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How to Set Up Snapchat Parental Controls to Monitor Kid's Snapchat?

In a world driven by technology, social media platforms like Snapchat have become an integral part of our daily lives. The ability to share moments instantly, engage with friends, and unleash creativity has made Snapchat immensely popular, especially among the younger generation. However, as we embrace the advantages of this digital age, it's crucial to acknowledge and address the challenges and potential risks that come with it, particularly when it comes to safeguarding our children.

In this article, we will walk you through how to set up Snapchat parental controls to monitor kids' Snapchat accounts and what are its benefits.

Part 1. Is Snapchat Safe for Kids and Teens?

Snapchat has undoubtedly revolutionized the way we communicate, allowing users to share fleeting moments, creative expressions, and experiences in real time. Its unique features, such as disappearing messages, filters, and location sharing, make it a popular choice among kids and teenagers. However, these features also present challenges when it comes to ensuring the safety and security of young users.

Studies and reports have revealed that an alarming number of young individuals have experienced various negative encounters and fallen victim to cyberbullying, harassment, and scams on Snapchat.

Privacy is a primary concern with Snapchat. The fleeting nature of messages may lead young users to share sensitive or inappropriate content without fully grasping the long-term consequences. Additionally, connecting with strangers through friend requests exposes children to potential online predators or cyberbullying. The anonymity provided by the platform can enable harmful behavior, causing emotional distress and long-lasting psychological effects on young victims.

Furthermore, there have been instances of scams and fraudulent activities on Snapchat, where unsuspecting users, including children and teenagers, have fallen victim to deceptive schemes. These security challenges make Snapchat unsafe for kids and teens, emphasizing the need for parental guidance and the implementation of parental controls.

snapchat parental controls

Part 2. How to Enable Parental Controls on Snapchat?

To ensure the online safety of children on Snapchat, it is crucial for parents to establish robust parental controls. While there are various built-in parental controls and third-party apps available in the market, we have handpicked some of the best tools to actively monitor your kid's Snapchat activity and safeguard their Snapchat experience.

Way 1. Set Up Snapchat Parental Controls with Family Center

One of the most effective and easiest ways to implement parental controls on your children's Snapchat account is by utilizing Family Center, a feature offered by Snapchat specifically designed for this purpose.

With Family Center, parents gain a powerful set of tools to create a secure and controlled digital environment for their children. With this feature, parents can get a clear overview of their child's activities and can quickly identify any potential red flags or concerning behaviors that may indicate cyberbullying or inappropriate content interactions.

Key features of Snapchat Family Center

Parents can set up activity summaries to get detailed insights into their child's Snapchat usage patterns, including the number of messages sent and received, the duration of usage, and other relevant metrics.

Enable parents to take control of their child's social connections by reviewing and approving or declining friend requests sent to their Snapchat accounts. Parents can customize the Discover page settings to filter out potentially inappropriate or unsuitable content.

Allows parents to access their child's real-time location information if the child has opted to share it, providing an additional layer of security and peace of mind.

How to Use Family Center for Snapchat Parental Controls

  • Open the Snapchat app on your device and navigate to the settings menu.
  • Look for the Family Center option within the settings and tap on it to enter the parental control settings.
  • Send an invite to your kid and wait for your kid to accept the invite.
  • Once the invitation is accepted, you can adjust the Discover page settings to filter out potentially inappropriate or explicit content and activate the activity summary feature to receive regular reports on your child's Snapchat usage.

Way 2. Monitor A Child's Snapchat without Knowing with FoneWatcher

Although Family Center provides an excellent way to monitor your child's Snapchat account, it may not provide access to the actual content of their messages. If you're seeking a more comprehensive and customizable monitoring solution that allows you to delve deeper into your child's Snapchat usage, FoneWatcher is the ideal choice.

FoneWatcher is one of the most trustworthy and reliable apps specifically designed to address the challenges parents face in ensuring their child's safety on popular platforms like Snapchat. With its intuitive features and user-friendly interface, FoneWatcher empowers parents to monitor, protect, and guide their children's Snapchat activities, promoting a secure and positive digital environment.

Apart from Snapchat, Parents can also monitor other social media accounts such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Instant messages to provide further protection to their children.

fonewatcher snapchat monitoring

Key features of FoneWatcher Parental Control

Detect and Address Bullying on Snapchat: FoneWatcher equips parents to detect and address bullying incidents on Snapchat. Gain access to your child's chats, friend list, and shared content, enabling you to identify any signs of bullying behavior. By monitoring their interactions, you can take immediate action and intervene to protect your child from the harmful effects of bullying.

Protect Against Harassment: FoneWatcher sends instant alerts to parents when specific keywords related to harassment or inappropriate behavior are detected in their child's Snapchat conversations, enabling them to take immediate action and offer support. Parents can also view multimedia files shared on Snapchat that can further help to identify any instances of harassment through images, videos, or other media formats.

Detect Scams and Fraud: Parents can monitor their child's web activity on Snapchat and spot potential scams, fraudulent links, or suspicious websites that could pose a threat. They can also block or restrict access to third-party apps or unknown sources on Snapchat that can engage children with scam-related or malicious applications.

Maintain Online Privacy: Respecting privacy while ensuring safety is a top priority for FoneWatcher. The app operates discreetly, allowing parents to monitor their child's Snapchat activities without intruding on their privacy. This approach fosters trust and open communication within the parent-child relationship, ensuring that your child feels safe while benefiting from your guidance and support.

Data Insights and Reporting: FoneWatcher offers comprehensive reports and data insights to help parents understand their child's Snapchat usage patterns. Analyze trends, identify potential issues, and address concerns promptly. By gaining valuable insights from the monitoring data, parents can engage in meaningful conversations with their children about responsible online behavior and digital citizenship.

How to Use FoneWatcher for Snapchat Parental Monitoring

Step 1: Sign Up. Visit the FoneWatcher website and create an account using a valid email address. Next purchase a premium plan to unlock the monitoring features according to your needs.

Step 2: Install FoneWatcher and Configure. Download and install the FoneWatcher app on your child's device. Launch the app on your child's device and log in. Grant necessary permissions for FoneWatcher to access Snapchat data.

set up fonewatcher parental control

Step 3: Monitor and Protect. Access your FoneWatcher dashboard from any web browser and monitor your child's Snapchat chats, multimedia files, and friend list.

put snapchat parental controls with fonewatcher

Way 3. Directly Grab Kid's Phones to Monitor Their Snapchat

While there are various methods to remotely monitor children's Snapchat usage, there might be situations where directly grabbing your child's phone becomes necessary. Here's how you can approach this method responsibly:

Open communication: Prioritize open and honest dialogue with your child. Discuss online safety and the reasons behind monitoring their Snapchat activities, emphasizing your concern for their well-being.

Explain intentions: Clearly communicate that direct phone access is a precautionary measure aimed at ensuring their safety and protecting them from potential harm, such as cyberbullying or online predators.

Respect privacy: Emphasize that direct phone monitoring is a last resort used sparingly. Assure your child that their privacy is valued, and this approach is taken only when immediate concerns arise.

Rebuild trust: After employing direct monitoring, take steps to rebuild trust. Engage in open conversations, address concerns, and collaboratively establish guidelines for their future Snapchat usage.

Remember, direct phone access should be reserved for critical situations involving safety risks. Balancing privacy and safety is crucial, fostering open communication and trust with your child.

Part 3. People Also Ask about Snapchat Parental Controls

Q1. Can I make Snapchat safe for my child?

Yes, with the help of built-in parental controls features offered by Snapchat and third-party tools like FoneWatcher, you can provide a more safe and more secure Snapchat experience to your kid.

Q2. How do I make my 12-year-old Snapchat safe?

To make Snapchat safe for your 12-year-old, consider the following measures:

  • Enable privacy settings: Adjust Snapchat's privacy settings to restrict who can contact your child and view their content.
  • Use parental control apps: Install parental control apps like FoneWatcher to monitor their Snapchat usage, block inappropriate contacts, and set keyword alerts for potential risks.

Q3. How do you block inappropriate videos on Snapchat?

To block inappropriate videos on Snapchat:

  • Enable the "Safe Mode" feature in Discover settings to filter out explicit or mature content.
  • Use Parental control apps like FoneWatcher that allow you to set content filters and block or restrict access to inappropriate videos or keywords.

Q4. How can I monitor my child's Snapchat without them knowing?

Monitoring your child's Snapchat without their knowledge can be done using parental control apps like FoneWatcher. This app operates in stealth mode, allowing you to remotely monitor their Snapchat activities, including chats, multimedia, and friend list, without them being aware.


In conclusion, safeguarding children on Snapchat requires proactive measures to address online threats. Implementing parental controls, such as Family Center and FoneWatcher, empowers parents to monitor their child's activities and intervene when necessary. By utilizing these tools, parents can detect and address bullying incidents, protect against harassment, and detect scams and fraudulent activities on Snapchat.

Additionally, open communication and responsible use of direct phone access can contribute to creating a safer online environment. Through these efforts, parents can guide and protect their children, ensuring their well-being in the digital realm.

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