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Top 11 Caller Location Tracker Apps 2022

Before you pick any unknown call, you should always take precautions and first determine the caller's identity. At times, you may receive spam calls or calls from people who just want to disturb you with nothing important.

To simplify your life with unknown calls, you need to know how to track a phone call location.  With a good caller location tracker software, you can perform various activities to determine the unknown caller's name and location.

You can therefore find those people constantly disturbing you with unknown calls. This article will list some of the best caller location tracker apps and how they work.

1. How Does Caller Location Tracker Work?

A caller location tracker works by helping you know the name and location of an unknown caller. It simply helps you track where a call comes from and the person calling. A good caller location tracker will let you know the details of unknown people before you pick up their calls.

During phone call location tracking, the tracker displays the name of the unknown caller on your screen. You can also record an unknown call with a caller location tracker app. If you encounter scam or nuisance calls, a caller location tracker allows you to block or blacklist the unknown numbers.

2. 11 Caller Location Tracker Apps

Tracking or knowing the location of an unknown caller is one of the main features of caller location tracker apps. Below is a list of 11 caller location tracker apps in 2022.

1. TrueCaller: Caller ID & Block

TrueCaller is one of the best caller tracker apps for caller ID and location. It helps you track a cell phone by number. This call location tracker app enables you to avoid spam SMS, spam calls, and even blacklist contacts.


Compatibility: Works on all Android and iOS devices.


  • Allows flash messaging and call recording

  • Identifies any number almost immediately

  • Provides accurate caller information

  • Smart messaging to enable you to chat with anyone through the app

  • High priority support

2. Mobile Number Locator- Phone Caller Location

Mobile Number Locator can instantly identify a number based on location and caller ID. It shows you caller location information such as their city or country. This app also gives you access to the coordinates for the caller's exact location through a map.

mobile number locator

Compatibility: Works well on Android and iPhone


  • Blocks scam calls

  • Confirms the name of unknown numbers before dialing

  • Live caller location tracker feature using a map

  • Displays GPS location on the screen

3. DU Caller

This phone call location tracker helps determine the general location for an unknown caller. This app is quite reliable since it can access a large phone number database worldwide. It can identify almost all unknown numbers within the shortest time.

du caller

Compatibility: Works well for Android and iOS devices.


  • Displays caller location

  • Displays on the screen the name of every new caller

  • Allows you to block spam calls

  • High-quality sound features to enable call recording

4. Showcaller

Showcaller is another powerful caller tracker app that allows you to record a call and trace a number. If someone constantly bothers you, this app lets you know their address and correct location. Showcaller also allows you to avoid telemarketing ads, spam calls, and spam SMS.


Compatibility: Works on all Android and iOS devices.


  • Smart Search feature

  • Blocks contacts you don't want to talk to

  • Can work offline

  • Accesses a large phone number database worldwide

5. Mobile Number Location

Mobile Number Location helps you search mobile phone locations and ISD codes without using the internet. It allows you to know the identity of incoming calls even when offline. Mobile Number Location is 100% free to download and use.

mobile number location

Compatibility: Works on Android and iPhone.


  • Provides caller location information

  • Integrated with features to track telemarketer information

  • It has a GPS feature that shows the unknown caller's live location

  • Enables you to search mobile numbers and ISD codes

6. CallerSmart

CallerSmart enables iPhone users to track the location and identity of any unknown caller. This app is unique because it can provide you with the information of anyone looking you up using the same app. The app also updates regularly.


Compatibility: Works well on all iOS devices.


  • Easy to download and use

  • Has regular updates

  • Allows you to know if someone is also checking you up

  • Gives identity to every unknown caller

7. Caller ID & Number Locator

This caller ID and location tracker app is 100% free and easy to download and use. It provides information about the caller's identity and their current location. Caller Id & Number Locator has information for more than 12,985 cities in its database.

caller id

Compatibility: Works on Android 4.0 or higher.


  • It can work offline

  • Blocks any unwanted calls

  • Shows the accurate location for the unknown user through a Google Map

  • Easy mobile searching and tracking

8. Mr. Number Lookup & Call Block

Mr. Number Lookup & Call Block is amongst the most secure caller location tracker apps. It can easily identify scam calls and alert you. The app also allows you to access feedback from other users about a given unknown number that makes scam calls.

mr. number lookup

Compatibility: Works on all Android and iOS devices.


  • Allows unknown number blocking

  • Easy spam detection

  • Spoofed call detection

  • Phone number comments from other users

  • Smart Phone Number Lookup feature

9. Number Finder: Real Caller ID

This location tracker shows you the identity of unknown callers and helps you know the people sending you spam messages. This app is very reliable in providing real information about caller identity. The app also allows you to search the names of actual owners for unknown numbers.

number finder

Compatibility: Works on all Android and iOS devices.


  • Shows the "threat level" for every spam call or message

  • Allows you to perform searches for unknown numbers

  • Blocks persistent unknown callers

  • Easy to download and use

10. Trace Phone Number

Trace Mobile Number is unique because it displays not only the unknown caller location but also their service provider. It also displays the name of the person making the call before you receive it. This call tracer and location tracker can also display the city or country for every unknown caller.

trace phone number

Compatibility: Works well on all Android and iOS devices.


  • Can work offline

  • Provides information about a caller's local service provider

  • Uses GPS to trace someone's location address

  • Can also trace toll-free numbers

11. Hiya- Call Blocker & Caller ID

Hiya is a good caller tracker app because it gives you the correct caller information every time. As a utility app, this call location tracker apk can identify and blacklist any unidentified numbers.


Compatibility: Hiya works on all Android and iOS devices.


  • Blocks spam calls and telemarketer calls

  • Sends alerts when you're about to receive a spam call

  • Only allows you to receive calls from verified or known caller IDs

  • The SMS Caller ID feature allows you to know the person texting you

3. How to Track Call Logs, SMS, Social Media Apps, and Other Phone Activities

Apart from the above-mentioned caller location tracker apps, you can also access other programs which not only track caller location but also enable you to view call logs and other phone activities.

FoneWatcher is one of the best tracker apps currently in the market. Apart from tracking someone's locations, this software enables you to monitor their phone activities, including call logs, SMS, and social media activities.

FoneWatcher doesn't display its icon when running; hence hard to detect. Thanks to its web control panel, it also allows remote access and control of the target device.

Features of FoneWatcher

  • Web dashboard. FoneWatcher has an online web dashboard that allows easy monitoring of every activity on the target device. The web dashboard allows you to track the target device remotely.

  • Screen recording. Once installed on the target device, you can use this software to take screenshots at intervals without the user noticing.

  • GPS tracking. You can track someone's location through a map feature provided on the web dashboard. It shows you the correct location of the target device.

  • Stealth mode. After its installation on the target device, FoneWatcher runs in the background. This saves the app from being detected.

  • No rooting is needed. You won't need any jailbreaking or rooting to install FoneWatcher on any device. It's compatible with all devices.

  • Easy to download and install. You can get started with FoneWatcher in less than five minutes after download and installation.

  • Access all phone files. Once installed on the target device, FoneWatcher allows you to access all files, including photos, calls, messages, contacts, and every browser history. You achieve all these through the online web dashboard.

Reasons to Use FoneWatcher

  • Affordable price

  • 100% undetectable

  • Easy to get started

  • Powerful monitoring features

  • Real-time data syncing and protection


Tracking caller location has been made very easy in 2022. You only need to download a caller location tracker app that suits you to get started. There's no reason to worry anymore about unknown callers that keep disturbing you.

A tracker app lets you know their exact location and even block them if possible. FoneWatcher is the best application if you want to track call logs, social media apps, and other phone activities.

The app has a unique web dashboard feature to remotely monitor the target device. It also runs on stealth mode. To get started with FoneWatcher, you can sign up here.

Tomson Brown

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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