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[100% Work] How to Clone A Phone without Them Knowing?


How to clone someone's phone?

There are times when you feel the needs to clone someone's phone. For example, your kids get addicted to his phone and his grades fall surprisingly low which makes you curious to know who is around them, who they are talking to, and what they're doing. Also this way can be employed by spouses to ensure that the other person is loyal to them.

Therefore, this post will tell you how to clone a phone and also cover an advanced tool that you can do with cell phone cloning, from cloning someone's messages, media files, social media apps such as cloning WhatsApp, and other phone data without them knowing.

Part 1. What is Phone Cloning?

To start with, I am going to tell you what is phone cloning. It can be done by creating a copy or backup of someone's phone. Then transfer the data of the phone to another phone.

This oftens happens when people switch the phones, they want to clone the older phones so that they won't lose all the data in their new access. Apart from this, a lot of people wonder how to clone someone's phone without them knowing for tracking, monitoring and spying purposes.

how to clone someones phone

To make things easier for you, there are a lot of spy apps that can obtain all the vital details of someone's phone and accomplish the job remotely as you want it to. So we have come up with this detailed guide that will teach you how to clone a phone without touching it. Let's get to know in detail below.

Part 2. How Do You Clone Someone's Phone?

There are many optional ways to clone a phone remotely and here we introduce you 3 ones to arrive at it.

Way 1. Clone Someone's Phone Remotely with FoneWatcher

Cloning someone's phones remotely is not an easy job, but if you choose FoneWatcher Cloning App, it can make your work simpler and more discreet. It is a phone cloning service available for Android phones and iOS device.

With FoneWatcher at your fingertips, you can have every bit of data on someone's phone including its text messages, call logs, multimedia content, contacts, browsing history, and even its social media apps data.

The best thing of this phone clone app is that it works in a stealth mode and leaves no trace on the target phone, meaning that you can spy on someone's phone without them knowing. With the many advanced features of FoneWatcher, people worry about the operation it involves. Unlike other secret phone cloning apps, there is no need to root or jailbreak the phone you wish to clone in order to use FoneWatcher.

You simply install this app onto the target phone, which takes only 3-5 minutes. Then it will start uploading all the data from the phone to your online account where you can access from any browser on any device.

What Files Can You Clone Using FoneWatcher?

There is nothing that you will miss with FoneWatcher. It clones all the data on a cell phone, even those they are hiding. There are many more benefits that FoneWatcher offers. How about find them out for yourself by navigating to its free demo?

  • 1. Sent, received and deleted SMS

  • 2. Social media chats like Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

  • 3. Call conversation recordings

  • 4. Media files like photos, videos

  • 5. Every keystroke

  • 6. Contacts

  • 7. Browsing history

  • 8. Capture screenshot

  • 9. Calendars

  • 10. Location history

3 Simple Steps to Clone a Phone Remotely Using FoneWatcher

As mentioned above, FoneWatcher is available for Android phone and iOS device and simple-to-use. Let's go through the easiest way of how to clone Android phone and iPhone without knowing within 3-5 minutes.

For Android: How to Clone Android Phone Secretly

Step 1: Create a FoneWatcher account with a valid email address. Complete the purchase to activte phone cloning features.

Step 2: You have to access the phone you want to clone and download FoneWatcher app by visiting Then, finish the configuration according to the on-screen wizard.

install fonewatcher app on target phone

Step 3: Leave the target phone alone and log into FoneWatcher official website where you can check the cloning data from target phone without touching it.

android web control panel to monitor incognito history

For iPhone: How to Clone an iPhone without Someone Knowing

Step 1: Register on FoneWatcher to start your cloning tour.

Step 2: FoneWatcher for iOS is a pc-based software. Download and install the app on your target's computer.

download fonewatcher for ios on computer

Step 3: After the installation, start to scan all data on iPhone. Once it finished, all datas are cloned automatically and remotely. You can monitor the iPhone without knowing and remotely.

clone an iphone

What Makes FoneWatcher the Best Phone Cloning Method

There are more than a few things to make FoneWatcher the absolute best phone cloning app in some regard. Here are a few of them:

  • You can clone someone's phone remotely from online dashboard which opens in any web browser that you use.

  • Data gets updated in real-time so that you won't miss any detail.

  • It is ease of use and has an intuitive interface. It doesn't require you to have any cloning knowledge.

  • It offers 30+ features that one gets at the cheapest price.

  • It works in stealth mode. Whether it is an Android phone or an iOS, the target user never gets suspicious.

  • It grants a 30-day money back guarantee. In case you're not satisfied, you can contact their technical support and ask for a refund.

Way 2. Clone Someone's Phone without Touching It with Bluetooth

The second method for cloning a phone without touching it includes using a third-party tool that can intecept data via Bluetooth. There are a number of freely available tools that can take control of the device and finish phone cloning. So, you can learn how to clone a cell phone remotely this way.

Step 1: On your device, install a Bluetooth hacking tool.

Step 2: To install the tool, follow the on-screen directions.

Step 3: Connect your phone to the target phone by turning on Bluetooth. Both devices must be within close proximity of one another.

Step 4: You can view text messages, call records, keyboard strokes, and other data on target device after the connection is established.

Before you go ahead and use this method, keep in mind that hacking apps can be detrimental to the target phone. If you're not sure who the developer is or what their intentions are, the first method should be given to your priority.

clone cell phone remotely with bluetooth

Way 3. Using Data Trasferring App to Clone a Phone

Some data transferring programs, such as "CLONEit", can be used to effectively clone a phone. Data cloning services, such as the "Move" to iOS app, are also available from several cell phone manufacturers. It will assist you in transferring and cloning data between Android and iOS devices.

using data trasferring app to clone a phone

Part 3. FAQs about Phone Cloning

Q1. Can you clone someone's phone without them knowing?

Of course you can once you get the help from a hidden tool. Here we recommend FoneWatcher going first for its stealth mode to let clone run invisibly and undetectably.

Q2. Is cell phone cloning software safe?

You shall carefully use phone cloning software if have no idea who their developers are as well as their intentions. But also you can have the safe one like FoneWatcher who makes promise for their data safety and secrecy.

Q3. Can you clone a phone without a SIM card?

To clone a phone, some software uses SIM-based authentication, while others are expressly designed to clone phones without SIM cards, so you can have them both depending on your situiation.


Now when you know the best way to of cloning phone, with the help of FoneWatcher, you can clone a phone remotely without touching it. All you need to do is install this phone clone app on the target phone and have access to their activities from an online dashboard whenever and wherever you want.

It is a remarkable solution that works on all iPhone and Android running on latest system version. Last but not least, you can clone a phone without them knowing as this program is 100% invisible. Feel free to give it a try by clicking the button below and share this guide with others to teach them how to clone a phone as well.

Tomson Brown

Updated: Jul 29, 2022 03:58 pm

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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