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How to Catch A Cheater: Signs for Cheating, 11 Ways to Catch Cheaters, Warm Suggestions


"I suspect that my husband/wife is cheating on me. How to catch him/her? Is there a way about how to catch a cheater?"

As much as we would love to have a perfect relationship, there might be loopholes along the line. Perhaps, something seems to be off about your partner of recent, but you can't get a hand on what it is.

It could be they recently stayed out late, no longer compliment your looks, or they are suddenly secretive. Whichever way, the best option is to confirm your suspicions as to whether or not he/she is cheating on you.

In this article, we will discuss the characteristics of a cheating spouse, and the best ways to about how to catch a cheater.

how to catch a cheater

Part 1. Signs That Your Loved is Cheating on You

1. They are suddenly hiding call logs or text messages.

One easy way to know if your partner is cheating is when they suddenly become overprotective about their call logs, and text messages. Oftentimes, they may even start answering calls behind closed doors. Other times, they may refuse to answer calls in your presence, or refuse you access to their mobile devices.

2. They begin to check others out.

It is a bad sign if your partner suddenly starts checking other people out, especially in an attractive manner. This is likely to occur when you hand it out in public, or even when your friends come visiting at the house. If this sign persists, then your partner is likely cheating on you with someone else.

3. They start hanging out alone.

If your partner starts handing it out alone or with an unknown group of friends, then it's something to worry about. This is mostly accurate if you used to hang out together in public. This sudden turnaround might indicate disinterest in the relationship, or he/she could be tired of you. Other times, it might mean they are scared of being found out by their secretive partner.

4. They become reluctant about dealing with your relationship problems.

Perhaps, you always found a means to settle your differences in the past but not anymore. Your partner has suddenly lost interest in discussing the problems in your relationship or even resolving them. That is a big indication that you are being cheated on.

5. He/she stays out late.

They may suddenly start staying out late more than before. At times, they might be complaining about having lots of work to do at the office. Suddenly, this becomes a daily occurrence, and they even start hanging out with friends late at night. Most times, your cheating partner becomes quite defensive when you ask them about it.

6. They start trying to get into shape.

It could be your partner has never been the gym type, or they have never tried exercising before. However, they recently found a new interest in gyming, and dieting. Other times, they may take to watching their weight or even taking supplements or pills.

Part 2. How to Catch a Cheater? - 14 Ways

Perhaps, you are well aware that your partner is cheating or is probably displaying any of these signs. Then, it's high time you decide to save your marriage or relationship. No doubt, catching a cheating spouse is not as easy as it seems. However, it is not impossible, you can catcher a cheater by:

1. How to Catch A Cheater: Check Their Activities on Phone

If your partner starts to spend more time on their phone and does not let go it, you absolutely have the doubt that there is something different on the phone. You can directly ask them to give you the phone and check their activities. There are a lot of apps that cheaters will use. By checking the app usage, you can find out the cheating truth.

But for a cheater, they must clean some suspicous trace to cover their cheating. At this moment, you need a hidden phone tracker to remotely check the activities without them knowing. FoneWatcher is the one. You can use FoneWatcher to know what apps they used, how often they use them, and how long they spend on them. FoneWatcher will show you a detailed report, helping you to reveal the cheating from what happened on their phone.

use fonewatcher get all data to catch a cheater

2. How to Catch A Cheater: See Messages on Phone, on Messaging Apps, and More

Reading their messages is a useful way to catch cheaters if they are. They need to send messages to flirt with someone. From checking the messages, you can easily know the contacts and content. But your cheating loved, of course, will delete the messages to cover their cheating behavior. Except for Messages app on phone, there are a lot of messaging apps can also for communication. And for privacy and security, these messaging apps have hidden feature for messages, like disappearing messages feature on Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, etc.

Therefore, you need an assistant helping you see all text messages and messages on messaging apps, sent, received, deleted and disappearing. FoneWatcher can be competent. It can help checking all kind of messages on phone and apps, and monitor over 20+ social apps like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Skype, Telegram, Viber, Discord, and so on.

3. How to Catch A Cheater: Get Call History and Call Conversations

Another way that a cheater used to keep in touch with their cheating partner is by phone calls. They can talk to each other. And once they finish, the call history can be deleted so that you may have no way to know whether they chat and what they say. You need a call recorder now, and FoneWatcher can be your best tool.

FoneWatcher can show you call history with contacts name and their phone number. You can know how long and how often your loved speak with a special person. It is also a powerful hidden phone recorder to help record phone calls remotely and listen to the conversations secretly.

4. How to Catch A Cheater: Track Their Location to Know Whereabouts

You can track your partner's location to know if he/she has been in a motel or a sensitive place. FoneWatcher can help track real-time location to know where a cheater is. It can also show location history in map and list view to help check where they have been. Wi-Fi location tracking is one of the amazing feature of FoneWatcher. You can know not only their outdoor locations, but also the indoor ones to locate a exact room. You can also use FoneWatcher to set up a geofence and get instant notifications when the cheater gets in or out of the area.

5. How to Catch A Cheater: Look for Hidden Photos and Videos

Besides deleted messages, your spouse may also hide photos and videos. Messages and contacts can be modified to fake the exact information, while photos and videos can reveal who the cheaters really are. Easily see all photos and videos on your girlfriend/boyfriend's phone. You can watch the photos and videos online or export them to your own devices for evidence.

6. How to Catch A Cheater: Use Hidden Camera or Voice Recorder

In fact, for a habitual cheater, all traces that may reveal the cheating can be cleaned and undetectable. You may can not find out the cheating truth from their messages, calls and locations. Therefore, you need to catch a cheater in time. A hidden camera and voice recorder can deal with your problem.

FoneWatcher hidden recorder can activate phone camera and mircrophone without knowing. You can use it to remotely take photos and record live. FoneWatcher can help take screenshots and photos. You can make use of it to record phone calls, phone screen, and phone surroundings far away from your spouse.

7. How to Catch A Cheater: Keylogger and Search

This software can be installed on cheater's phone, and the cheater will be unaware that it is operating in the background. These apps can track anything you want, including the passwords they use, the emails they send, the websites they visit, and even how they use the phone.

FoneWatcher is such a hidden kelogger app. You can use it to record every keystroke on your partner's phone. It supports searching over the whole monitored data. You can find the information with ease.

8. How to Catch A Cheater: Check the Cloud

It's one thing to recognize a liar; it's quite another to suspect that they've been receiving messages or photographs from a different love interest. Just because your partner removed images from his or her computer does not mean they are no longer available anywhere. If your spouse is hiding photos, selfies, or other unfaithful memories, they will be stored in his or her Cloud storage. The most common are iCloud, Google Drive, and Amazon Prime, but Keepsafe Photo Vault, Vault, and Hide It Pro hint something more sinister is at work.

For Checking the hidden data on iCloud, FoneWatcher iCloud Sync can do you a favor. You can monitor photos, videos, contacts, and notes on their iPhone. Tracking their iPhone real-time location is possible. Everything on iCloud Drive can also be checked.

9. How to Catch A Cheater: Hire A Private Investigator

In addition to online tracking, you may want to know the cheater's activity in real life. One of the best ways to catch a cheater is to hire a private investigator. Most times, a private investigator could be expensive, and if you are on a budget or not financially stable, then this would not be an option. However, the private investigator has several tools that will help in every way possible.

  • You can find a private Investigator by searching the yellow pages, or Google. Otherwise, you could make inquiries from your family, friends, or at the nearest police station.
  • Look out for a private Investigator with legal licensing within your state or region. Before settling for a private Investigator, try to interview a few of them, so you can decide on their abilities and skills. This way, you get to hire an experienced private investigator.
  • One important criterion to look out for in a private investigator is one with great infidelity investigation skills.

catch the cheater by hiring private investigator

10. How to Catch A Cheater: Check the Back of Your Furniture

Another way to catch a cheating partner is to search the back of your furniture. If you are someone who stays out late or comes back late from work, then this might work for you. If you notice some sound in the living room, or you found everywhere unusually quiet, you should check the back of your furniture.

It could be your partner's side chick is hiding behind the furniture and does not want to know about it. Also, if you have furniture inside your bedroom, do well to check out the back, and even inside your drawer.

This helps you catch your cheating partner if they are carrying out any activity inside your house. However, this method may or may not be effective.

11. How to Catch A Cheater: Follow Them Secretly

Following a cheating partner could be another good way of confirming your suspicions. You can follow them to their place of work, hang out spots with friends, or even on an official trip. You can never tell when they will decide to cheat.

This method is pretty easy to do, as long as you have enough time on your hands. The upside is that it allows you to witness events by yourself without being told by friends or family.

Part 3. What You Should or Should not Do

Here are a few things you should and shouldn't do to while catch a cheating spouse.


  • 1. Seek support from friends and family.
  • 2. Talk it out with your partner.
  • Decide on the available options.
  • 4. Go ahead to get tested.
  • 5. Always take care of yourself.


  • 1. Do not react immediately, especially if your facts are not exactly correct.
  • 2. Do not try to blame yourself for what happened.
  • 3. Do not compare yourself to whoever your partner is cheating on you with because they are not worth it.
  • 4. Try not to take it to social media, as it is likely to escalate issues.
  • 5. Do not try to get even with your cheating partner, instead, you should try and find the best way to resolve all issues.


Catching a cheater may seem difficult, but it is easy if only you know the right steps.

You can start by hiring a private investigator to help you confirm your suspicions about your partner. While that is ongoing, ensure you go for the best, and most experienced private investigator. Also, you could follow them when hanging out with friends or keep late nights.

However, the best way to catch a cheating husband/wife is by using the FoneWatcher phone tracker. It allows you to get full details about your partner's location history in real-time. With FoneWatcher, it's easy to remotely track your partner's social media, text messages, calls, and current location. It's easy to start tracking with FoneWatcher. Simply download the app on your target device, and start monitoring.

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Amy Hueber always believes that technology should make the difficulties simple, and help bulid a more comfortable life.

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