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2020- How to Track A Cell Phone Location without Installing Software

When asking how to track a cell phone location without installing software on the target phone, it sounds like something James Bond would ask. But contradictory to popular belief, it is possible.

For Android phones, if you want to track the accurate GPS location of someone’s device, then you must have to install an app on it. But if you just want to get the approximate location,  then there are some ways indeed to help you.

Unlike Android, there are some third - party tools that can help you to track cell phone location without installing software on the target iPhone but with 100% accuracy. In this post, all the solutions on how to track cell phone without installing software are detailed. Please check out the article below.

cell phone location tracking

Part 1: The Difficulty Level of Track Cell Phone without Installing Software

Before we get into the solutions, let’s discuss the difficulty in tracking cell phone but don’t install any software. Just like we mentioned above, it’s very hard for Android phones. You may say that some app like Google Find My Phone can reach the aim, but I should tell you that this way you can only get the approximate location and there is a great risk of being noticed by the target user. (You can get the detailed guide of this way in the following parts.)

But these issues are not a big deal for iPhone, you can easily track the accurate GPS location of target iPhone secretly with the help of iCloud account info. And  the location tracking is in real time! We will also give the guide for this wonderful solution on the part 2.

In a word, it’s relatively easy to track cell phone without installing software on target phone. Now, it’s time to explore all these solutions!

Part 2: How to Secretly Track Cell Phone without Installing Software

If you want to secretly track cell phone without installing software, it is best to use professional tracking tool, they can bypass many troubling technical issues for you. Note: this can only be achieved on iPhone.

This kind of professional tools are easy to use, and they will not break any Apple security rules but keep tracking location secretly. Well, there are too many such tools on the market right now, which one is the best? Don’t worry, as a technical savvy, we have the responsibility to test some and choose the best for you. We would like to recommend FoneWatcher - iPhone Location Tracking Tool.

2.1 The Benefits and Features of Using FoneWatcher

Talking about the benefits of FoneWatcher, you will find that it is not just a cell phone tracking software. It has more to offer. Let's check out its feature.

  • It provides the real-time location tracking feature.

  • Only iCloud info necessary, without installing any software on target iPhone.

  • View all the location histories.

  • Provide other more than 10 features on iPhone tracking.

  • This is a web based tool that means you can use any brower then you can track target iPhone remotely, even track from Android phones.

2.2 How Does FoneWatcher Track A Cell Phone Location without Installing Software

So, FoneWatcher tracks a cell phone without installation via iCloud credentials, and the operation sounds pretty simple. Then, let's check out the detailed process.

Here's how to track a cell phone location without installing software

Step #1: Create a FoneWatcher account with your email ID and select a suitable plan to enjoy the wonderful feature. Then you will be directed  to the page to select the platform. Or you can view the demo first through the below button.

Step #2: Now click on Setup Guide and verify the iCloud credentials for the target iPhone.

choose the icloud option

Step #3: As soon as the credentials are verified, you will have access to FoneWatcher's web control panel and track the location of the target iOS device.  

ickoud control panel

This is very simple and easy to execute. First of all, there is no risk factor, and no installation is required at all. The tool is choosed by many famous technical medias. 

download app

Part 3: How to Track Cell Phone without Installing Software Through Phone Number

With just the phone number, can I track the location without installing software? Yes, some phone look up service can be used. The information you could get with this method are:

  • The approximate geographical area the phone originates from

  • The first name and the last name of the target will be retrieved.

  • A registered address, if available, will also be generated.

The step to use this method is also pretty easy, you just need to find some online websites like then you can get the phone location info by typing in the phone number.

download app

Part 4:  Track Cell Phone Location without Installing Software for Free

If you are not ready to spend a buck to get professional software, there is nothing to worry about.

Both Android and iPhone have their trademark cell phone tracking program. If the target device is Android, then you have ‘Find My Device', and on iPhone, you get ‘Find My iPhone'. Their operation is a bit different as they belong to different platforms, but in the end, they do the same job. But one thing you should know that these 2 ways can not help you to get the accurate GPS location, and the two will ask the target to give the permission for your tracking request. Now, let's have a look.

1. Find My Device for Android

Most Android devices come with Find My Device already installed. Formerly known as Android Device Manager, this app tracks the cell phone when activated. Let's check out the steps.    

Step #1: The Android device must be connected to the internet, and it has to be connected with the associated Google account. These are the conditions to track  cell phone without installing software by using Find My Device actively.

Step #2: Please make sure the Find My Device is turned on.  And now access ‘' from your own device and sign in to the target's Google account. You can select the device if more than one device is connected.  

Step #3: This time the target phone will receive a notification, affter the agreement you will be able to locate it on the map as well.

find my device on android

2. Find My iPhone for iOS Devices

The Find My iPhone is also a default program, comes built-in on all iOS devices (It renamed as Find My after iOS 13).

Step #1: Find My iPhone feature needs to be turned on the target iPhone if you want to use it to track the target device.

Step #2: Now, open ‘' form a different device and log in using your Apple ID.

Step #3: In the iCloud panel, click on ‘All Devices'. A drop-menu will appear, choose your iPhone.

Step #4: The device tracking will be initiated, and you will be able to view the location of the target device on the map.

find my iphone to track location


You may ask, both of these methods are extremely good. So why the need to spend money to get professional software. Well, these built-in programs are great in their own right. But they are only able to provide a general location of the device, not the precise co-ordinates.

Lastly, everything depends on whether if you have the features activated or not. It is a big problem, as such things have happened. Users have lost their phones. Unfortunately, the tracking feature wasn't enabled. This doesn't happen with the professional programs.


Therefore, tracking the location of a cell phone without installing a software is not a difficult task. Among all the above solutions, tracking cell phones via phone numbers is the one we are not willing to recommend, because it can not satisfy your need at all.

While you have installed the free app to track the devices, they are not bad. They will provide the general location of the target device as long as the feature is turned on. While FoneWatcher is payable, it indeed values more than the low price.

By Tomson Brown

Posted on Jul 20, 2020 ( Updated: Jul 30, 2020 )

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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