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Spylix Reviews 2023: Features, Pros, Cons, Pricing and More

spylix reviews

If you rely on parental control apps to track your loved ones' activities then you might have noticed that Spylix has been making waves these days. Though the app was originally developed three years ago, recently it has gained a lot of attention and secured potential customers. But as with any rising stars, a crucial question lingers – is Spylix the real deal, or is it merely riding a momentary wave of hype?

To find the right answer, our team of experts has rigorously tested the app and crafted this comprehensive review on Spylix that will help you to know whether this app really works or not.

Part 1. What is Spylix?

Spylix is a parental control monitoring app specifically designed to monitor the mobile activities of the target device. It is compatible with both Android and iOS and comes with a wide array of monitoring features that enable you to view what the target user is doing on his mobile phone from its messages to calls, social media chats, and even browsing history.

It is just like a surveillance camera installed on the target device to view a range of online activities without letting the other person know. Although that app was started as a simple call and message monitoring app, it has upgraded over the recent years and added more advanced features that enable you to get a deeper insight into the target user's mobile activities.

what is spylix

Part 2. Spylix App Features

Spylix offers a wide range of monitoring features, some of which are listed below:

Call and Message Monitoring

Spylix allows you to monitor all the incoming/outgoing calls and text messages on the target device with the sender/receiver information such as name and phone number. You can see the call duration as well as when the call was made.

Social Media Monitoring

You can view the list of apps they have installed on their mobile phone and their activities on these social media apps. It can help you to know if they have installed any adult apps or are in contact with dangerous people on social media.

Location Tracking

With Spylix you can keep tabs on the whereabouts of your target user and know what kind of places they visit. This feature can come in handy when your children lose their mobile phone or someone steals it.

Browser History Monitoring

Just because you've turned on the safe search on their mobile phone, they're not going to stop watching the adult or explicit content. Spylix enables you to see the browsing history of the target device including the websites they visited and searched.

Wi-Fi Monitoring

Another interesting feature that Spylix offers is Wi-Fi monitoring, which means you can have access to the Wi-Fi network your target device is connected to. You can view the details of the Wi-Fi network and even block the Wi-Fi network without letting the target user know.

Email Tracking

Apart from social media and messages, Spylix also allows you to read emails on your target device. This can greatly help employers to see what kind of emails their employees send or receive. This can also help you to know in case employees leak the secrets of the organization.

spylix features

Part 3. How Do Users Rate the Spylix App?

Since the app doesn't have a large user base, a substantial volume of reviews isn't readily accessible. Even the few reviews that we found online are not entirely positive. Customers have diverse opinions about the functionality of the app and customer service and here is a comprehensive breakdown of what customers think about this app.

Positive Reviews

Access to call logs and messages: Spylix helps to read the text messages and view call records on the target device. It's an ideal solution for partners who are suspicious about the fidelity of their spouses.

Tracked the children's location: I was worried about my children's whereabouts and what kind of places they visited. Installed Spylix on their mobile phone and got process real-time location as well as location history.

Browser history: It works as a surveillance camera to view the browsing history of the target device. This feature can significantly help parents check if their children are browsing inappropriate content and take timely actions to protect their innocence.

Negative Reviews

Do not work as advertised: Users complained that the features don't work as advertised especially social media tracking features. The app can only view the received messages on WhatsApp, not sent messages. They can not hear the voice messages either. Moreover, the app works only when the target device is connected to the Wi-Fi network. It doesn't provide updates over mobile networks.

Limited functionality on iPhone: Some users reported that the app doesn't work well and has limited features with iPhone and the company doesn't advertise about it. Their customer service isn't beneficial as they communicate via email only and doesn't provide real-time help to the customers.

Part 4. Price Plans for Spylix

Spylix offers three comprehensive subscription plans for Android and iOS monitoring.

Basic Plan

  • 1-month plan for $39.99/mo
  • 3-month plan for $19.99/mo
  • 12-month plan for $8.33/mo

Premium Plan

  • 1-month plan for $49.99/mo
  • 3-month plan for $23.33/mo
  • 12-month plan for $9.99/mo

Family Plan

  • 1-month plan for $69.99/mo
  • 3-month plan for $33.33/mo
  • 12-month plan for $16.67/mo

spylix price

Part 5. Pros and Cons of Spylix

Prominent Pros

  • Spylix app comes with a demo that enables you to play around and confirm what features it offers.
  • User-friendly interface makes it effortless to view the target user activities.
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS
  • Monitor the live location of the target device
  • View messages. View calls record with caller ID, timestamp, duration
  • Offer various subscription plan
  • Monitor social media chats
  • Real-time data monitoring
  • Works in 100% stealth mode

Noteworthy Cons

  • Less features as compared to other advanced monitoring apps
  • Expensive as compared to the features it offers
  • No free trial
  • Less customer care options compared to the price
  • The demo doesn't show features that are advertised on the app
  • Dashboard design is not as effective as competitor's apps

Part 6. How Does Spylix Work?

Spylix is effortless and extremely straightforward to use. It doesn't require a strong technical background to install the app and monitor target device activities. There are only a few simple steps that you need to follow to install the app on the target device.

Step 1. Create the account

First, you need to create an account on Spylix's official site. Once you've registered the account you will be asked to purchase a premium plan to use the monitoring feature on the Spylix dashboard. You will see different subscription plans on your screen, choose the one that meets your monitoring needs and budget.

Step 2. Install the app

Next, involve the installation of the app on the target device. Once you have purchased the subscription plan, you will get the link to download the app on the target device. Grab the target mobile phone and install the app using the link. Configure the app and leave the target device. The app will automatically go into stealth mode and no one will be able to detect it.

Step 3. Start Monitoring

Now you're all set to monitor the target device. Log into your Spylix account and open the monitoring dashboard. Here you can view the text messages, location, call record, and social media chats of the target mobile phone.

how to set up spylix

Part 7. Spylix vs FoneWatcher

Spylix is a promising app and provides useful features that can greatly help users monitor important activities on the target mobile phone. However, there are other better solutions in the market such as FoneWatcher that provide extensive monitoring features compared to Spylix and work more effectively. Here are the six reasons why you should choose FoneWatcher instead of Spylix app.

FoneWatcher offers more features.

FoneWatcher is a popular monitoring solution that offers 50 more features compared to the Spylix app. FoneWatcher provides a geofencing feature that allows it to set boundaries and get alerts when the target device enters or leaves that territory. While Spylix only enables you to see live location and history. FoneWatcher also offers access to iCloud and deleted media on the iCloud including chats and emails.

spylix vs fonewatcher

View App activities.

Spylix only allows you to view the installed apps and chats on social media platforms, while FoneWatcher enables you to view all the activities on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and more. For instance, you can view their notifications, likes, comments, private posts, status, and more.

YouTube and TikTok tracking.

With FoneWatcher you can not only view the browsing history but YouTube and TikTok history as well. This can help you get a deep insight into what kind of videos your children watch on YouTube and TikTok.

Take screenshots and record the screen.

Apart from monitoring the target device activities, FoneWatcher also allows you to save the data on your device in the form of screenshots. You can clip the screenshot or record the video of the screen and save it as evidence to confront the infidel partner.

Record surrounding.

Another amazing feature that FoneWatcher has but Spylix doesn't have is surrounding recording. You can turn on the microphone and camera on the target device and record the audio videos to hear their conversation with other people and store it as evidence. This helps you to get deeper insight into the interactions of your target user. This can be extremely helpful to know if someone is bullying your children offline.

Head to Head Comparison of FoneWatcher and Spylix

Spylix FoneWatcher

Web Browsing History

Stealth Mode

Social Media Monitoring

Chats only

All activities, including conversations, disappeared messages, notifications, private photos, posts, status, reels, likes, comments, and more

No Jailbreak/Rooting


Call and SMS Tracking

Allows to record call also

Keyword Alert

Location Tracking

Remote Control Features


Advanced remote monitoring

Device Compatibility

Android, iOS

Android, iOS

Free Trial

Not specified

Not specified

Money-Back Guarantee

Not specified

30-day money-back guarantee


Surround Recording

YouTube and TikTok Monitoring

Detailed Social Media Monitoring

Discord Monitoring

Data Export

Screen Recording

Screen Capture


In conclusion, Spylix is a good parental monitoring app if you want to monitor the basic activities of your children or spouse's mobile phone. However, for advanced monitoring, FoneWatcher is the ideal option as it offers an extensive array of features that provide a more comprehensive monitoring experience at a reasonable price.

Above we have written everything that you need to know about these apps to make your decision. Carefully read the article and make a wide choice for your children.

Tomson Brown

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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