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How to Check Someone's Call History on iPhone without Them Knowing?

A single call log may reveal nothing, but the whole call history can often be a treasure trove of information. Through call logs on the phone, you can check their contacts and access some of their detailed activities. iPhone, as a brand of worldwide used mobile phone, a huge number of people contact each other by it, no exception for your kids or spouses.

Is it possible to check someone's call history on iPhone? Moreover, check their iPhone call history without them knowing? In this post, we will together expose possible ways and more information on iPhone call history.

how to check someones call history on iphone without knowing

Part 1. How to Check Someone's Call History on iPhone without Knowing?

It is not easy to secretly get someone's data on an iPhone for Apple takes huge care of iPhone users' privacy and security. iPhone saves messages and calls on the iPhone itself with a feature named end-to-end encryption. If you want to check your kid's or your spouse's call history on iPhone without them knowing, you need to meet at least one condition: either physically access their iPhone or get their iCloud credentials. Here we give you 3 ways to get call history on iPhone without them knowing.

Way 1. View Call History on iPhone with FoneWatcher Tracker

When talking about phone tracking or online activity monitoring, third-party apps are always taken into consideration. First, almost all these apps run in stealth mode so that they can be hidden and undetectable. Second, a monitoring app provides you with rich features. You can not only check someone's call history on iPhone, but also text messages/iMessage, location history, photos gallery, Safari history, and other app data on iPhone.

FoneWatcher iPhone Tracker is one of the best monitoring apps. For further protecting your kids' data and keeping yourself in the background, FoneWatcher requires no jailbreak of the target iPhone. Besides the most important information on iPhone, you can also access part of social media apps like WhatsApp, LINE, Viber, Kik, etc. What's more, FoneWatcher designs its operation as simple as possible. Follow 3 steps below to check iPhone call history:

fonewatcher iphone tracker

Step 1. Get a license to enjoy FoneWatcher features. You can register a free account.

Step 2. Follow the on-screen instruction to download and isntall FoneWatcher on computer. Finish the configurations with the setup guide.

install fonewatcher

Step 3. Once installation and configuration done, you can start to check someone's call history on iPhone without knowing and monitor the target iPhone.

check call history iphone with fonewatcher

Way 2. View iPhone Call Logs with iCloud Backup

iCloud is an important service provided for users to restore and sync data across multiple App devices. With the same iCloud account signed in to different devices and iCloud enabled, you can check information on the target iPhone so as the call history. Get the target iCloud account and password and log into it on the iCloud website. As long as the target iPhone enables iCloud Backup to store data, you can access call history on the iPhone.

But you should also note something that if 2FA is turned on, you have to physically access the target iPhone in order to get the code. In this way, you may be caught. And password can be changed at any time, which means you may lose control at the same time and have to make a huge effort to get the password again.

check call history on iphone with icloud backup

Way 3. View Call Logs History by iTunes Backup

If the iPhone has been backed up by iTunes on a computer, you can get call history on iPhone. Or you can get the target iPhone and back up it first, then restore the call logs and check them on your iPhone or iPad. It will be more expensive because you need to prepare a computer where iTunes backup is done and an iPhone or iPad to restore the data.

You also need to physically access the target iPhone to trust the computer with a USB cable. Once the backup is done, you can check their up-to-date call history on iPhone at that moment. If you want to monitor the target iPhone call history in real-time, repeat the process above.

check call history on iphone with itunes backup

Part 2. How to View Recent and Older Call History on iPhone Months Ago?

iPhone, by default, limits 1,000 call logs to be stored on it. However, only 100 recent call logs will be shown on iPhone. You can see these last 100 call logs history on Phone app. Can you see more last call logs? Yes, you can get more call logs on iPhone by deleting some of them to release the hidden last call history.

view recent iphone call history

If you want to see older call history on iPhone months ago over the 100 limit, you can get help from your carrier. For example, Verizon provides call logs checking service on its website. If Verizon is your network provider, you can log into your account and get more call logs on iPhone with Verizon.

check call history on iphone on verizon

Part 3. How to Delete and Recover Deleted Call History on iPhone?

In order to see more last 100 call history on iPhone, you can delete some of the call logs. Delete call history on iPhone is easy. Open the Phone app then tap "Recents". Tap "Edit" in the top right corner. If you want to clear all call history, tap on "Clear" and confirm it. You can also delete a specific call log by tapping the delete icon.

delete call logs on iphone

What if you want to recover deleted call logs history on iPhone? Any methods? It depends. You can retrieve deleted call history on iPhone with a high success rate with backup. If you have backed up the call logs, you can follow the steps mentioned above to get back the deleted call history.

How about recovering deleted call logs on iPhone without a backup? Unfortunately, it is hard to recover deleted ones without backup. Some data recovery software claim that they can access deleted call history without backup, but actually a failure in most cases. You can have a try.


For checking someone's call history on iPhone without knowing, you can use FoneWatcher monitoring app, use target's iCloud credentials, or restore their iTunes backup. Due to privacy, all methods have it limitation. You need to get the target iPhone or know their iCloud account and password. Here you can also get more information about iPhone call history, such as how to view it, how to check older call history, how to delete call logs on iPhone and how to recover the deleted ones.

Tomson Brown

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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