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How to See Someone's Unsent Messages on iPhone?

Are you curious about that why someone calls back their messages on iPhone? Are you curious about what someone said on their messages? Are the unsent messages hurtful, regretful, or faulty?

You may wonder how to see someone's unsent messages on iPhone. Is there any way? Congratulations! In this post, we will walk through the methods about seeing iPhone unsent messages. Let's go on.

how to see someones unsent messages on iphone

Part 1. What is Unsent Messages on iPhone?

Previously, Apple users could not unsend their messages which they think hurtful, regretful or faulty. Those messages somehow may cause an huge influence to their life. Now they have a way, unsending the messages.

Apple launched a new feature to Messages app called Undo Send. You can recall a messages you sent. It is different from deleted or removed messages, for unsent messages will disappear from both senders and recipients.

However, unsending iPhone messages has its limits. You must be using iMessages which are blue bubbles. If you send messages as SMS through a green bubble, you have no way to unsend them. Another limitation is that Undo Send feature is only available for Messages app on iPhone running iOS 16, iOS 17 or later. Undo Send is time-limit. You can only call back your messages up to 2 minutes after you sent them.

Part 2. Can I See Someone's Unsent Messages on iPhone?

When the sender unsends an iMessage, the recipient will be confirming that someone unsent a message. What messages do they unsent? As a recipient, you may have a question that if you can see someone's unsent iMessages on iPhone.

Actually it is hard to see someone's unsent messages on iPhone. When the messages are unsent, they have no draft or record on iPhone. The data will be rewritten. There is no method to find them back. But we still recover 3 ways for you to have a chance to see unsent messages on iPhone:

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  • Monitor text messages and iMessages on someone's iPhone without knowing.
  • Check someone's all call history including the deleted ones.
  • Monitor social app chats on WhatsApp, Viber, LINE, Kik, etc.
  • Track someone's location on map clearly to know where they were.
  • Get photos, videos, voice memos, calendars, notes, reminders, Safari history and bookmarks.

Way 1. Receive the messages with an iPhone running older iOS versions

As we said above, Undo Send is a new feature for Messages app on iPhone running iOS 16 or later. It requires both senders and recipients to own iOS 16 for enjoying unsent messages. If you want to see someone's unsent messages on iPhone, you can use an Apple device under iOS 16.

Follow "Settings" > "About" > "Software Version". Here you can check your iOS version. If you already upgrade your iOS version to iOS 16 or later, you can ask for help with third-party app to downgrade it to older version such as Wootechy iMaster.

check ios version on iphone

Way 2. Turn off iMessages

The second method to see someone's unsent message is to turn off iMessages. You can take advantage of another limitation of Undo Send feature on iPhone Messages. Actually, users have no option of Undo Send in the pop-up menu is the messages is sent as a SMS told in a green bubble. Obviously, messages can always be read once the sender cannot unsend the messages.

You can turn off iMessages on Messages app. Open "Settings" and find "Messages". On the top right, toggle to turn off "iMessage". One thing you should note is that you might be charged by carrier for only sending SMS because iMessage allows you to start a conversation with wireless network.

turn off imessage on iphone

Way 3. Turn on Notifications

Besides seeing someone's unsent iMessages according its limits, you can use notifications to get preview of messages including the unsent ones. You first need to turn on the notifications feature for Messages app. Once you enable message notifications, you will receive the message when screen locked. In such situation, you have already seen the unsent messages. But when you open the conversation box on Messages, the messages disappear and you have no method to check back on the notifications.

turn on message notifications

Part 3. How to Unsend Messages on iPhone?

Undo Send feature gives senders a chance to correct their errors. For privacy and security, iPhone unsent messages cannot be retrieved. Now you know 3 possible ways to read someone's unsent messages on iPhone. Here we will also tell you how to unsend messages on iMessage.

how to unsend messages on iphone


Unsent messages on iPhone is a feature added to Messages app on iOS 16. It is only available for iMessage and you can only unsend the messages within 2 minutes. If you want to see someone's unsent messages, you can use older iOS version, turn off iMessage and turn on notifications. Try methods above.

Tomson Brown

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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