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7 Ways to Clone A Phone without Knowing for Free 2023


How to clone a phone? Can I clone someone's phone without knowing for free?

There are times when you feel the needs to clone someone's phone. For example, you are a parent who protect kid's online activity. You may be in a romantic relationship and want to ensure you loved is loyal to you.

Therefore, this post is for you to know how to clone a phone without touching for free. You are available to know who they talk to and whatever they talk about.

how to clone a phone without someone knowing for free

What is Phone Cloning?

Phone cloning is a process to create a copy or backup of someone's phone. Then transfer the data of the phone to another phone. It often happens when people switch the phones, they want to clone the older phones so that they won't lose all the data in their new access.

Apart from this, a lot of people wonder how to clone someone's phone without them knowing for tracking, monitoring and parental control purposes.

7 Methods to Clone A Phone without Knowing for Free

Way 1. Using FoneWatcher to Clone A Phone without Knowing

Cloning someone's phones without knowing and remotely is not an easy job. But if you choose FoneWatcher, a powerful Phone Cloning App, it can make your work simpler and more discreet.

With FoneWatcher at your fingertips, you can have every bit of data on someone's phone including its text messages, call logs, multimedia content, contacts, browsing history, and even its social media apps data.

There is nothing that you will miss with FoneWatcher. It clones all the data on a cell phone, even those they are hiding. By the way, FoneWatcher is available for iPhone too. Features may vary in different solutions. More details you can check the live demo.

  • Clone phone in a stealth mode. Hidden and undetectable.
  • No need to root or jailbreak the phone.
  • Clone all sent, received and deleted SMS to know what they chat with and whom they talk to.
  • Clone 10+ social apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Viber, Telegram, etc. to know all online activities.
  • Best phone recorder to record phone calls, phone screen and phone surrounding lives.
  • Clone call history whatever incoming,outgoing or deleted. Never miss details.
  • Clone real-time location and see location history to know where they are and where they have been.
  • Clone browsing history to know what they are interested in on the Internet.
  • Clone media files secretly like photos, videos, notes, calendars.
  • Remotely control the target phone by taking photos through the camera, capture screenshots, etc.

How to Clone a Phone Remotely Using FoneWatcher?

You simply install this app onto the target phone. Then it will start uploading all the data from the phone to your online account where you can access from any browser on any device. It may take only 3-5 minutes.

Step 1: Register on FoneWatcher to start your cloning tour. Create a FoneWatcher account with a valid email address. Pick a plan meet your demands to activte phone cloning features.

Step 2: Download and install the app on your target's device. You have to access the phone you want to clone and download FoneWatcher app on the target device. Then, finish the configuration according to the on-screen wizard.

install fonewatcher on target phone

Step 3: Start to check all cloned data remotely and secretly. Leave the target phone alone and log into FoneWatcher official website where you can check the cloning data from target phone without touching it.

clone phone and check data with fonewatcher

Way 2. Using Bluetooth to Clone Someone's Android Phone for Free

The second method to clone an Android phone is using a third-party tool that can intecept data via Bluetooth. There are a number of freely available tools that can take control of the device and finish phone cloning. So, you can learn how to clone a cell phone remotely this way.

clone cell phone remotely with bluetooth

  • On your device, install a Bluetooth accessing tool.
  • To install the tool, follow the on-screen directions.
  • Connect your phone to the target phone by turning on Bluetooth. Both devices must be within close proximity of one another.
  • You can view text messages, call records, keyboard strokes, and other data on target device after the connection is established.

Before you go ahead and use this method, keep in mind that Bluetooth apps can be detrimental to the target phone. If you're not sure who the developer is or what their intentions are, the first method should be given to your priority.

Way 3. Using Phone Clone Apps Provided by Smartphone Brands for Free

Many phone manufacturers have developed their own phone clone apps for its users to clone a phone safely and quickly. If you are a Samsung phone user, you can use Samsung Smart Switch App available at Google Play Store to transfer data between your old and new Samsung devices. For an Oppo user, Oppo Clone Phone can be used to transfer data. Mi Mover is available for Xiaomi users. For OnePlus, you have OnePlus Switch. Huawei users can use Huawei Clone Phone. Phone cloning is easier for these brands.

Way 4. Using CLONEit to Clone Someone's Android Phone for Free

Some data transferring programs, such as "CLONEit", can be used to effectively clone a phone. Data cloning services, such as the "Move" to iOS app, are also available from several cell phone manufacturers. It will assist you in transferring and cloning data between Android and iOS devices. Follow the following steps to use CLONEit:

using data trasferring app to clone a phone

  • Down and install the CLONEit app on both your own and your target devices.
  • Launch the app on both phones and turn on the WiFi.
  • Mark the other's phone as "Sender" and yours as a "Receiver".
  • Allow the connection and start to mirror the target Android phone.

Way 5. Using Google Drive to Clone Someone's Android Phone for Free

Google is pre-install on almost every Android phone. You can download apps from Google Play. If the source Android phone is linked to a Google account, you can use the Google Backup feature to copy the data to one device you own. This method doesn't create an exact copy of the phone. Follow the following steps to clone Android phone with Google Drive:

  • Get the target Android phone and unlock it.
  • Tap on Settings > Backup & Reset. Turn on the backup option.
  • Enter you won Google account and start to backup the data on target Android phone.
  • Restore the backup to a device and check the data without knowing.

clone android with google drive

Way 6. Using iTunes to Clone Someone's iPhone for Free

If the source iPhone is backed up to a computer using iTunes, you can restore the backup to a new iPhone to clone the data. Otherwise, you should backup the target iPhone first, then restore the backup to your phone.

  • Download iTunes on a computer.
  • Connect the target device to the computer. Back up the devices you want to clone.
  • Restore the backup to your device.

clone iphone with itunes

Way 7. Using iCloud Backup to Clone Someone's iPhone for Free

iOS devices use iCloud to back up. By default, it provides a free 5GB space to every iCloud account. One thing you should confirm is that you target iPhone turn on the iCloud backup so that you can clone the data with the method. And you should know their iCloud credentials.

  • Log into the Apple ID and password of the target cloned iPhone.
  • Restore the data and files.
  • Restore again the iCloud Backup with a 3rd-party tool.

clone iphone with icloud

FAQs about Phone Cloning

Q1. Can you clone someone's phone without them knowing?

Of course you can once you get the help from a hidden tool. Here we recommend FoneWatcher going first for its stealth mode to let clone run invisibly and undetectably.

Q2. Is cell phone cloning software safe?

You shall carefully use phone cloning software if have no idea who their developers are as well as their intentions. But also you can have the safe one like FoneWatcher who makes promise for their data safety and secrecy.

Q3. Can you clone a phone without a SIM card?

To clone a phone, some software uses SIM-based authentication, while others are expressly designed to clone phones without SIM cards, so you can have them both depending on your situiation.


Now you know how to clone an Android phone or iPhone. There are 7 ways above help you to clone a phone for free. Among them, FoneWatcher stands out for its richer features. All you need to do is install this phone clone app on the target phone and have access to their activities from an online dashboard whenever and wherever you want.

Tomson Brown

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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