difficult with a bad application. However, this article has discussed why and how WhatsApp messages can be tracked in no time. FoneWatcher app is one of the best WhatsApp tracker that can track whatsapp messages free without target phones.

Amy Hueber

Amy Hueber always believes that technology should make the difficulties simple, and help bulid a more comfortable life.

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