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[iPhone & Android] 8 Apps Cheaters Used for Cheating

It is hurting to find out that your lover or spouse cheated on you. Unfortunately, it is sheer truth that no one can change. Despite this, it is your eternal right to know if your spouse or lover is cheating as soon as possible.

There are numerous apps that cheaters use to cheat; using these apps, anyone can easily cheat their loved ones, and they never get to know about it.

But not anymore! In this article, we will showcase all these apps and share the magic trick to find out cheating on your loved one's phone. So, let's get started!

Common Apps People Use to Cheat


Before starting to show you common apps cheaters used for cheating, we have a message to let you know that there is a way to catch your loved when they are cheating on apps. If you already have the idea about these apps, just go to the method to find out cheating on your loved.

Cheating App 1. WhatsApp

This is another popular app that works perfectly on both Android and iOS. One of the greatest advantages of this app is the end-to-end encryption of the message, which means no one can access your messages unless they use your phone, so if someone doesn't have access to their spouse's mobile phone, they never come to know if he/she is cheating.

whatsapp logo

Cheating App 2. Snapchat

Snapchat is an awesome app for cheaters to hide their fraud for good reasons. First, Snapchat is specifically designed to disappear the messages after a specific time, and that's what cheaters want. So, even if you catch your spouse cheating, there will be no proof of their infidelity as the messages have already disappeared without leaving any trace at all.

snapchat logo

Cheating App 3. Telegram

Like WhatsApp, Telegram also looks like an innocent chatting app, but in reality, this is perfect for cheating your spouse. This great app not only allows you to self-destruct your messages after a certain time but also enables you to hide your conversation. In addition, you will need to enter a pin code to access these conversations.

telegram logo

Cheating App 4. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a chat app like WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook. Though it's a simple chatting app, still many people use it for cheating their spouse or lover as you can easily turn off your chat history on Google Hangouts. Thus, no one can have a record of who you were talking to.

google hangouts logo

Cheating App 5. Viber

Viber is the most popular app among cheaters. It may seem a harmless app, but in reality, this is the perfect app for cheaters because of:

1. It allows the cheaters to create secret chats that will disappear automatically after a certain period, mostly 1-5 minutes.

2. With Viber, one can easily hide the chats or conversation, and no one can track viber conversations except themselves, making it a perfect weapon for cheaters.

viber logo

Cheating App 6. Tinder

We all know Tinder is a dating app for hooking up and best known for one-night stands and affairs. So, if your spouse or lover has installed this app on his/her mobile, it means something fishy is going on.

tinder logo

Cheating App 7. Kik

Kik is another amazing app for this as on the upper side. It looks like a harmless, simple messaging app, but inside it is the perfect cheating app to hide your infidelity. This app not only allows you to chat with strangers with similar interests but also enables you to engage in live video chats. With this app, one can easily cheat his loved one without leaving a trace.

kik logo

Cheating App 8. Text me

Like Kik, this app is also most popular among cheaters for two good reasons. First, it allows you to send text, photos, videos free of cost all around the world. Second, you can easily hide your conversation in this app, and once the messages are deleted, no one can recover them, making it an ideal app for cheating.

text me logo

How to Find out the Cheating on Your Loved Ones' Phone

Now that you have a good idea of which app cheaters use to cheat their loved one's, it's time to jump on the solution; how to find these cheating apps on their phone and catch them guilty with foolproof evidence.

It's not untrue to say, FoneWatcher is an ideal weapon to catch your spouse or lover's infidelity. This awesome app comes with an extensive array of advanced features that allows you to have access to all the activities running down on your target mobile phone, such as;

find out cheating of your loved

check messages sent and received on social media apps, even those deleted

With FoneWatcher, you can effortlessly monitor all the social media apps, chats and media sharing. What's more, you can even take screenshots of Snapchat secretly as well as other social media's conversations in real-time and save them as evidence.

see the contacts list, including name, phone numbers, mail, etc.

FoneWatcher provides access to all the contacts with their name, phone number and respective email address so that you can have a clear idea of that person.

view the browser history

You can even track browsing history of your target phone and get to know what's going on in your target mind and what kind of content he is searching for these days.

track photos, videos, and location

With FoneWatcher, you can monitor all the photos and videos on your target phone and track the real time location with an advanced geofence feature.

One of the main advantages of using FoneWatcher is you don't require any root or jailbreaking to access the target phone, which is the main requirement of most spying apps. This amazing app is available for both Android and iOS devices. Moreover, you don't need to have any technical knowledge to use this app; simply follow the Setup guide to configure the app and start spying.

It is straightforward to get started with this app. Simply Signup to official site and choose a premium plan. Now you will be redirected to the My Products and management Page. Here you will get the link to download the APK file on your target mobile. Once the app is configured, it will automatically disappear on the target device. Now head over to your FoneWatcher dashboard and start monitoring your target mobile phone.

monitoring dashboard of cheat apps

FAQs for Cheating on Phone via Apps

Q1. Can I know whom my girlfriend is chatting with on WhatsApp?

Yes, there are many ways by which you can know if your girlfriend is cheating and with whom she is in a relationship. FoneWatcher is one the best apps for this purpose that provides the full details with the number, name, and email of that person to whom your girlfriend is talking.

Q2. What can I do if I really catch the cheating of my loved one?

  • First thing, don't panic or over react; keep calm and composed yourself. Accept what has happened.
  • Now ask the very first question - Is this relationship worth saving?
  • Ask yourself if it is your fault or the result of anything you did that led your partner to that extent.
  • Have a mature talk with your partner.
  • Ask a professional, friend or family for help.

Q3. Is there any way to bust a cheater?

Yes, there is. You can easily catch the cheating of your loved ones by spying on their mobile phones, messages, calls, and social media accounts. Many apps are available for this that effortlessly allows you to spy on your spouse/lover's mobile phone and catch them if they are cheating on you.

One such app is FoneWatcher that allows you to monitor all the activities on your target phone with the advanced option of taking real-time screenshots as evidence.


Here we go. We see all the apps that cheaters mostly use to cheat their loved ones, but one thing to remember the presence of these apps is that he/she is cheating on you. However, if you have any doubts that your lover/spouse is cheating on you, it's your eternal right to find the truth.

FoneWatcher is an amazing app for this purpose that works flawlessly and provides an advanced level of access to your spouse's mobile activities. It is easy to use and doesn't require any technical knowledge at all.

I hope you found this article helpful. If you have queries or require further information drop a line in the comment section below, we would love to help you out.

Tomson Brown

Updated: Mar 16, 2023 06:34 pm

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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