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How to Tell If Someone Read Your Facebook Message?

As social creatures, we crave connection and interaction. When we send a message on Facebook, we eagerly anticipate a response. Understanding whether someone has read our message holds significance. Then, one common question that often arises is, "How to tell if someone read your Facebook message?"

The "someone" can be the person who received your Facebook messages on the other end or someone who sees your Facebook conversations to know whom you are talking to and what you are talking about.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore various methods and techniques to determine if someone has read your Facebook message based on the two different situations. So, let's dive in and uncover the mystery!

Part 1. Understanding Facebook's Checkmark System to Know If Facebook Messages Read

Facebook has a built-in checkmark system to take your guesswork out of communication. If you want to know whether your Facebook message has been read by a person on the other end, you can check them.

  • An open circle: The app is still sending your response if there is an open circle next to the message. In order to avoid bugs that could result in data loss, it's best to stay in the chat box until the app sends the message. The circle's boundaries will be blue if you're using the Messenger app on an iPhone or an Android smartphone. Grey-colored indicators are employed in the online version.
  • A checkmark within the open circle: The open circle has a tick mark when a message is successfully transmitted. Even while the app refreshes discussions quickly, it could take some time for the receiver to get the message. The text will reach the user after they have a reliable internet connection again if they don't currently have one.
  • A checkmark within a filled-in circle: If a small checkmark appears inside a circle that has been filled in, the app has successfully transmitted your message to the recipient and they have a strong internet connection. You must now wait for it to pass. When do they plan to access the conversation and see your response? You can see if they've read your message, but you can't tell when they'll join the chat.
  • The profile picture of the recipient: The symbols are replaced with a miniature representation of the recipient's display picture after they have read your response. This tiny icon, when it shows, demonstrates that they have at least started the discussion.
  • NOTE:

    In a group chat, this messaging signal has a different purpose. A group member's icon will show up beneath each message they read. Icons for people who haven't started a chat won't be displayed.

  • A red triangle: The app has failed to transmit your message, as indicated by a red triangle with a white exclamation mark. A network error frequently causes the problem. It shouldn't be a problem to resubmit the message once your connection is stable.

Part 2. How to Know If the Recipient Read Your Facebook Message?

It has two identities for the recipient to whom you send a Facebook message, your friends or nonfriend. Their identity will decide where they will see your message, inbox, or maybe in spam. The messages you send to your friends will be shown inbox, noticing them that they receive your messages. But the message you sent to a nonfriend may appear nowhere as spam or hide too deep to ignore as a message request.

How to Check the Status of Facebook Messages to Your Friend?

You sent a Facebook message to your friend, and of course, you want to know if the message is known. It provides clarity and closure. Knowing that your message has been acknowledged can give you peace of mind. On the other hand, it helps in effective communication. By being aware of the message status, you can determine whether to follow up or explore alternative means of reaching out.

Way 1. See the Read Receipt

Open the chatting inbox with your friend. If you see the circle with your friend's profile picture, that means he/she has read your Facebook message. It seems the easiest way but there is one thing you should know is that your friend can turn off the seen feature or restrict your conversation first to see the message without read receipt.

Way 2. Check their Active Status to Detect

The message-read checkmark only shows when your friends open the chatting box and see the message. They might preview it by the notification, which means they already read your Facebook message and you have no idea. So another way to tell if they read your Facebook message is by checking their active status. If they are online after you sent the message, you can guess that they read it. But you have to make sure that your friends have enabled the active status feature and that they have no habit to keep active in a different browser or device in common use.

Way 3. Directly Ask Your Friend

You can directly ask your friend if they saw your Facebook messages. It is a direct but simple way. But you have no idea the fact is that they might lie to you. If you are suspicious of their reply, there might be a risk to damage your friendship.

Can You Tell If a Non-Friend Has Read Your Facebook Message?

You can also send a Facebook message to a stranger to start a new relationship. If you send a message to someone and you are not friends with them, they must go to the message request folder in order to read your message.

Facebook would not provide you with any information on their active status or whether they have seen the message, so you wouldn't know whether they had seen it.

You shouldn't try to guess whether someone has read your message in their requests folder because most people don't actually check their Messager message requests.

Only once they respond to you will you be able to tell that they have read your letter. If they add you as a friend as soon as you send your message, that is another sign that they have read it.

You'll know they've read the message if they add you as a friend shortly after, and once you accept, you'll see the seen status next to the message you sent them.

What will Happen When You Send a Facebook Message to Someone Non-Friend?

When you send a message to someone on Facebook who is not a friend, the recipient sees it as a message request. They can choose to click it to respond, block you, or, if appropriate, report the message.

Your message gets sent to their Facebook chat list, which is where the majority of spam usually ends up. However, if you make a friend request first and they accept it, your message will appear in their primary messenger chat list rather than the spam folder.

You can communicate with each other and know when the other has read messages once the message request has been approved. You can also see information like active status for a short period of time.

Part 3. Is It Possible to Secretly Read Someone Else's Facebook Messages Look Unread?

Yes! You might have needed to know to whom and about what your loved ones talk on Facebook, but don't have their account credentials. Even if you can access their account, since Facebook will reveal the seen message, you have a high risk to be caught. In order to view their Facebook conversations without knowing, you need a powerful tool like FoneWatcher Facebook Monitoring.

What Can FoneWatcher Do on Monitoring?

FoneWatcher is a feature-rich monitoring tool that can help see Facebook messages without knowing. Besides Facebook messages viewing, you can also use it to check Facebook private profiles, see their Facebook private posts and photos and monitor their whole Facebook activity. FoneWatcher beyond Facebook tracking, provides a list of features:

  • Read all messages on target phone: You can use FoneWatcher read not only Facebook messages, but also text messages and messages on other social media apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Telegram, Skype, Discord, and so on. All sent, received, and even deleted messages.
  • Track phone location: FoneWatcher allows you to track someone's real-time location secretly and remotely. It will show you location history in both map and list view. You can also set up a geofence with FoneWatcher to know whether they are in/out of your suspicious area.
  • Check phone history: All call history and browsing history can be checked with FoneWatcher. You can see call history incoming, outgoing, and deleted. You can check the exact website address to know what they are interested in.
  • Remotely control the phone: FoneWatcher allows you to capture phone screenshots and take photos with their camera. You can also record the phone screen, phone calls, and phone environment around. Everything is in your control with FoneWatcher. All data you record can be checked online or exported to your own devices.
  • Hidden, undetectable, and safe: FoneWatcher runs in the background and works in stealth mode. No root or jailbreak is required for using FoneWatcher. No one will realize that they are keeping tracing by you.

3 Simple Steps to Use FoneWatcher

Step 1. Sign up for a FoneWatcher account and choose your plan to enjoy its features.

Step 2. Download and install FoneWatcher on the target phone/computer. You need one physical access to the target phone.

install fonewatcher

Step 3. Now you can start reading someone's Facebook messages without knowing and monitor whole phone activity.

check boyfriends facebook messages with fonewatcher

FAQs about Knowing If Someone Read Your Message on Facebook

Q1: Can you tell if someone read your Facebook message without being friends?

No, the ability to see if someone has read your Facebook message is limited to your friends on the platform. If you are not friends with the recipient, you will not be able to determine if they have read your message.

Q2: What if the person has disabled read receipts on Facebook?

If the person you are messaging has disabled read receipts in their Facebook Messenger settings, you will not be able to see if they have read your message. The "Seen" feature will not appear, and you will rely solely on the "Delivered" icon to confirm message delivery.

Q3: Do read receipts work in group chats?

No, read receipts do not work in group chats on Facebook Messenger. The read status of a message is only visible in individual conversations. In group chats, you can only rely on the "Delivered" icon to confirm message delivery.

Q4: Is there a way to tell if someone read your Facebook message on a mobile device?

Yes, you can tell if someone has read your Facebook message on a mobile device through the "Seen" feature and read receipts. The "Seen" status and read receipts function similarly on both mobile and desktop versions of Facebook Messenger.

Q5: Can you tell if someone read your message if they have blocked you on Facebook?

No, if someone has blocked you on Facebook, you will not be able to determine if they have read your message. Their profile and activities, including message read statuses, will be inaccessible to you.


Till now, you already have known how to tell if someone read your Facebook message. If you are friends, you can use the built-in features such as the "Seen" and "Delivered" icons. But you have no idea whether your sent messages are read or not when you are non-friends. You can also use FoneWatcher phone tracker to see someone else's Facebook messages without them knowing and monitor their digital activity.

Tomson Brown

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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