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How to See Someone's Facebook Message Requests and Monitor Facebook without Knowing?

It is common for Z-generation people to make friends with someone they don't know online with social networking platforms like Facebook. On Facebook, people create personal profiles and share various forms of content such as text posts, photos, videos, and links. Everyone can show their lives on Facebook. Then those with the same interests may group together. And the first step they do is simply to message someone they like in a state where both are strangers.

Facebook provides a chance to combine people around the world easily. However, pros and cons. It may also cause some problems such as easy-approaching to children and hidden cheating in romantic relationships. So, knowing how two people start their connections on Facebook is important. Keep going, and you will know how to check someone's Facebook message requests.

check someones facebook message request

What is A Facebook Message Request?

Facebook message request is a feature that lets you know that there is a person who is not your friend on Facebook who sends you a message and wants to connect with you. Once they message you, you will receive a request on Facebook or Facebook Messenger to note that someone wants to talk with you. Facebook will originally filter the messages they think are spam so that you will not be overwhelmed by message requests. But it is a rule that Facebook will inform its users so that people will not send the trigger content. Actually, almost every Facebook message request is waiting for your checking.

The original request you see on Facebook is just text. You cannot see the images or videos at the first time unless you reply to the request. That is because the Facebook team prevents it in order to protect the users from the images or videos or links that might be sensitive. Once you reply to the request, the connection between you both two is valid so you can start the conversation in your chats.

How to Send Messages to Someone without Being Friends on Facebook?

Messaging someone that not your friend is quite simple. You can send a Facebook message request on Facebook or Facebook Messenger. And both on desktop or mobile apps. While sending message requests on a desktop, you can log in to your account on or Search for the person's name. You will be led to his/her profile. Then click the button "Message" and send a message. If you are using a mobile phone, open the Facebook app or Facebook Messenger app. If you have both these two apps, you can directly use Messenger because Facebook will also be changed to the Messenger app. Simply search the person's name and send a message. The message request should be a little longer than just saying "Hi", or it will be filtered to "Spam" and be ignored.

How to Check Facebook Message Requests?

You may want to know how to check the Facebook message requests to know what people text to you. The checking ways are a little different while on different devices and apps.

See Message Requests on Facebook Desktop

  • Log into your Facebook account on
  • Click "Messenger" icon in the top right to open Chats
  • Click three horizontal dots on the left and click Message Requests
  • The message requests are separated into "You may know" and "Spam", check both of them

See Facebook Message Requests on Facebook Lite App

  • Tap "Messenger" icon at the top of Facebook
  • Tap the "Setting"
  • Tap Message Requests
  • Choose to delete or accept the message requests

See Facebook Message Requests on Facebook with Mobile Browser

  • Tap Messages at the top of Facebook
  • Scroll down to tap View Message Requests
  • Choose to delete or accept them

See Message Requests on Messenger Desktop

  • Open or Messenger Desktop app
  • Log into your account
  • Click Request on the left
  • Check the message request and choose to reply or delete or block the person

See Message Requests on Messenger app on Mobile Phone

  • Tap the three lines
  • Tap Message Requests
  • Check the requests and also the same next: reply or delete or block the person

How to See Someone's Facebook Message Requests

It is easy to check the Facebook message requests on your own account because you can access you own account without any problem. But how can you check message requests on others' Facebook? You may be a parent worried about your kid's online safety. Children have no mature resolution to deal with potential threats. You may be a spouse doubting your loved cheating on you. They spend much more time on Facebook chatting with someone they don't know instead of having a chat with you.

Don't worry. FoneWatcher Phone Monitoring will be your best assistant. FoneWatcher is feature-rich, user-friendly, and easy to use. It has 30+ features including viewing text messages, tracking location, checking the browsing history and location history, monitoring social media apps, remote controlling the phone, and so on. With FoneWatcher, you can view someone else's Facebook message requests without being caught, for it running in the back, and hidden in the front.

  • With its Facebook Monitoring feature, you can check Facebook messages, Facebook private photos and profiles, Facebook hiding likes, and so on. Facebook message requests will not be missed. FoneWatcher will help you control whole activities on target's Facebook.
  • With its screenshot-capturing feature, you can take a screenshot while they reply to the message requests. Therefore, you can know what messages they received, and their answer to the requests. You can also export the screenshot once you need it as proof.
  • With its phone screen recording feature, you can record the target's phone screen anywhere and anytime you like at your fingertip. When you have a doubt about their behavior, just record their phone to know what they exactly do for a period of time. Not only to record phone screens, FoneWatcher accesses to record phone calls and phone surroundings. No detail will be missed.
  • With its keylogger feature, every keystroke will be remembered on FoneWatcher. What they type on the phone is no longer a secret for you. It can capture all the text entered, including usernames, passwords, and messages typed on various apps, including Facebook. By using this feature, the person monitoring the device can potentially view Facebook message requests and other conversations.

How to See Other's Messages on Facebook with FoneWatcher

FoneWatcher is an easy-to-use software. In just 3 steps in 5 minutes, you can not only check the Facebook message requests, but whole text messages on their phone and messages on other social media apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Telegram, etc.

Step 1. Sign up for a FoneWatcher account for free. Click the button below and finish the registration. Then choose a suitable plan to enjoy the features.

Step 2. Download and install FoneWatcher on the target phone. Follow the guidance. Once the app is successfully installed, it will disappear from the screen and work in hidden mode.

install fonewatcher

Step 3. Log into the account on the FoneWatcher website. Now you can start to monitor Facebook, and check the whole data on the target phone.

see someones facebook message request with fonewatcher


Facebook message request tells you someone want to connect with you on Facebook. Messaging someone without being your friends is very easy. Just to search for the name and send a message. You can check the requests in different devices. They are almost the same just a little difference from each other. If you want to see someone else's Facebook message requests, FoneWatcher Monitoring app will be your best choice.

Tomson Brown

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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