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Top 6 Girlfriend Tracker Apps: Location, Messages and Social Media Apps

Everyone wishes to have a good girlfriend that gives all the attention to them and doesn't talk to many other people. What will you do when you suspect that your girlfriend is seeing someone else? First, you'll need to access her phone.

To know how to track your girlfriend without her knowing, you'll need a good girlfriend tracker. Girlfriend trackers allow you to view someone's current location, their social media app activity, messages exchanged, and so on.

best girlfriend tracker

6 Best Girlfriend Trackers for Monitoring Her Phone

In this article, we'll look at 6 top girlfriend tracker apps that will help with how to track my girlfriend's phone location and activity.

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Girlfriend Tracker #1. FoneWatcher

Recommended Stars: 4.8/5

Compatibility: Works on Android and iOS devices

FoneWatcher Girlfriend Tracker is among the most recommended girlfriend tracker apps on location, social media apps, and messages. It's easy to download and install this app (it only takes 3-5 minutes).

fonewatcher girlfriend tracker

It's a perfect monitoring software because it runs without being noticed when tracking girlfriend location. The app also doesn't require any rooting before installation. The features that make FoneWatcher the best when tracking my girlfriend's location include the following (features vary on monitoring Android and iOS).

  • Web dashboard. FoneWatcher has an online control panel in the form of a web dashboard. This enables you to remotely view every piece of information from the target device through an interactive user interface.
  • Stealth mode. To avoid its detection on the target device, FoneWatcher has its icon hidden and only runs in the background. The target device won't detect this app.
  • Remote control. The app enables you to remotely monitor activities in the target devices such as calls and any voice notes shared through platforms like WhatsApp.
  • Screen recording. To give timely updates about user activity on the target Android or iOS device, FoneWatcher takes screenshots regularly and sends them to the web dashboard.
  • GPS tracking. To effectively determine the location of your girlfriend, the app has a unique GPS feature that enables easy tracking.
  • Map view. In addition to the GPS tracker for girlfriend location, the app has a map view feature customized with Google Maps to shows a user's correct location.
  • Geofencing. FoneWatcher allows you to receive alerts whenever a user enters or exits a particular geofence.

Use FoneWatcher to Track Girlfriend's Phone without Her Knowing

To get started with FoneWatcher, you should adhere to the following steps:

Step 1: Sign up. Choose the subscription plan that suits you. Use a valid email ID and password to create your FoneWatcher account here.

Step 2: Install the app. After purchasing your preferred plan, click on "Setup Guide" to access the download instructions. Download and install the app on the target device you plan to monitor.

download fonewatcher

Step 3: Start Monitoring. After installation of the app on the target device, navigate to FoneWatcher's web dashboard to begin tracking all activities from the target Android/iOS device.

start tracking girlfriend with fonewatcher

Why FoneWatcher Is the Most Recommended Girlfriend Tracker App

We highly recommend FoneWatcher because:

  • It's more powerful.
  • It's 100% undetectable.
  • It's easy to set up on the target device.
  • It allows real-time data syncing and protection.
  • It's affordable.
  • It has an excellent customer support.

Girlfriend Tracker #2. FlexiSpy

Stars: 4.6/5

Compatibility: Works on iPhone, Android, and Computers.


How can I track my girlfriend's iPhone location using FlexiSpy? Flexispy is among the best applications to use when planning to track your girlfriend's phone location. It enables you to monitor pretty much any device including tablets, computers, Android phones, and iOS.

Apart from tracking a user's location, FlexiSpy enables you to listen and record phone calls from the target device. It also tracks girlfriend's messages and emails exchanged on the target Android or iOS device. The app also gives you access to social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Telegram.

This enables you to view the information shared between the user and their contacts or friends. You'll have the collected data remotely sent to your computer or mobile phone. You can then save or delete the data.


  • The download and installation process for Flexispy is straightforward.
  • You can make any call recordings including live call recordings.
  • It has an effective GPS location feature that grants you real-time tracking of the target device


  • You can't access the premium features of this software without rooting or jailbreaking the target Android or iOS device.
  • It's expensive to access its premium features.

Girlfriend Tracker #3. TrackMyFone

Stars: 4.4/5

Compatibility: Works fine with both Android and iOS devices.


One attribute that makes TrackMyFone a unique girlfriend tracker app is its attractive interface. This makes it easier to navigate through the software and track any activity you would wish from the target device.

The software comes with all the tracking features including those to monitor your girlfriend's texts, calls, social media apps, or emails. If you want to know the exact location of your girlfriend, you can make use of the location feature in TrackMyFone. What next? This software also allows you to remotely lock the target device.

For this case, you would want to lock the target device because it has crossed the set boundary for your geofence. Also, when your girlfriend has installed on her phone apps that you don't like, you can remotely block them using TrackMyFone.


  • It remotely blocks any installed apps that you dislike
  • It has a very accurate location tracking feature that gives real-time tracking information
  • Enables one to create and add geofences
  • Works on more than one platform


  • It doesn't have a call recording feature like most couple tracker apps
  • Cases of malfunction have been reported with this application

Girlfriend Tracker #4. XNSPY

Stars: 4.4/5

Compatibility: Works well for both Android and iPhone devices.


XNSPY is among the most powerful tracker apps because it works efficiently for both Android and iOS gadgets. If you want to know how to track girlfriend mobile phone location or activity, XNSPY is the answer.

With this software, you get to access the GPS feature that gives the correct information about your girlfriend's current location and their specific address. You can also track her messages and call history to determine who she regularly calls or chats with.

The app also gives you access to social apps like WhatsApp. You'll track any images or videos from the target device. This tracker app also allows you to access the browser history and see the URLs that the target device has recently visited. You can click on the URLs to determine the content that the user accessed.


  • It grants access to both rooted and unrooted devices hence no need for jailbreaking
  • Makes use of a high-quality GPS tracking system
  • You can view the collected data using any device including a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.


  • Sometimes, the GPS tracking system could take time to load results
  • The feature for surrounding recording only works for Android devices.

Girlfriend Tracker #5. Appmia

Stars: 4.3/5

Compatibility: Works well on all Android and iOS devices.


Appmia is another giant tracking software that could help you with tracking girlfriend's phone location and activity. It's a user-friendly app that has all features running effectively.

T his app allows you to track your girlfriend's real-time location through a Google Map-enabled feature. You can have a map view of a user's location and determine their correct address. You can also monitor the text messages sent and received by your girlfriends through her Android or iOS device.

You can also view the exact time when the messages got shared and the names of the recipients or senders. When your girlfriend is on a call, Appmia allows you to record the entire call duration and store the data on your computer.

You can also record any other audio activity taking place on the target device. Additionally, you can track your girlfriend's activity on social apps like Facebook and WhatsApp.


  • Gives you access to many monitoring features
  • Can record any call activity on the target device
  • Performs real-time tracking
  • Allows monitoring of texts and chats on social media apps


  • Requires rooting or jailbreak before installation on the target device.

Girlfriend Tracker #6. Mobile Spy

Stars: 4.0/5

Compatibility: Works well on all Android and iOS devices.


As one of the best tracker apps for location, social media apps, and messages, Mobile Spy gives you access to premium monitoring features without having to physically access the target device. This software allows you to track any information needed from the target device.

You can track someone's phone calls and messages they exchanged with their contacts. You can also access social apps like WhatsApp and check who they regularly chat with, the media shared with their contacts, and anything posted on their status. You can also track someone's real-time location by accessing the Google Map in the app's location feature.

With regards to browser history, Mobile Spy enables you to check all the websites visited by your girlfriend and their URLs. You can therefore visit these websites and confirm what your girlfriend browsed.


  • Gives you access to a web dashboard with a live panel option.
  • Runs on stealth mode after installation.
  • Monitors all messages exchanged through platforms like Twitter, WhatsApp, or Facebook.


  • Doesn't allow you to listen to or record calls.
  • The customer service personnel aren't responsive at all times.


The introduction of tracker apps has made it very convenient to track my girlfriend's cell phone. If you doubt what your girlfriend constantly does on her phone, you can try using tracker apps like FoneWatcher, FlexiSpy, Mobile Spy, Appmia, XNSPY, or TrackMyFone.

However, we greatly recommend FoneWatcher due to its unique attributes. FoneWatcher takes little time to download and install. The app also runs on stealth mode hence difficult to detect during the monitoring process.

Tomson Brown

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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