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How to Set Parental Control on Amazon Fire Tablet?

Amazon Fire tablet is undoubtedly a popular choice for kids, with its intuitive interface, accessibility, and impressive collection of educational and entertaining apps. However, unrestricted access to online content puts your child at risk.

That's why setting up parental control on Amazon Fire tablets is crucial for their digital well-being. In this article, we'll show you how to set up parental control on Amazon Fire tablet, o you can keep your child safe and secure while they use their device.

Part 1. What is Amazon Fire Tablet?

Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet is a line of tablet devices produced by Amazon, designed primarily for reading books, magazines, and newspapers. Over time, the device has evolved to become an all-in-one device that offers various features like streaming movies and TV shows, shopping online, and browsing the web, making it popular.

Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet runs on a highly modified version of the Android operating system, based on Amazon's proprietary Fire OS, which features a user-friendly interface and offers access to a wide range of Amazon services, including Amazon Appstore, Prime Video, and Amazon Music.

The Kindle Fire Tablet is an excellent choice for people who want a device that offers more than just reading books, with features such as web browsing, email, and video streaming. Additionally, the tablet's affordability and portability make it a popular choice among college students and budget-conscious consumers.

Part 2. Does Amazon Have Parental Controls?

As a parent, it's important to ensure your child's safety while they use devices such as Amazon Kindle Fire that provide access to the internet. With the potential for safety risks, parental control is a crucial measure to protect your child from accessing inappropriate content and making unauthorized purchases.

Without parental control, children can easily stumble upon explicit content or accidentally make costly purchases without you knowing. This not only puts your child at risk but can also result in unexpected charges on your credit card.

Thankfully, Amazon Kindle Fire offers built-in parental control features that can help you create a safer browsing environment for your child. You can restrict access to specific features such as purchasing, web browsing, and content playback. Additionally, you can set up a PIN that only you know, which will prevent your child from making any unauthorized changes to the parental control settings.

However, it's important to note that no parental control system is perfect, and Amazon's is no exception. In 2014, Amazon was sued by the Federal Trade Commission for not doing enough to prevent children from making in-app purchases without their parent's consent. Although Amazon eventually settled the lawsuit and implemented new measures to prevent unauthorized purchases, some users have also reported issues with the feature, such as difficulty setting up and inconsistencies in the time limit settings. Additionally, while FreeTime offers a wide variety of content, it's not free and requires a monthly subscription.

Part 3. How Can I Put Parental Control on Amazon?

Setting parental controls on your child's device is an excellent way to filter inappropriate content and prevent unwanted in-app purchases and limit screen time. It is an effortless, straightforward, and easy way to achieve to ensure your child's digital well-being.

To set up parental controls on an Amazon device, follow these steps:

  1. On your child's mobile phone, open settings and go to "Parental Controls."
  2. Choose "Enable Parental Controls" and set up a PIN.
  3. You can then choose to restrict access to specific features, such as purchasing, web browsing, and content playback.
  4. For further control, you can set up profiles for each child that will allow you to customize their access to content based on their age and interests.
  5. Another option is to subscribe to Amazon FreeTime, which is a subscription-based service that offers a wide variety of kid-friendly content and parental control features.

With these steps, you can ensure that your child is safe while using Amazon devices. Keep in mind that no parental control system is perfect, so it's important to also have conversations with your child about internet safety and monitor their activity regularly.

Part 4. Tip: How to Monitor Kid's Activities on Android-Based Device?

While Amazon Fire Tablet offers parental control features, it's important to acknowledge that it has its limitations. Children may find ways to disable the controls without their parents knowing, which can compromise their safety online. Fortunately, there are several parental control apps available in the market that offer more robust and reliable solutions to keep your children protected from inappropriate content and screen addiction.

One such app is FoneWatcher, which is recognized as one of the best parental control apps in the market. With FoneWatcher, parents can monitor their children's device activities remotely and block inappropriate content, set screen time limits, and track their location. The app provides real-time alerts and notifications to parents when their children attempt to access restricted apps or websites, and it also allows parents to review their children's social media and messaging activities.

FoneWatcher's user-friendly interface and advanced features make it a popular choice among parents who want to ensure their children's safety in the digital world. Unlike other apps, it doesn't require jailbreaking or rooting, making it easier and safer to use. Additionally, the app works in 100% hidden mode, so your children will never know that they are under parental control, preventing them from attempting to turn off the app.

How to Use FoneWatcher?

Step 1. Sign up on FoneWatcher official site and choose a premium plan.

Step 2. Next, download the FoneWatcher app on your child's device. Install the app and set up an account using your email and a secure password. Follow the prompts to complete the setup process and grant necessary permissions.

download and install fonewatcher

Step 3. Now on your device, log in to your FoneWatcher account and open the dashboard. From there, you can access a range of features including monitoring call logs, text messages, social media activity, GPS location, and more.

monitor android device with fonewatcher

What Can FoneWatcher Do?

FoneWatcher is a comprehensive parental control app that can help protect your children when using Amazon Fire Tablet. Here are some of the features that FoneWatcher offers to keep your child safe:

Web Filtering: FoneWatcher allows you to block inappropriate websites and content that you don't want your child to access. You can also set up filters based on categories such as violence, adult content, and drugs.

App Monitoring: With FoneWatcher, you can monitor the apps your child is using and set time limits for usage. You can also block certain apps that you don't want them to use.

GPS Tracking: FoneWatcher allows you to track your child's location in real time, which can help ensure their safety and give you peace of mind.

Geofencing: With geofencing, you can set up virtual boundaries around certain areas and receive alerts when your child enters or leaves those areas.

Social Media Monitoring: FoneWatcher monitors all social media apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and more including messages, posts, and comments.

YouTube, TikTok, and browser history monitoring: FoneWatcher also monitors the YouTube, TikTok, and browser search history and alert you when detect inappropriate search result.

Check mobile phone media, calls, and messages: With FoneWatcher you can read your children's text messages, listen to their calls and view all the media on your child's mobile phone.

Part 5. FAQs about Amazon Parental Control

Can children easily turn off Amazon's parental controls?

There is a limitation to Amazon's parental controls, as children can easily turn it off without their parents knowing. However, using third-party parental control apps like FoneWatcher can provide a more robust and reliable solution to protect children from inappropriate content.

Is it enough to rely solely on parental controls to protect children online?

No, it's not enough to rely solely on parental controls to protect children online. It's essential to have open conversations with children about internet safety, monitor their activity regularly, and use additional tools such as web filters, time limits, and safe search settings to ensure their safety.

How do I unlock parental control at Amazon?

To unlock parental controls on Amazon, you will need to enter the PIN you set up when enabling the feature. If you have forgotten the PIN or need to reset it, you can do so by going to "Parental Controls" in the device settings and choosing the "Change your PIN" option.

Can you block content on Amazon Kids?

Yes, as a parent or guardian, you can block specific content and set age-appropriate filters on Amazon Kids by using parental controls.

To block content on Amazon Kids, parents can access the Parental Controls menu from the Settings menu. From there, they can choose which content to allow and which to block. The controls also allow parents to set up multiple child profiles, each with its own restrictions and settings.


Setting up parental control on the Amazon Fire tablet is an essential step toward ensuring your child's safety in the digital world. While Amazon offers built-in parental control features, it's important to understand their limitations and supplement them with additional measures such as parental control apps like FoneWatcher.

With its advanced features, FoneWatcher provides parents with greater control over their child's device activities, allowing them to block inappropriate content, set screen time limits, and track their location. By taking these proactive steps, parents can create a safer and more secure browsing environment for their children, and enjoy peace of mind knowing that their child is protected from potential online threats.

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