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How to Read Girlfriend's Text Messages without Her Knowing for Free?

Are you the type of guy that always wants to know the messages that your girlfriend exchanges with other people? You may want to do this so that you ensure she's under your watch and that someone else isn't trying to grab her. In most cases, you may not want her to know that you're checking her messages since it may lead to more trouble for you!

To effectively check on her messages, you need to find a way that she won't suspect anything. Are you eager to know how to read your girlfriend's text messages? This article will inform you how.

spy on girlfriends text messages

Part 1. Spy on Your Girlfriend's Text Messages on Your Phone

"Can I check my girlfriend's text messages without her knowing?"

Yes, with FoneWatcher SMS Tracker. You can unearth every detail of your girlfriend's conversations secretly with its stealth mode. FoneWatcher is available for both Android and iOS devices, requiring no root or jailbreak. No matter your girlfriend is an Android user or iPhone user, every her message can be checked in your hand.

1. Read Girlfriend's Text Messages on Android

FoneWatcher works incredibly on Android phone. It will sync your girlfriend's real-time messages sent and received. Once the app is installed on her phone, you can read her deleted messages as well.

You can also see when and whom she is texting. FoneWatcher provides the exact timelines for each conversations. You can view her text messages as well as every contact your girlfriend has just talked to.

Apart from primary text messages, this app allows you to track your girlfriend's messages on instant messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Telegram, Kik, Viber, Skype, and more.

fonewatcher girlfriend SMS tracker

One amazing thing is that FoneWatcher is more than a SMS tracker. This comprehensive spy app comes with many premium features for monitoring your girlfriend's activities on her phone.

  • FoneWatcher provides stealth mode and remote control panel. You can monitor your girlfriend without her knowing.
  • You can track your girlfriend's real-time location without her knowing. Location history is clearly shown in list and map view.
  • Not only outdoor location, you can also check her indoor location with FoneWatcher Wi-Fi Logger tracking feature.
  • If you have a suspicious place, you can set up a geo-fencing to get alert every time when your girlfriend gets in or out of the area.
  • You can monitor her social media and get her activity on Facebook, Instagram, Discord, Tnder, YouTube, TikTok, etc.
  • FoneWatcher helps you check your girlfriend's call history and contacts. You can know who she is talking to. Moreover, you can record her phone calls to listen in to what they are talking about.
  • You can view your girlfriend's photos and videos. You can view her browsing history to know what websites she visited in the recent past.
  • FoneWatcher is the best phone recorder. You can record any calls made by your girlfriend. You can also record her phone screen and phone surrounding live.
  • You are able to remotely activate her phone camera to take photos secretly. You can also capture screenshots without her knowing.
  • If you doubt that your girlfriend is contacting with another man, you can set up his name as a keyword and get alerts when the contact is detected.

2. Read Girlfriend's Text Messages/iMessages on iPhone

FoneWatcher enables you to monitor your girlfriend text messages on iPhone, including iMessages. All messages/iMessages sent, received, and even deleted can be checked on FoneWatcher control panel.

Besides messages checking, you can come together with FoneWatcher to track your girlfriend's iPhone location. You can check her calls incoming, outgoing and deleted with detailed name and phone number. FoneWatcher can hack your girlfriend's photos and videos on her iPhone. Safari history and bookmarks are no exception.

You can monitor your girlfriend's social media apps on iPhone such as WhatsApp, Kik, Viber, LINE, WeChat, and QQ. Taking advantage of FoneWatcher to check her notes, voice memos, reminders, calendar on the panel without her knowing.

fonewatcher girlfriend SMS tracker

How to Use FoneWatcher to Read Girlfriend's Messages without Her Knowing?

Step 1: Create an account

To get started with FoneWatcher, you need to purchase a license and get your account to unlock FoneWatcher's premium monitoring features.

Step 2: Install FoneWatcher on girlfriend's phone

Next, download and install the app on your girlfriend's phone. Follow the setup guide to finish the settings necessary.

download fonewatcher on target phone

Step 3: Check girlfriend's text messages on the dashboard

To access your girlfriend's text messages, log in to FoneWatcher's online dashboard. You will now have access to your girlfriend's text messages anywhere anytime. You can know whom she's chatting with currently and the person she constantly chats with.

check girlfriends text messages on fonewatcher dashboard

Part 2. Get Your Girlfriend's Text Messages By Backup

Read Girlfriend's Text Messages with Backup File on Android

You can read your girlfriend's text messages for free if she's using an Android phone that has an SMS backup tool. To read data from a backup tool, you'll need to decode the messages from an XML format to readable MS Excel format.

To achieve this, copy the backup files from your girlfriend's android phone into your computer. To decode the data into MS Excel format, make use of the following steps:

  1. Go to MS Excel and allow all permission for ".xml" files
  2. To decode the dates for all messages sent, received, or deleted, enter the value: "=([@date]/86400000)+25569" on a fresh column and copy-paste it to all rows.
  3. Now label the new column as "Date." Note that when you edit a file in Excel, you cannot convert it back to XML format.
This method has the following setbacks:

1. You'll need access to your girlfriend's phone to transfer the backup files into your computer using a USB cable.

2. You need MS Excel knowledge before decoding the backup files.

Read Girlfriend's Text Messages on iPhone with iCloud

iCloud is primarily designed for backup and synchronization, and its contents, including text messages, are not easily accessible in a readable format. However, you can view your girlfriend's text messages on your iOS device or through the Messages app on a Mac that is logged in with her Apple ID.

  1. Make sure that iCloud is enabled on your girlfriend's iPhone. If not, you have to physically access her iPhone to turn on it.
  2. Log into her iCloud account on another iPhone to get text messages.
  3. Open the Messages app to read your girlfriend's conversation.
This method has the following setbacks:

1. You need to know your girlfriend's iCloud account and password.

2. You are required to access her iPhone to get the verified code.

Part 3. Directly Access Your Girlfriend's Phone for Free

You can physically access your girlfriend's phone to read her text messages. When she's at the bathroom or the kitchen making some meal, you may use this time to sneak into her phone and unearth everything.

Ensure that you're not caught in this process, however. Although this method may look simple, it may not work at times. Maybe she's set her face ID or fingerprint as a password hence you cannot access the phone without her presence.

Part 4. Why FoneWatcher is the Best Way?

Now you get how to read your girlfriend's text messages without her knowing for free. Among all these ways, we recommend FoneWatcher to spy on your girlfriend's messages. FoneWatcher is the best solution and here are the reasons:

  • With one FoneWatcher, you own a phone tracker, a location tracker, a keylogger and a phone recorder. It is full of incredible monitoring features.
  • You can check your girlfriend's real-time messages. FoneWatcher syncs and updates her latest text messages automatically.
  • Unlike backup and physical access, you only need to install FoneWatcher on your girlfriend's phone once. By backup and phone checking, you have to access her phone again and again to check the messages.
  • FoneWatcher runs in hidden mode. You can check text messages undetectably.
  • FoneWatcher is designed for everyone like you and me. You don't need to root or jailbreak your girlfriend's phone. It is user friendly.

Part 5. FAQs about Checking Girlfriend's Text Messages

Q1. Can I read my girlfriend's text messages without her phone?

Yes. You only need to find a way that you'll remotely access her phone without her knowledge and monitor all text messages she exchanges with people. You can use a tracking app to achieve this.

Q2. Can I view the deleted messages on my girlfriend's phone?

Through a reliable monitoring app like FoneWatcher, you'll have access to all the deleted messages using the provided online dashboard. You'll even view the exact time that the user sent the messages.

Q3. How can I read my girlfriend's text messages secretly?

To achieve this, you'll have to install a monitoring app on her phone. Since most apps run on stealth mode after installation, your girlfriend won't suspect anything. You'll then read their messages secretly through the online dashboard. FoneWatcher enables you to read sent, received, and deleted messages secretly.


It's good to check your girlfriend's messages since it helps to clear any doubts about her. If you cannot always access her phone, the best option is to use FoneWatcher which runs in a phone's background hence someone cannot detect them.

You should make FoneWatcher your first choice because of its wide range of benefits. You only need to pick your favorite subscription plan to access the most premium features of this app. To get started with FoneWatcher, you can sign up here. You can also view this messages demo to know how the app works.

Tomson Brown

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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