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(11 Ways) How to Check Someone's Call History Online Without Knowing for Free?


Can I check someone's call history online without them knowing for free?

how to check someones call history for free

You are always anxious about your child or spouse, and want to know all about them, i.e., what they do, whom they talk to, whom they meet and much more. And the best way to know about them is by viewing their call logs.

Call logs refer to a record of phone calls made and received on a mobile device. You can keep track of your child's or spouse's communication history by call logs, such as the date and time of each call, the phone numbers involved, and the duration of the calls.

There are a couple of fantastic ways that can allow you to view someone's phone call logs and monitor their daily communication. Let's reveal the ways on how to check someone's call history online, without knowing or for free.

Way 1. Secretly Check Call History with Spy Apps

Using a spy app is one of the most efficient ways to get someone's call history without knowing. We reviewed various and provides you these two:

1.1 FoneWatcher - Hidden Phone Tracker to Check Someone's Call History

FoneWatcher can track not only call history of any number but also call history on social media like WhatsApp. It can also help clone the target phone and monitor all activities without knowing. With stealth mode, FoneWatcher is hidden and undetectable, so the target person can't get to know that you're monitoring them.

check call history with fonewatcher


FoneWatcher is available for both Android and iOS. You have to physically access the target phone in order to check all their call history. FoneWatcher for iOS is a desktop app. Setup and advanced features vary on different solutions. You can check features of different FoneWatcher phone monitoring solutions on live demo.

Why Should You Choose FoneWatcher Calls Tracker?

  • Show all call logs incoming, outgoing, canceled and missed.

    FoneWatcher allows you to monitor all the incoming, outgoing, canceled and missed call records on someone's phone with detailed contacts, call duration, date and time. You can get better who they call and how long they talk.

  • Allow call recording that can be played online or downloaded.

    You can easily record and listen in to all the calls on your kid's or spouse's mobile, includng calls on messaging apps. Yes! FoneWatcher allows you to record all the calls on your target mobile to download and play online. So, if your spouse is cheating on you, you can effortlessly save these calls as proof against them.

  • Read SMS/MMS/iMessages without knowing.

    FoneWatcher lets you to see all messages received, sent and even deleted on phone and soical apps. You can see every individual and group conversation to know whom they are chatting with.

  • Track phone location.

    FoneWatcher is not only a phone checker but also a location tracker. You can check their their location history. Moreover, it helps remotely track real-time location without knowing, set geofence to get alerts when in/out zone, and track WiFi logger to know their indoor locations for Android monitoring.

  • Monitor over 20 social media apps.

    FoneWatcher comes with more than 20+ advanced features that allow you fully monitor Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Discord, Viber, Tinder, and many more on the target mobile, for example, you can read WhatsApp messages, check WhatsApp call history, and record WhatsApp call without knowing.

  • Check open/private browsing history.

    Fonewatcher allows the user to monitor the search history of their target user with the timing. So, they can know what kind of stuff their kids are browsing on the internet. You can also check search and watch history on YouTube and TikTok to know what they are interested in.

  • Best phone keylogger and recorder.

    FoneWatcher is one of the best keyloggers to give you everything they typed on the phone. It also provides you with remote control features for which you can record phone screen, record phone calls, and record phone live surroundings. You can also use FoneWatcher to take screenshots and activate microphone on target phone.

  • Check all files and monitor activity on target phone.

    For guarding kids or catching a cheater, you can setup sensitive words such as contact name and get alerts every time when the content typed matches. You can also hack photos, videos (thumbnails), notifications, calendar, app usage, etc.

How to Use FoneWatcher to Check Someone's Call History?

FoneWatcher is an user-friendly tool for it simple and easy and quick operation. You can get mobile call history on the target phone within 5 minutes. Just follow 3 steps as below.

Step 1. Create a Valid Account

To get started, first, you need to create an account on FoneWatcher. You can subscribe to FoneWatcher to unlock the advanced features. You will receive an email including your subscription, account and pasword, and an instruction.

Step 2. Download and Install FoneWatcher App

Follow the guidance, download the FoneWatcher APK file on your target mobile phone and install the app from the link. Configure the app and make necessary changes following the setup guide. Once the configuration is finished, leave the mobile.

download and install fonewatcher

Step 3. Check Someone's Call History and Monitor Everything

Now head over to the dashboard and view all the activities of your target user on your device within a few minutes. You can start to check their call records remotely and secretly.

monitor call history on dashboard

1.2 Spylix - Check Someone's Call History Online

Spylix is the other monitoring app we would like to recommend. It is as feature-rich, user-friendly, and affordable as FoneWatcher phone tracker. With Spylix, you can also check someone's call history online with all details.


Spylix's features:

  • View call history and deleted calls.
  • See details of call log, such as timestamps, durations, contact name, etc.
  • View social media history on target phone.
  • 24/7 customer support to help you track call history everytime when you hahve troubles.

Way 2. Check Someone's Call History for Free by Cloud Services

Someone's phone call history will be backed up to create a copy in cloud account. It is a default feature for data storing. Once people lose their phones by accident, they still have chance to recover their data including call history. But it is also a way that people can use to check someone's call history online. One thing should be noted is that the backup feature should be on first.

2.1 Using Google Drive to Check Someone's Android Call History

For Android phone users, the backup will be in Google Drive. Once the Backup enabled, not only call logs, but also messages, contacts, passwords, etc. will also be backed up. You can restore their call history from Google Drive to your own device.

The call history you get with this way, however, is not real-time. You cannot check the latest call history, and once the backup is closed, you will not get them. You have to repeat the same process to get their call history, so that you will be in high chance to be caught.

2.2 Using iCloud to Check Someone's iPhone Call History Online

iCloud backup is similar to the above way, but only available for iOS devices. iPhone users can copy and store their data in iCloud and share it to different devices.

Apple sets up more restrict rule so it is hard to check someone's call history online with iCloud. What's more, you can check limited amount of call history for iPhone only stores 1,000 calls, and only 100 ones call be checked on tab. You can either check repeated calls for only one call being counted with the same number.


Using Cloud Services to get somebody's call history online costs no penny, but you have to log into their cloud account, so that you have to get their Google Drive or iCloud account and password. And they will be notified.

Way 3. Check Call History for Free Using Network Operator

Having a plan B is always ideal for solving any problem effectively. So, if you don't feel comfortable using a third-party app to view someone's call history online, here is plan B for you. Many big network operators provide the online call history of their users for free.

But this method is only suitable if you have access to the users' login credentials. Here we have enlisted the method to check the call history using the most popular network operators such as Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T.


It is important to note that the detailed call log is free only for online users; you must pay the charges if you request a call log paper. Plus, you can't see the call in real-time as in FoneWatcher; instead, there is always the call history of your target user.

3.1 How to Check Verizon Call History

  1. Open the browser on your device and go to
  2. Now sign in with the account and password of your target user.
  3. Here you will get the login details of your target user. Scroll down the details and see the line you want to check.
  4. Click on the link "View Details" and see the detailed usage of your target user.

verizon logo

3.2 How to Check T-Mobile Call History

  1. As mentioned above, open the browser on your device and go to the official site of T-Mobile
  2. Log in to the site with the login credentials of your target user.
  3. Go to the menu and click on the "See My Bill" at the top right corner on the home screen.
  4. Scroll down to find the call log and click on it to select the option "Call timer".
  5. Now see all the details of your target user's mobile phone's incoming, outgoing, and missed calls.

tmobile logo

3.3 How to Check AT & T Call History

  1. Same as before, log in to the official site of AT & T using the login credentials of your target user.
  2. Here you will see "My Plans" Click on "Phone" > "Voice Features".
  3. Now click on the "Call Log" option and scroll down to view all the incoming, outgoing, and missed calls history.

at&t logo

Way 4. Check Recent Call History on the Target Phone

Different operating systems, such as Android or iOS, display call history in different ways. Apart from using a SIM card to make a phone call, with the advancement of the Internet, people are increasingly calling on messaging apps, which are VoIP calls. Because businessmen may need to communicate with a large number of individuals, it is vital to examine call history on CRM system. Based on the scenarios described above, we will show you how to check call history.

4.1 How to Check Recent Call History on Android Devices

  1. Launch the Phone App.
  2. Tab "Recent" at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Check all calls incoming, outgoing and missed.
  4. For checking more call history of a number, just click on the number and choose "History" with icon.

android call history

4.2 How to Get Recent Call History on iOS Devices

  1. Open the Phone app.
  2. Tap on the "Recent" menu on the second bottom of the phone screen.
  3. Tap on the "i" icon on the right of the phone number and date.
  4. Check recent call history of a number on iPhone to know more details.

iphone call history

4.3 How to View Call History via VoIP Services

Users can utilize VoIP services to make phone calls via the internet. Platforms such as Skype, Zoom, and WhatsApp may keep track of all incoming and outgoing calls made through their services. You can check WhatsApp call logs by following these procedures.

  1. Open WhatsApp app.
  2. Tap the "Calls" tab on the top right.
  3. View call history on WhatsApp
  4. For more information, you can tap on the individual call.

whatsapp call history

4.4 How to View Call History via CRM System

If you have a company phone system, you may be able to get call history through a CRM system such as Dialpad.

  1. Log into your Dialpad account.
  2. Choose "Analytics" and click on "Call History".
  3. Filter the date range.
  4. Check call history details like duration and number.


Now you know all the ways on how to check someone's call history for free or without knowing. So, whenever you want to access someone's call log, you can directly check it on their network operator, with cloud services or by using the monitoring apps like FoneWatcher. Which method to prefer depends entirely on your needs and situation.

But if you want to monitor all other activities of your kid or spouse's mobile phone, we would strongly recommend the FoneWatcher. It is the most convenient and reliable monitoring app with a bundle of incredible features that surely you're affordable and going to love.

Amy Hueber

Amy Hueber always believes that technology should make the difficulties simple, and help bulid a more comfortable life.

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