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How Can I Check My Girlfriend's Call History and Call Recording?

Call history serves as a record of communication, detailing incoming, outgoing, and missed calls. This information helps people keep track of their interactions. To check your girlfriend's call history, you can check her activities on phone and may find out some clues to confirm whether she has an affair or not.

But it is challenging to check your girlfriend's call history without her knowing. How to get the call logs? Take use of a spy app can be a good method. Or you can check her call history on carrier website. Go through the detail information in this post.

track girlfriends call history without her knowing

Part 1. How to Check My Girlfriend's Call History without Her Knowing?

Of course you can directly get your girlfriend's phone and open their Phone app to check the call history. However, can you always get access to her phone? Do you have her password the unlock the phone? What is your girlfriend deletes or hides the call history? So, to remotely track your girlfriend's call history without her knowing with a spy app is our the most recommended way.

Check Your Girlfriend's Call History on Android

FoneWatcher for Android is a phone monitoring app with hidden mode. You can take use of it to monitor and manage child's or spouse's online activities. Once you install FoneWatcher on your girlfriend's Android phone, you can keep watching her call history on the remote web panel remotely. Besides call history, FoneWatcher offers a range of features to promote a safe and healthy digital environment for children, and provide the chance for partners to catch a cheater and rebuild a new relationship. Here's a detailed description of some key features:

fonewatcher android tracker

Check Call History

Call history tracking is the one of three basic features of all spy apps. With FoneWatcher, you can check all type of call logs. All calls can be separated into incoming, outgoing, and missed ones. Call history is often integrated with contact lists. In your girlfriend's call history, you can also see contact names, phone numbers, time and duration.

Track Text Messages

Text messages tracking is another basic feature. Text messages offer a quick and convenient way to communicate. They can be sent and received at any time. To track your girlfriend's text messages is to approach her secrets. After installing FoneWatcher, you can see her sent and received messages, even the deleted ones.

Track Location

As the last basic feature, location tracking is important for all phone users. You can use it to find the lost Android phone. Parents can know the whereabouts of their kids. Spouse can locate their lovers to allay suspicions. With FoneWatcher, you can track your girlfriend's real-time location and location history. You can receive alerts by geo-fencing. Wi-Fi logger tracking enables you to track your girlfriend's indoor location.

Monitor Social Media

With the development of technology, social media becomes essential in our daily life. Your girlfriend takes instant messaging as her first choice on common communication. For comprehensive monitoring, FoneWatcher provides advanced spying feature on social media without root the phone such as Facebook, Messenger, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Telegram, Discord, YouTube, TikTok, and more.

Phone Recording

In order to grab all your girlfriend's information on and around her phone, FoneWatcher improves itself to be a remote phone recorder. You can record your girlfriend's phone screen, phone calls, app calls, and surrounding live by activating her phone microphone remotely without her knowing.

Get My Girlfriend's Call Logs on iPhone

iOS is a closed-source mobile operating system running on iPhone. For privacy and security, it is hard to hack your girlfriend's call history on iPhone by installing spy apps on the phone, unless you jialbreak it. Though it is hard to get your girlfriend's call history without her knowing, we still explore some possible ways.

FoneWatcher for iOS

FoneWatcher is available for both Android and iOS devices. To get your girlfriend's call history on iPhone, FoneWatcher for iOS can be your assistant on iPhone monitoring without jailbreak. Monitoring features on FoneWatcher iPhone monitoring vary and limit. It is a desktop app and you need to connect your girlfriend's iPhone to the computer where FoneWatcher is installed.

FoneWatcher is still filled with call history tracking, SMS/iMessages tracking, location tracking and social media monitoring. But the tracking is not in real time. The number of the monitored social apps is reduced to 6: WhatsApp, LINE, Viber, Kik, WeChat, and QQ.

fonewatcher iphone tracker

iCloud Backup

The other way to track iPhone call history is by signing in to your girlfriend's iCloud account. At the very beginning, the iCloud backup should be enabled on her iPhone. Then you need to know her iCloud credentials. Physically access your girlfriend's iPhone to get the verified code to log in to iCloud account. Your girlfriend may notice your monitoring action and change the password. You have to get her new iCloud credentials and get her phone every time when you want to check her call history.

Check Call History By My Girlfriend's Phone Number

If you cannot physically access your girlfriend's phone, you can try to check her call history by her phone number. You can contact the mobile carriers like Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and others. Call the mobile carrier's customer service hotline and provider your girlfriend's information which may include account number, the account holder's name, the last four digits of Social Security number, or other identifying information.

If you have her online account, you can directly check her call history by logging in to her account on the carrier's website, and navigate to the section related to usage or call history.

Part 2. How to Get My Girlfriend's Call Recording on Android without Her Knowing?

Call history only reveals when and how often your girlfriend calls. By reviewing her call history, you can also see who your girlfriend is calling. Call recording goes beyond the basic call log by providing a detailed record of actual conversations. This can be valuable for reviewing specific details, extracting information, or ensuring accuracy in communication.

. FoneWatcher is powerful when it acts as a remote phone call recorder. You can remotely turn on the microphone to record your girlfriend's phone calls as well as calls made on messaging apps. WhatsApp calls, Instagram calls and LINE calls can be recorded. This advanced call recording feature is only effective on monitored Android phone.

How to Listen to My Girlfriend's Call Recording without Her Knowing

Step 1. You need to subscribe to FoneWatcher plans. On the welcome email, you will get your FoneWatcher account and original password.

Step 2. On the email, you can also see an on-screen instruction. Follow it to finish the setup and configuration.

download and install fonewatcher

Step 3. Log in to your account on FoneWatcher website. You can listen to her call recording remotely on web control panel.

track girlfriends call history with fonewatcher

Part 3. How to Track My Girlfriend without Her Knowing?

Tracking location without knowing is one of the features of FoneWatcher on location tracking. It is also a GPS location tracker. You can also track your girlfriend with built-in feature on her phone.

  • Find My Device to track your girlfriend's Android;
  • Find My to track your girlfriend's iPhone;
  • Find My Mobile to track your girlfriend's Samsung.

Since all of these services are represented by equivalent applications that come preinstalled on cell phones, accessing them is rather easy. If you use any of them, all you will see on the map is the device's position.


By tracking call history, you can get your girlfriend's records on communications. By recording call conversations, you can get more information and details. Tracking your girlfriend's call history is no longer difficult with FoneWatcher Phone Tracker. Have a try!

Tomson Brown

Tomson Brown is interested in researching parental control and monitoring technology, and he has been focused on sharing his discoveries for more than five years.

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